A Story Left Untold | The OA.

Friday 4 October 2019

Back in 2016 I was very poorly and James introduced me to a new show called The OA on Netflix, at first glance I thought it was cheesy and looked ridiculous but after the first episode, I was hooked. As a huge fan of Sci-Fi I felt that this pushed my expectations more than any other show from that genre, we ended up binging on it in one go and I had some pretty weird and wild dreams due to it, I was gutted when we had to wait until this year for Season 2 but these things take time so it's understandable. The second season took me on an even bigger journey and opened my mind and pushed my imagination to its limit just by planting the idea that there is more to life and the human body than we think.

The OA is a very complex series that takes a lot of concentration in order to comprehend what has happened or going to happen, the main character Prairie is more than she seems and it takes us a good few episodes before we learn who she actually is and where she came from, I was glad that the show didn't show too much about her at once because I liked the element of a mystery and to see if I was right about certain things. When we finally went under Prairie's exterier it was clear that she has injured a lot of trauma yet is still able to proceed with the path she is on.

This may all sound very confusing so let's explain a little shall we! The OA is about a young woman named Prairie Johnson who is blind, she was adopted as a little girl by two wonderful and caring people, when she is a bit older she goes missing for seven years, in those seven years she endured a lot and was being held captive along with a number of other people. The man holding her and the other captive didn't just choose them at random he actually discovered each of them had experienced a near-death experience and he needed them in order to carry out his experiment and make contact with the other side, that being a different dimension altogether.

In order to do this, he is drowning them which sends them to an astral plane, this world is sending each of them a message and they soon work out they're being sent back with certain movements which will help them travel to a different timeline /dimension. Yes, this sounds bat shit crazy but this is the kind of bat shit crazy I love, I don't want to get into too much detail about the story as I have told a lot of my friends to watch this. What I found amazing was how Prairie ended up being able to see again which put a whole new twist on the show as it opened up the storyline to where she was originally from which was Russia, her birth name is actually Nina Azarova.

The more we learn about her the more complicated the show tends to get, but if you concentrate hard enough it will all begin to start making more sense to you. The thing I wanted to know most when I started the show was what an earth an OA was and it's pretty damn simple, it stands for Original Angel which is exactly who Prairie is, she calls herself this from the first season and in a way it felt like a huge hint as to what may come in the second season which was just as weird and wonderful (if not slightly more) as the first!

When we move into the second season Prairie is in another dimension (sorry I know it's a spoiler) but she has all her old memories and knows who she really is yet one of the other people she was held captive with don't. Now, this implied that someone (not going to say who) has learned how to manipulate this person and take away their memories so that they don't face any complications from them and can carry on living in this new dimension. This is where The OA took us on a new path in terms of the story and it was finally feeding us the information we wanted and had been asking for, they upped the ante and introduced us into a far more complex story that could go hand in hand with reality.

I was very worried that I wouldn't enjoy Season 2 espically because it took me a couple of episodes from the first season to feel like the story was finally getting good, but fortunatley S2 jumps right in and unwinds the story wonderfully. With the introduction of new characters it takes the story to a whole new level and made me excited to see what would happen to them in S3. Unfortunately, because The OA has now been cancelled we won't be able to see what was to come, of course, I'm extremely annoyed over this as I finally found a TV series that was unique and unlike anything I had watched before, I was fully invested in each character and wanted. The series was meant to be a 5 part story so just from knowing this it's clear that there was a lot more that was going to be included in the series, more avenues to pursue and blow our minds/ confuse us with, I'm just holding on to the hope that it will carry on, a girl can dream right?

Due to it being canceled there has been a lot of uproar which is understandable, a petition was even made to save the show but I haven't heard any more about except that several other people have started petitions since the first one was created. There have been theories about the show and I've seen a few people mention now that saying it's been cancelled could all be to do with what happened at the end of season 2 which would be pretty cool as it took us in a whole new dimension. For those who wanted to watch The OA but are now refusing to as it's been cancelled please don't shy away from watching it, I would love to hear what you think and your thoughts on what could have happened in the coming seasons that were meant to be released!


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