Pre-Ordering Hate in the Gaming Community.

Friday 27 September 2019


I can't count the number of times people have warned me off of pre-ordering a game and told me it's too much of a risk but as someone who doesn't like to miss out the temptation gets too much and I end up pre-ordering a game because I give into the hype. You can look at this as either a good or bad thing, me personally, I like the gamble and most of the time I was right to take that gamble. My partner is the same, we both will happily pre-order a game due to liking the look of it, sometimes we get around to playing it and other times it sits there unloved waiting for us to play. I'm also the kind of person who waits for prices to drop with games and would rather pre-order one game that I think looks really good than a number of them so that way the costs are kept down.

There is a lot of negativity that surrounds pre-ordering games, I understand why and how others feel but what I don't like it when people belittle others and go on and on about how they have wasted their money on a game especially when they go off of hearsay and haven't experienced that game for themselves. Yes I do game reviews but I would rather people go off of their own opinion rather than mine when it comes to buying a game, I'm grateful to those who read the reviews and take what I have said into consideration but what it comes down to is that we all have different tastes so not everything will appeal to everyone.

I would say the biggest backlash I got when it came to pre-ordering a game was with the Destiny games, I had so many people telling me how crap it is and that it's a waste of time, they would say play a real game not that garbage yet I still stuck with Destiny because I enjoyed it. I agree that the prices of the DLC's were steep and at times there wasn't enough content but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy playing it, there was still plenty to and lots of people to play with and that's what kept me playing. To be honest I got the same judgements when we pre-ordered Anthem and Fallout 76 too and I still enjoy both games even if others don't. 

When I pre-ordered Detroit Become Human I was met with a lot of judgment, not because of what the game was about but because of who created it, I don't want to get into all of that because it will end up going down a route on my site that I don't want to but I do want to say that my reasoning for pre-ordering DBH was because I had enjoyed the other games created by Quantic Game and the way they're able to tell a story and pull at your heartstrings. I was so pleased when others instantly fell in love with it and much to my surprise told me they're glad I recommended it as it had become one of their top games of the year!

Games are always going to be hit and miss when we pre-order and there obviously will be no way to tell if you will fall in love with that game until you actually play it for yourself, there have games I have pre-ordered and discovered that I hated the button layout so it would put me off wanting to finish but that doesn't mean the game as a whole is rubbish and that I wasted my money because I happily try the game over and over again until I'm somewhat comfortable and clued up on the buttons.

What I tend to find is when people don't like little things about a game such as a certain voice actor or the outcome they will push the narrative that it was a waste of time and money for ANYONE who bought it because they didn't enjoy it. This is damaging and can turn into gatekeeping pretty fast and tends to lead arguments that are unnecessary and damn right rude, I can remember a friend of mine pre-ordered a game and I was delayed and when it finally came out it had issues such as bugs so as soon as they spoke about these someone went at them for not knowing that it would have issues considering it was delayed so they should have canceled the pre-order. There is no reason why anyone should send another person abuse just because they pre-ordered a game that they deem crap, it's such a ridiculous thing to give someone hate for.

Considering we are the topic of glitches, they are the biggest reasons people regret pre-ordering a game, yes they can make it difficult to play and you feel as if it's broken but developers do try their hardest to fix these issues and a lot goes on behind the scenes when a game is being developed but it's pretty unfair to abuse developers because of this, making and developing games isn't as straightforward as some think. I have played plenty of games with bugs that have ruined my gameplay but once the bugs were fixed I enjoyed the game immensely, it's not the case for everyone and the game is ruined because of the first play through with glitches, I usually try and not let this ruin my overall view of a game until it's been patched so I can see what's been changed and if I enjoy it.

One of the biggest upsides to pre-ordering will always be certain rewards that come with them, such as a certain in-game gun or you get a free keyring with the game that you can add to your merchandise collection. My partner pre-ordered me the Ni No Kuni 2 Kings Edition as a surprise, we could have waited a year for the price to go down but because he knew I wanted and loved the look of it so bad he got me it, buying into franchise you love like this totally up to the fan and getting abuse for it is petty. I see nothing wrong with bonuses when pre-ordering, this if anything it's a clever selling tactic to get more pre-orders and I will happily be that person to buy into these perks if I'm honest! My point of this post is to talk about how people don't deserve abuse for pre-ordering a game, I understand not everyone feels the same way about it as me and refuse to pre-order but be courteous and stop all the unnecessary hate in the gaming community. 


Any hate will not be published.