Beverly Hills Formula, perfect white black toothpaste.*

* I was sent these products to review and have given my honest thoughts on them, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

First of all, I would like to say I requested a sample of this and all opinions and facts give are all mine, I haven't changed this review in any way or lied about my feelings towards this product in any way. I have been using this toothpaste for a few weeks now, I was slightly put off by the colour of it, It's not exactly the kind I would go out and buy normally. I was actually slightly excited that they also sent me out a toothbrush with the toothpaste, little things like that seem to make me smile.

I'm always up to try anything that will make my teeth whiter, I mean who isn't? I was skeptical about how well this toothpaste would work and don't have high hopes. But it's actually surprised me it takes about two weeks for me to notice a difference but they do look whiter and for me, that is a big thumbs up. The taste is minty and leaves my mouth feeling refreshed after using it, not only is it suppose to help whiten your teeth but also fresher smelling breath. So why is the toothpaste black? The reason being is because it has charcoal as an added ingredient which is supposed to help make teeth whiter, it acts as a stain remover and helps kill bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath, you can't taste charcoal in the toothpaste, it tastes like normal minty toothpaste. Another reason why I like this toothpaste is it uses a natural ingredient (charcoal) which is much safer then bleaching teeth. I personally would say this product is more for adults rather than children, although I know a few kids who would probably find using black toothpaste pretty cool. According to Beverly Hills website, the Sodium Fluoride within perfect white black keeps your tooth enamel strong and healthy which effectively helps decay and caries and protects against acid attacks. So essentially this toothpaste is an all in one product and perfect for everyday use.

I'm pretty happy with the results of perfect white black toothpaste as It left my teeth feeling smooth and whiter, I normally hate smiling with my teeth because I don't like them, but this toothpaste has helped my convenience. I've been using it every single day since I received it so I highly recommend it. If anyone wants to check out Beverly hills other products go HERE, you can also purchase their products from Superdrug for £4.99 (which is a little pricey).

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all having a fun festive week! I can't believe Christmas Day has come and gone it's come around so fast, I think back to last year and my life was completely different. Last year I was embarking on a new relationship and this year I'm spending my first Christmas (in a while) single. I personally thought it was going to be terrible and depressing but honestly I had a lovely day and it was nice spending it with my family. I know some people think Christmas is about presents but to me it's more then that, ,My family and I are very close and I plan to make new happy memories and try to forget the awful things that have occurred over the past 2 years. I wanted to just thank all of you for following me and I hope that you all have a happy new year, I'm not sure what I'm doing for it yet (most likely spend it in my room alone) but I'm planning on making the most of 2015 and hopefully good things will come my way!

I got a Pandora bracelet for christmas from my parents and a few other little bits from them, I can't wait to start building up my charms on the bracelet, I also got a few gifts from friends getting presents didn't bother me too much I was more interested in the food. Yesterday I decided to go into town and see if there was any good deals on, I only ended up getting a cardigan, underwear and slippers from Asda and this beautiful necklace from Newlook for £8, seriously look how gorgeous it is.


Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr eyeshadows.

Sorry this is only a short post! I know that this eye shadow came out a while now but I've only just purchased two pots on the shades 05 eternal gold and 35 on and on bronze. My reason for finally trying them out is because I was looking for a cream eyeshadow to wear over Christmas and an eye shadow that might just stay on my eyelids whilst the weather is wet, cold and rubbish.

I'm pretty impressed by maybellines colour selection, they range from neutrals, mattes and even bright colours so basically something to suit everyone's needs. I wanted to go for more autumn colours to make my blue eyes stand out more. This eye shadow very similar to MAC paint pots and they are a wet good dupe for them not just in price but also in quality. I love the cute little pots they come in, I can either use an eye shadow brush to apply or my fingers, they also make wonderful primers for powder and pigmented eye shadows. You can easily build up the colour with these and there is no creasing (for me anyways). I've been wearing both of these a lot since I bought them and I really do recommend them to anyone that is looking for a cream eye shadow that stays, I think next time I will try a light pink colour! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Kerpow comic con in St Austell.

I first heard about Kerpow from my mum who suggested me and my ex should check it out, I was a big skeptical about going at first because I didn't think it would be all that great considering it was being held in a club called The Club ha! But it was only £3 to get in so I thought why by may as well check it out, our mate Dan warned us the carpet was a bit sticky as the club had a funny smell (he wasn't lying!) so I was even less impressed, but alas I was wrong it was thoroughly enjoyable there were a lot of tables full of comics and geeky galore! Both me and my ex were in our element, I couldn't keep him away from all of the comics.

