Mintoshi Wild Strawberry & Parsley Candle*

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review and have given my honest thoughts on them, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

I was contacted by the lovely Zoe who owns Mintoshi Candles, she asked if I would like to try out one of her candles, I couldn't turn that kind of offer down! She surprised me with the candle she was sending and it took about a week to arrive from when we first spoke. The box for the candle came very packed and made it through my post without breaking (which is a miracle) as soon as I opened it I could smell the sweetest and soft smell of strawberries with notes of lemon, bergamot, and grapefruit. Zoe didn't know this but strawberries are my favourite fruit and scents, so I'm so glad that she chose to sent me the *Wild Strawberry and Parsley candle. My candle came with a wooden wick but there is a choice between that and a cotton wick and you can purchase a copper lid for your candle separately to make make it look even more pretty or to store it away which is £3.50. I've burnt mine for just over 4 hours and barely any of the wax has melted away, the wick makes a quiet swooshing noise so I can hear that it's still burning. 

May 15th 2017 | Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day.

I was recently sent a link about HG and how more units across the UK need to be available for expecting mums. The idea is for women to be able to pop into a clinic and get the medication and dehydration drips they need without staying overnight, this is a great thing because it will stop women (like me) waiting longer for the help we need and having to stay in the hospital for treatment. It's not fun or nice being around women who are pregnant and are on the same ward as you waiting to have their baby, or being stuck on a gynaecology ward that has a mixture of women with all different things wrong with them, it's scary and lonely, I felt like I had no one to talk to about what my body was going through, I was in a very dark place and became resentful of a lot of things. The wards I have been on were very busy and at times I would just be laying there with an empty bag waiting for my next lot of fluids only to find that 4 hours on I still hadn't been given one and my body was screaming for some kind of fluid but I wasn't able to sip water because it just came right back up. I know not everyone had a bad experience when it came to being hospitalized but there are some out there like me that end up talking to health professionals who chose not to listen or understand what we are going through.

Why Movies & TV shows need to stop being Ableist.

There are probably movies that you all love that you don't realise are ableist, or you probably aren't aware of the what ableist/ableism is. Ableism is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities/chronic illnesses/terminal illnesses/mental health. What ableism does is characterises these people and defines them by their disability etc.. and makes out that they're inferior to those who are able-bodied (which they bloody well aren't!!), Often when someone is being ableist towards someone with a mental disorder it is called Mentalism. By discriminating and stereotyping against those who aren't able-bodied you're being ableist. Disabled people are often seen as less valuable to society which is a terrible way of thinking and acting. In this post, I, want to touch on why movies and tv shows should use disabled people to represent the character being played and why romanticising disability and illness is wrong.

My Top 3 Games for 2017: Part 2.

I was supposed to post this post last month but never ended up having enough time to sit down and write it as I've been concentrating on some other stuff so following in from Part 1, this is my top 3 up and coming game releases for April, May & June, I know not everyone is not going to like them but would like it if you told me what games from those three months you're most looking forward to being released, Let's start with Little nightmares, I think a few people would probably guess that would be my pick for April, why is this my pick? As soon as I saw the gameplay for this game I knew I had to have it, I love the style of it and the story, it is about a 9 year old girl named six who has been kidnapped from her home, she ends up in a place called The Maw which is a surreal underwater resort full of lots of scares and darkness. Within the game you play as Six and find yourself undertaking the journey to escape The Maw, it's due to be released on the 28th of April on PC, PS4 and Xbox one so it's not exclusive to just one platform.