Feature Friday #1

My laptop is being a little terror so I thought I would go for a different kind of post this week called Feature Friday, I love food It's one of my favourite things and I was so excited to try out my first ever *Gousto box which I received a few weeks ago now. I picked two different meals which I thought I would like the most and within a week and a half I received it. It was packaged really well and even had some ice packs in to keep all the meat cool. I chose the bunless burger and  Hoisin Chinese meatballs, I didn't end up taking a picture of the burger because it completely went from my mind but I did manage to take a picture of how my meatballs turned out, they look a lot different from the picture but they turned out really well. It was so simple and easy to choose what meals I wanted and you're able to put your subscription on hold if you're not able to afford it that month.

Destiny 2 | How different will it be to Destiny 1?

A lot of day one Destiny players including myself sat down to watch the Destiny 2 gameplay and new trailer reveal yesterday, some watched on Twitch but I watched via YouTube. It crashed a few times which I found very annoying but at least I got see all the important info about what Destiny 2 will include. For many people they found Destiny repetitive and they felt like it wasn't worth playing but for me it's grown on me more and more, yes it has been an expensive game to go out to buy but I've found a lot of friendships through Destiny and when James and I started out as friends Destiny brought us closer together, so the game itself means more to me than others do. Destiny 2 hype is real, I'm worried it won't live up to this hype but this didn't stop me from making my pre-order of it. Here is what we know so far; There won't be any new classes which were rumoured for a while but that doesn't really matter when the guardians all have new subclasses to use. The new subclasses are called Dawnblade (Warlock), Sentinel (Titan) and Arcstrider (Hunter). What I noticed about the Sentinel is how similar it is to Captain America, me and James sat watching the stream and said it at the same time but in a way that's cool, a little bit of a rip-off but I would still enjoy using that subclass none the less. You will be able to transfer the likeness of your guardian from Destiny to  Destiny 2 but you won't be able to transfer all your gear, I know that sucks because many of us worked hard to require the gear we have but I don't mind starting over again, from what they said in the reveal it sounded like we will have to level up all over again.

The Copper IUD & Me

A while back I did a post on the Mirena coil and why I chose to have it removed, since then I came to find out that hormonal contraceptives don't work for me if anything, they make me ill and left me with awful side effects. The only choice I ended up having left was the copper coil as it's a hormone-free contraceptive, when the doctor spoke to me about it I was worried because of how wrong the Mirena went for me. For those who don't know I developed a chronic boob pain due to the Mirena but worst of all, it had started to embed itself into my uterus. I was having such bad pains from the Mirena and kept going back to the doctors to try and have it removed.

Unfortunately, they didn't let me  have it removed before 9 months as you need to give it time to settle (apparently) I knew something wasn't right because I know my own body, so when I finally went to have it removed they discovered it had moved into my uterus wall and had become stuck. I don't want this post to try and scare others because all our bodies are different and I'm sick of people using scare tactics to stop over women using contraceptives just because they didn't work for them. I just want people to know that sometimes these things do go wrong and I was lucky enough that mine hadn't gone too far into my uterus wall. Anyways back to the copper coil, I've been shitting myself about getting it done because I didn't want to go through all the pain I did last time but the gynecologist reassured me that if I have any problems I can just book an appointment to check that it was all in place and hadn't moved so that helped my anxiety a lot. 

Throwback Thursday | Theme Park World.

Theme park world (also known as Sim Theme Park) was a huge game back when it was released, I was one of the many people who played it back in 1999 which was developed by Bullfrog Productions and released by Electronic Arts, my parents were chilled out with the fact it was a safe game to play and that it was creative. Theme Park World is actually the sequel to Theme Park which was released in 1994. We originally had the Theme park games for PC but eventually got them for PS1 and PS2, my family have always been into Playstations so it was awesome that Theme park world was available for it. The thing I loved most about the game was how detailed it was, being able to make my own rides and watch my theme park grow which brought me more enjoyment than you would actually think it would.