I came across a pretty awesome table that was set up with hand drawn illustrations and comics by Donya Todd and her boyfriend Jack Teagle. I instantly fell in love with both of their art work. I really wanted to find out some more about what inspired Donya to draw and what her inspirations are so I emailed her some questions to answer as I know a few of my followers love drawing and want to take it further, maybe her answers will be of some help to you!

(Jack Teagle artwork)

(Jack Teagle artwork)

What inspires you when it comes to drawing? 
Donya: Cute stories, wild landscapes, Old magic and other artists work.

Do you ever have days where you feel your art isn't good enough (even though it's awesome!!) 
Donya : Thank- you, all the time! The joy of being an artist is that you feel free when things are going great,
and you're being recognised for your efforts, and doing exactly what you want to do and it's
magically working out. The downside is that when things aren't going well, all those feelings of
insecurity and self-esteem get tied up in how work is going. If work is going terrible it
can be hard to pick yourself up out of a slump. How do you separate yourself emotionally from
something that is so integral to your ego?

Mostly when I have a low point it's because I'm not making much money. I get this feeling like 
art is the only thing I can do and I'm not succeeding at it fast enough. Sometimes it's so
easy to get caught up in my own pity party but it's such a toxic way of thinking. I have so much
support from friends, family and fans that it drives me to believe in myself, and in turn try to
support other people who are feeling the same way.

How would you describe your style of drawings/art? 
Donya : Surreal, Creepy cute, occasionally bonkers.

(Donya Todd artwork)

(Donya Todd Artwork)

How old were you when you realised that drawing was something you enjoyed?
Donya: I used to copy my older brothers sketchbooks. And later, in school 
I wanted to be the best! I spent a lot of my free time drawing, watching cartoons and making 
my own comics. I realised I wanted to be an artist when I was chosen to help paint a
mural of Noahs ark in our primary school canteen. There were only a few of us - including somehow my
nemesis, a girl I had fought with and had to be separated from, as she copied my
drawing of an apple (something she denies to this day.) Later I was torn between wanting
to write or to draw. I came to the conclusion that I should do both and make my own books!

You and jack both run chubby together, how did you end up with the idea for this and the name?
Donya: The Teeshirt idea was Jacks, The name Chubby was mine. We both worked on the Logo,
Jack did the text and I made the wiener dog. We had both had a bit of clothing design work
and were realising the potential for profit rather than the pittance we were paid per 
Percentage of sale. Jack had some savings so we went for it. People seem to really enjoy
our style, and we keep seeing Chub-club gangs wearing the same tees which is amazing.

You and jack are very creative do you get inspiration from each other?
Donya: We live together, but we don't work together. Jack has a Studio up the road
in an old shipping container and I work in our bedroom.
We tried working in the same room but it turns out living and working together
is just too much... It's healthier for us just to meet up every now and then and 
show off what we've been working on individually. If one of us needs help we will sit down 
and work it out together - but mostly we are very solitary.

Lastly what advice can you give to people who want to show sell their art work but are afraid people won't like/buy it?
Donya : Firstly, Make sure you have a professional website. A smart looking tumblr will do (but not
deviantart...) Get your work out there, make friends with people online who do work like you.
Set up an online shop - Etsy, BigCartel, Storenvy, Folksy, Shopify. I have not one but three shops, 
all with different advantages and audiences. Even if you don't sell much at
first, all the traffic from your networking online can be driven to your products, and set you
up for a steady (or nicely erratic) income.

Next take your work to sell at places. As comic artists there are several conventions we 
can do every year, and we do rather well at them selling face to face. Apply this to your
Art style, find a gallery/store that sells similar work and get in touch about exhibiting, Try 
and get your products into shops where people will see them, go to places and 
socialise/network. We live in the stix and do most of our work through the internet
but you can't beat going for a pint with like-minded, passionate people who will initiate
new opportunities, ideas, and adventures. These people will be your friends and allies and
should be clung to as long as you impact positively in each other lives.

The only way your going to find out if people like your work is by getting it out there, 
building a small fan base, and trusting that everything will be okay if you keep making
the work you are passionate about. 

Finally, just keep making work. It will evolve dramatically over time and it's only by doing
this that you'll find out what people like. Good luck!

