Wednesday 24 February 2021

Summer Catchers | Chasing the Warmth | Nintendo Switch Review.

Publisher: Noodlecake
Developer: FaceIT
Switch Review

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.
Summer Catchers caught my eye when I saw the style of game it was, as someone who has rece…
Monday 15 February 2021

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition | PS4 Review.

Publisher: The Chinese Room, Curve Digital
Developer: The Chinese Room, Robert Briscoe
PS4 Review

I have been slowly clearing my backlog and Dear Esther was on the top list of games to complete, it's not my usual game, there isn't much to it b…
Saturday 6 February 2021

Black Mirror | PS4 Review.

Publisher: NA: The Adventure Company | CZE: Future Games | UK: GMX Media
Developer: Feature Games
PS4 Review

I had no idea a game called Black Mirror even existed until James got the game for christmas and I later found out it was an rebooted version o…