Omensight Spoiler Free Review | PS4

Publisher: Spearhead Games
Developer: Spearhead Games
PS4 Review

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone if you want to know more about my disclaimer please see my contact and disclaimer at the top of my blog.

A casual conversation with one of my friends online led to him asking the developers of a game he had told me about for a review code for me, I honestly didn't think it would work but it did. I'm so grateful whenever I get sent anything and after seeing trailers for this game once Jamie mentioned it I fell in love with the artwork, you will see what I mean once you see the screenshot's I have added. I'm sure most of you know I'm a sucker for anything pretty when it comes to a game, Omensight is no exception when it comes to this, my first impressions of it was how magical the surroundings and protagonist look, kind of reminds me of a mixture of Tron infused with Journey and they are two loves of mine as it is.

The game is set in a world full of animals, a world which I would happily live with as animals have pure little souls, but unfortunately a war is taking place and it's only getting worse, fortunately for this world you the Harbinger was summoned by a witch to solve the mystery of the priestesses death but in order to solve it you will need to travel back in time, games to do with time travel are my weakness I'm sure a lot of you know this already! I actually didn't know that a Harbinger was real until I looked it up, it's kind of an omen that can see the future which goes hand in hand in showing characters in the game what will happen in the future when Harbinger travels back in time.

Xbox Adaptive Controller | Is Gaming Closer to Being More Accessible?

James sent me a link a few days ago about a leaked image from Microsoft, they had made an adaptive gaming controller which is a huge step and since then it has been confirmed that this is in fact real, you may remember I did a post about wanting developers to develop accessible controllers for their consoles well Microsoft has gone and done it! There has been a mixed amount of feedback on this controller and a lot of it is people not understanding what an adaptive/accessible controller is, rather than looking it up they mock the way it looks and state they will never use it, unless you need an accessible controller you won't need to use it anyways but there should be more understanding of disabled gamers being able to play games and not pushed out due to a controller not having the right adaptions.

In an interview with Ars Technica Phil Spender head of Xbox said that this will never turn into a competitive thing between Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft and that the controller doesn't have to have the Xbox logo on it, so could this maybe imply that disabled players will be able to eventually use this device on other consoles? Who knows! Don't get me wrong it is accessible and I know I may get people saying what about those who use eye trackers to play etc I understand they will still be excluded from this controller but its still accessible to a certain extent which is a step in the right direction. Although there has been negative feedback surrounding this controller the number of people who are just as happy as many are awesome, including my twitter followers, I have the most understanding people who follow me who want gaming to be just as accessible as I do which shows me that not everyone is as ignorant as ableist as I first thought.

Kiss Me First Review | When Virtual Reality Becomes Too Real.

As a fan of everything Tech my friend Sarah knew I would like the show Kiss Me First, she didn't think she would personally like it but turns out she did just as much as me (we had a lot to say on this show to one another). It all centers around a VR (Virtual Reality) game, something I find very difficult to play due to the motion sickness it causes, but I have always loved the idea of VR and I'm looking forward to seeing how far VR goes in the gaming world, it is, after all, a very different experience to just using a controller in front of a tv or monitor. The game in which the VR is used in this show is called Azana, you need credits in order to play the game and pay a monthly subscription much like WoW, it looks really fun and like it could keep people busy for hours, within this game a hacker has created another world, a world where players can actually feel pain by using a device called an Azana Band which have been banned by the game as they don't want their players to feel pain from killing one another when playing but this hacker who has selected certain players to come to his world insisted and I think sent the players an Azana Band to use.

Kiss Me First is based on the book by Lottie Moggach but didn't have any elements of VR, it was more based on social media, Bryan Elsley actually adapted the book to have VR in which I think makes it a lot scarier as people are closer to the hacker who says he wants to help his chosen players but it's a lot more sinister than that. The main character Leila is a very quiet young lady who has recently suffered the loss of her mother, she doesn't tend to show much emotion about it and can seem very closed off to people but I felt this protected her from being sucked into the bullshit, Sarah was ahead of me by an episode and told me to just wait and see why she acted the way she did, now I'm glad I did!

The Thin Silence | Coming Out of the Darkness | Steam Review

Publisher: Nkidu Games Inc.
Developer: TwoPM Studios
Steam Review on Mac

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone if you want to know more about my disclaimer please see my contact and disclaimer at the top of my blog. 

I don't think I have reviewed a Steam game on my blog before but I'm very happy to be reviewing this game in particular, The Thin Silence starts off deep underground but before this a message on screen appears about how the game relates to depression and includes a trigger warning, so already we know what one of the main focuses on the game is about, for me that's no problem but if you tend to want to play a more uplifting game The Thin Silence is far from that. The developers of this game are going the right way about raising awareness for mental health because let's face it there is a stigma that surrounds it and you would think that in this day and age it was taken more seriously and more people were able to get help. Two PM studios who developed The Thin Silence are donating a small sum to a charity called CheckPoint for each copy that The Thin Silence sells. As someone who has tried there utmost to try and get help for their mental health various times this is a very uplifting and wonderful thing for the developers to do, they have managed to make their game into more than just a game but also something that will help others understand why someone could be suffering from depression so I applaud them!