If any of you would like to check out Donya and Jacks work i have included the links below:

Donya Todd:

Jack Teagle:

My 5 biggest regrets.

Over the years I've learnt to deal with the way I look and accept that I'm not perfect and nor is any human being, it took me a long time to accept this and even now I have days where I sit and cry because I despise the way I look, no matter how much people say I'm beautiful or perfect the way I am, I can never accept it. It's not me wanting them to compliment me more it's me feeling uncomfortable with what the compliments are. I wanted to write this post for a while to show you it's ok to not take compliments if you feel uncomfortable and that even I have issues with the way I look and feel, I wanted to list the 5 things I tried to do in order to fit in with the people around me... Now I really regret doing these things.

1. Dying and cutting my beautiful ginger curly hair.
For years I was bullied so badly because of my hair, they saw ginger people as something that was less to them, something that they felt was wrong. I would cry every single day when I got home from school because I hated being ginger and my hair being curly. I had Beautiful hair which I should have been proud of but people made me feel ashamed and like it was a bad thing, my mum wouldn't let me dye it until I was 16, I dyed it brown and kept cutting it really short, I straightened the hell out of it and then started to bleach it. I wish I had never done this! Once you start dying your hair you will never truly get the natural colour you once were back, nor will you get the curls you once had back of you straighten and damage them. My hair is currently brown but slowly fading back to a ginger colour and I do have curls just not as tight as they use to be.

2. Putting makeup over my spots and picking my spots. 
When I was 14 up until I was 16 I had dreadful skin, I was lucky that it wasn't so bad throughout the whole of my teenage years, but when I ended up with spots I decided it was a great idea to put makeup over them which made them 100 times worse, I was also picking them up which has left a few scars on my face. I know a lot of people do put makeup over spots and it doesn't make it worse for them but for me personally once I let my skin breathe and went out into the fresh air my skin started to clear up, even now at the age of 26 I get spots but they don't stick around for long. 

3. Thinking that I could tan if I put baby oil on my skin and went sunbathing.
When I was about 14/15 I decided I had enough of my pale skin and I wanted a beautiful glowing tan instead of looking like a corpse. I found some baby oil and covered myself in it and sat in the sun for hours. Now, this was the most stupid thing I could of ever EVER done, baby oil is an oil, of course, it will make a person fry but it will also further damage your skin by burning it. I was outside for about 2 hours and when I came in my arms and shoulders were red raw, luckily no other part of me was even though I had covered all of my body with the baby oil. Over the next few hours, my skin started to blister very badly, my mum tried to cool down my burning arms/shoulders. I had no one else but myself to blame, I had to keep myself covered when going outside even though it was boiling hot. The kid who lived in the apartment was trying to climb over our gate one day so I tried to stop him and he hit me on my arm so hard with his toy that the blisters all started to burst, the pain was terrible. So please please do not sunbathe with baby oil on your skin!!!

4. Biting my nails so short that they would bleed.
I had a terrible habit of biting my nails, it was disgusting and painful. I eventually ended up with a bubbly looking skin around my nails which I would pick off and make bleed, my doctor told me I needed to stop doing this and me being a kid didn't listen to a word of what he said. I know biting your nails can be a hard habit to kick but remember what kind of germs are under your nails, which You're putting in your mouth... I can happily say the only time I truly bite my nails is when I'm overstressed, but surprisingly even though I have been overstressed lately I haven't bit my nails and they look fine as they are. 

5. Trying every possible product to get rid of stretch marks.
I like many other people have stretch marks, I'm not afraid to say it because over the years I've put on weight and lost it causing a big change in my skin which has caused stretch marks. I use to be so obsessed with seeing celebrities with no stretch marks and their skin on their body looking perfect that I wasted money on creams and oils which did nothing for my stretch marks. A lot of them irritated my skin and brought me out in a rash or they just felt greasy and the creams felt too thick. I realise now you can't get rid of stretch marks but you can make them fade to a lighter colour which palmers cocoa butter cream did for me, I'm not saying it works for everyone but it made me feel happier that they were fading thanks to some kind of cream!

I can symphysise with people who hate the way they look, even now I do but I'm dealing with it and trying to think of the positive things about myself. Remember you're beautiful no matter what you look like you should never try and change the way you are for society to accept you <3 

Boots No7 stay perfect foundation.

I brought this a number of weeks ago now, I wanted to wait a while before writing my review about it as I wanted it to be honest (which I am anyways). This foundation promises to be long lasting and stay perfect, I've used a number of foundations which say they do just that and that wasn't the case. I was scared in case it would make me break out as I have very sensitive skin and it's easily irritated and thought I would end up using this for a week and give up on it, even though it is one of my more expensive foundations (£14) but I was very wrong about that, well so far I'm wrong we shall see now that the weather is getting colder. 

No7 stay perfect foundation comes in a range of 17 shades which is pretty impressive seeing as some foundations don't have over 10 shades! I got mine in the shade cool ivory I wasn't sure if it would match but it did, I had only popped into boots to have a look around before I went to line up for eurogamer. I really wanted a foundation with good coverage that didn't look cakey and would make my skin feel like it could still breathe, it does just that! It gets rid of the redness in my skin as makes it look very natural and one pump of the pot is just enough to cover my whole face.

I haven't tried this foundation with a primer underneath it yet, a few of my friends said I should give it a go as it gives the foundation more of a flawless look (I guess that depends on the primer) but I'm naughty and don't like wearing primers, I also don't like applying too much foundation to my face that's why this one in particular is a favourite of mine as I said before it gives me enough coverage. I feel that I'm comfortable with using just this foundation right now unless it does stop working for me over the winter, if that happens I will be going back to Rimmel match perfection in the shade 102 true ivory. One thing I don't like about No7 stay perfect foundation is the feel of the glass pot, It feels strange and when my nail accidentally touches it, it makes my teeth go on edge (strange I know). I also decided to get the compact version of this foundation which is more of a matte moose, I got it in the same shade too as I thought I may as well see the difference in both foundations with the same shade, I haven't used it as much but once I have I will be doing a review on it. Who else has tried this No7 Stay Perfect foundation? If you would like to try it out you can purchase it from Boots.

Christmas Lush products!

Christmas isn't my favourite time of the year, I'm a terrible Grinch when it comes to Christmas. I think it may be due to the fact that the music is so repetitive and stuff like that really gets on my nerves, don't get me wrong it can be fun and magical but i'm 26 years of age now and all I want to do is stuff my face with turkey. But one thing that really makes me excited is the Lush Christmas range!! (I'm sure i'm not the only one excited about it), I know that a lot of people have been waiting for snow fairy to make it's return, as have I, It's one of those products that you need to stock up on before it disappears each year! I've actually been waiting for them to update their site to see what they have added, they did not too long ago but I have been busy doing other stuff. I have put together a little wish list/shopping list to show you all what I really want, let me know in the comments what you will be buying from the Christmas collection.

1. Snow fairy shower gel // 2. Santa Baby lip tint

3. Christmas Penguin bubble bar // 4. Candy Mountain bubble bar
5. So white shower gel // 6. Magic wand bubble bar

I know my family members read this, so if you're stuck on what to get me for Christmas this post is the biggest hint ever! If I do get any of these before Christmas I will do a review or a haul post for you all, Have a great Halloween by the way!

I finally have a PS4!!

As most of you know I have wanted a PS4 for a while now, well ever since I played on my ex boyfriends one in fact. But alas he dumped me and I was unable to play his one anymore (even though he asked to stay friends, utter rubbish). I decided that I would purchase one after all I was heart broken and needed something to keep me busy, so I went to Truro with my parents and picked up a PS4 Destiny bundle for £379.99. Probably shouldn't of spent so much on it but who cares a girl can treat herself right?

I have been meaning to write up more blog posts but I ended up getting addicted to Destiny on the PS4 and forget all about my poor little blog, which I do apologise for! To be fair i'm sure a lot of my mates would end up doing the same thing. I highly recommend Destiny, it's a good game and easy enough to play through even for a 12 year old and It's fun to play with friends and family. I was a bit skeptical as I did play the Beta for Destiny and most of the time It wasn't unable to connect, even now I'm having connection problems with Destiny, I've been told I'm not the only one this is happening too, it oddly keeps kicking us from the game and either putting us back into orbit or making us go back to the start menu which is a tad strange. I don't have that many games for the PS4 seeing as the console itself cost so much but I do have Minecraft and The Evil Within (which terrifies me because I'm a chicken).

I have been considering selling my Xbox 360 but decided against it as I have an awesome Minecraft land and I spent so many hours building it, my little sister has been trying to convince me to sell it in order to buy her and her twin one, obviously i laughed at her and said no but bless her for trying! I have also been told by a few people that i should of got an Xbox One but to be honest it didn't really appeal to me I have always liked the Playstation over Xbox only because me and my sisters have had every Playstation from the start. Hopefully I will be back with better posts about Christmas and what kind of things I'm looking forward to and my Christmas wish list!

If any of my lovely followers have a PS4 and play Destiny add me: rawrimadinogirl

Pretty Birthday Dress.

When I was in Truro over the weekend I wanted to see if I could find a cute dress to wear for my birthday next week, I didn't see anything I really liked until I looked across the road and saw a pretty little boutique which I hadn't heard of before. I decided I would have a browse around the boutique to see if I could find anything to flatter my figure. The more I looked the more I fell in love with the shop, not only was it full of pretty dresses but they sell the most gorgeous bags all at brilliant prices too. The shop I went in also has an online store so do not fear ladies it's called preloved boutique, you can find it in Truro down Kenwyn road or check their fb or shop link out, I will pop the links below for you.

I eventually came across a blue cardigan which I knew straight away that I needed, it was originally from next so I got it at a very good price (£8.99), I wasn't sure what kind of dress I wanted to get as I wanted it to match the blue cardigan but I finally found the perfect dress! It's black and a brown colour with mesh leaves and cleavage, it goes perfectly in at the waist and ties around at the back. This dress is originally from new look so the original price was £22.99 but the boutique were selling it for £9.99 which I thought was amazing! So now I have a pretty dress and cardigan to wear for next week! They both for me well and the blue suits me for once (I normally suit green rather than blue) now all I have to do is decide which shoes do I wear with them. 

Living with NCS - how I cope in the summer.

I wanted to do this post as I'm always asked what do I do in this heat when it comes to my condition? Well first up it's no walk in the park, it's like I'm at war with my body an in the end I lose. I have terrible days where I just want to sleep for hours because I can't move around an I feel like I will just fall flat on my face from fainting, other days I tell myself today will be a good day but that's not how it goes, every day is a struggle whether it's summer or winter.

Summer is the worst time of year for me, the heat effects me more than the cold does, I swell up my legs go bright red and I can't keep my dizziness or fainting under control, walking up a tiny hill is near to impossible as it feels like I'm climbing a mountain. I want to be able to do normal stuff and enjoy the summer but I just can't. So I make sure I have a drink with me and food that's high in salt because my NCS causes low BP. I make sure that I don't have far to walk and that I have somewhere to sit close by. Keeping my feet cool is something I have to do, they swell even more if they are too covered up as you can see from the picture below.

I can't begin to count how many times I have cried about feeling too dizzy or that I just can't cope with the heat. I sound so dramatic but I cant sympathize with pregnant women, I feel your pain when it comes to the heat! Sometimes I wonder if I should just stay in my room all day instead of going anywhere, but alas I can't do that I have a life. So the real answer to this post is I don't cope in the summer in fact I just end up looking like a whale because i'm a swollen hot mess. I have my appointment on august 12th and i'm hoping that it will go well, Although having to wait to be seen last because my last name begins with 'R' makes me feel like i'm at school again. I still have people asking me if i'm feeling better yet or that I will be fine, it's pointless trying to explain to them why I won't get better and why it won't be fine, it will just fall on deaf ears. Each month when my period is due (sorry tmi) I feel lower then low, my NCS plays up a lot that time of month and it doesn't help when they have started to become unpredictable, normally I can track when i'm due on with my apps but lately that's been near to impossible so I can't tell if I'm going to be even worse because of my period or not. 

I'm still determined to finish my '10 things to do this summer' list, it will happen!

Trainers and NCS

As you all know I have NCS (neurocardiogenic syncope) I'm constantly at war with my low blood pressure and trying to find ways to stop myself going dizzy and passing out. It's a hard struggle a lot of the time but I'm use to it now. As the weather is getting warmer it's making my condition worse and making me feel down, I wish I could go out and drink, hang out with mates but in my reality that's not how it is.

I realised that when I do need to go out and end up walking fast in order to stop myself from passing out as I have to keep moving or sit down, I needed a suitable pair of shoes/trainers. I had been looking at a few online and found a pair I liked a while back, finally yesterday my stepdad took me into town so I could purchase them they are Nike duel fusion trainers. Not only are these trainers comfortable but I'm able to flex my feet around them and I feel a lot more happier walking about at the speed I need to. They are also pretty awesome looking which is a huge bonus to me! The best thing about them is that because they are running shoes they don't feel like my feet over heat, something which makes me faint even faster, I get pins a needles in my hands and feet before I faint too and a lot of the time certain shoes make the pins and needles worse so i'm hoping these trainers won't.

I normally wear my vans which are lower to the ground than these trainers and I don't feel stable wearing them, they don't give me that support around my feet that I need where as these trainers feel as if they do, I've only had them a day but I'm so pleased with them, they were originally £54.99 down to £47.99 in sports direct, there are some good bargains there at the moment! 

MUA concealer.

I'm terrible when it comes to buying concealers I will literally try any, I can never find the right one and I normally just settle for collection 2000 concealer because I trust It to do it's job. I decided I would get some new concealer whilst I was in SuperDrug getting my hair bleach, so I chose to check out the MUA turning thing which I love turning (seems to annoy people) I picked up an eyebrow pencil in blonde because my hair is blonde and so are my eyebrows, and I chose two MUA hide and conceal concealers in the shade fair. I was very skeptical but alas they met my expectations, they are very creamy and cover my blemishes very well, they don't have as much in as the collection 2000 ones but for £1 you can't really complain.

 The one down fall it one of them has melted, I kept it in a cool dry place and it turned to mush, but once i'm back home i'm going to put it in a little pot instead. Sometimes I just end up wearing just concealer on my face with some mascara as I feel wearing foundation in this hot weather just melts it off completely, and because this concealer matches my skin colour perfectly no one can really tell i'm wearing it! Also it hasn't made me have any breakouts which I am so thankful for, being 25 and having breakouts kinda starts to get you down, I thought my breakouts would stop as i got older but alas they haven't so to find a concealer that doesn't make me breakout is an awesome thing for me.

I hope you're all having a wonderful bank holiday weekend, yesterday Tom and I went to the funfair which I may do a short post about.

Toning blonde hair with pink dye.

As you all know I'm obsessed with dying my hair pink and purple, I wanted to get rid of my ginger/brown roots so I decided to bleach them. They ended up going a yellow colour with streaks of silver in from the purple dye and the pink bits went a whitish colour. After a few washes the grey in my hair eventually turned green, I couldn't be seen with green nasty bits in my hair so I waited a little while to bleach over it which made it more green! So instead of using purple to get the green out I put pastel pink on top of the green, left it in for a while than washed it out, so now my hair has pink dipped ends and blonde/white on top with pink streaks.

Everyone kept saying it looked good with the pink streaks but as always they washed out after one wash and would you believe it the green had gone and where I had pink streaks it had turned a lovely toned blonde/white colour! The dipped pink ends I have are slowly fading out to a nice blonde colour too. Right now I'm using provoke purple shampoo on the blonde bits of my hair to keep it looking brighter and looking in good condition.

My hair normally ends up very damaged after bleaching, but straight after I washed the bleach off I left conditioner in it which saves my hair so much. When I put the pink in my hair I used an argan oil conditioner hair mask to mix with the hair dye instead of a white conditioner and it worked just as well, I did this because I felt that my hair needed a better treatment for it rather than just conditioner. Right now i'm very pleased with the out come out my hair, For the pink dye I used the big pink by bleach London, it's a very vibrant pink so I had to put the smallest bit with the hair mask to make it a pastel colour. I'm not sure if this method will work for other people but it worked really well for me, also bleaching hair can go very wrong so I am in no way recommending you doing it at home, if you do so you do it at your own risk.

Naughty little stitch.

I was browsing through Facebook not too long ago when I came across a Facebook group page Naughty Little Stitch, the name of the page made me want to find out what exactly what this page was and what products were sold on there. I was pleasantly pleased to find it was the cutest cross stitch pictures with naughty little phrases and slogans. I noticed that there was a competition to celebrate a year of their shop being open so I decided to enter by liking the page and sharing the picture, I had no idea that I would actually win my own customised naughty little cross stitch! I was so excited that I won that I instantly asked if it would be ok to write a blog post about them  and share some of the lovely naughty stitches with my fellow followers. She makes naughty, de-motivational, vulgar, funny and just plain rude cross stitch / embroidery pieces. A must have for any home! She also happily taking on custom orders! Any quote you want, She will stitch. Anything. She has no shame and can also do sweet and cute stuff, by the way (taken from her facebook about me section). She sent me a picture of my own customised naughty little stitch and I got it today! i'm so excited to show you all it. Here are just some of her products: 

This is my Naughty Little Stitch:

I am so pleased with what i got!