What's new?

I've been thinking of writing an updated blog post about what's been going on in my life seeing as I haven't in a while now so here goes! I recently moved in with James, I know that a few people have been saying it's far too soon and that we've been going out less than 2 years but who cares, It's my choice and no one else's business. I'm looking forward to spending our first Christmas in this house together and to make new memories, Gizzy has even joined us here and she has settled in better than I thought she would. I was worried that she would pine a lot more for my mum's cat Penni but I whenever I go to my parents I usually take Gizzy with me so I guess that helps things, Gizzy is currently running around the house with her toy mouse in her mouth (she's a cutie). Now I have moved in with James we have big plans for the spare room, let's just say it's to do with a gaming and I will be doing lots of posts on it! My health has been a bit crappy, I get palpitations more often than I use to these days and it makes sleeping difficult, I've been getting shortness of breath and an increase in dizzy spells too, to top it all off I ended up with an abscess and was put on antibiotics and codeine, I can't say I will miss taking either, they made me feel so sick and throw up.

My thoughts on Life is Strange.

If you've never played this game you're probably not going to have a clue about what I'm going on about, if that's the case read my previous post about it HERE. Being a teenager can be hard, it comes with its ups and downs but being a teenager at a private school? Well that's something else I did a post a while ago on life is strange but I've finally finished you, it left me with so many emotions and it was such a whirlwind kind of a game. Through the game max (the main character) has a doe on her t-shirt, This beautiful creature is very important to the story as it appears a lot through the game and shows max the way, to me it feels like her conscious guiding her through life and the game so it's one thing you should all keep an eye out for in regards to playing this game. We first meet Max and her classmates in her photography class along with Mr Jefferson, it was clear from the get-go who the popular one in the class was (Victoria) and it wasn't Max. Max is a shy 18-year old who didn't enjoy speaking up in class, but it didn't stop Mr Jefferson trying to make her speak out. You could see how uncomfortable she felt when he did this but it was obvious that she was one of his favourite students. The second main character we get to meet in the bathroom, we see a teenage boy fighting with a girl who has blue hair and then he shoots her, somehow max manages to rewind and save the girl, max is taken back to the photography classroom and thinks everything that just happened was a dream. She soon starts to realise that this was really everything that happened minutes before she went into the bathroom was happening again, she eventually goes back in the bathroom and saves this girl with blue hair life by setting off the fire alarm. From that moment on I was hooked on the game, I needed to know why had Max only just found her powers and who was this girl with blue hair.

Nintendo Classic Mini: NES

This has caused a little bit of a stir, some people are excited for it but others hate the thought of it, it's a love hate kind of console. The new version of the Nes is an official Nintendo product that has up to 30 games on the system. It is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand which makes it handy for when you want to take it places with you, it comes with a HDMI port so you can hook it up to an up to date tv and a brand new style gamepad. The price tag of this cute little console is £40, to me, that is a fantastic price for a console if you want to get something for your kids to play on without breaking the bank.

There are a lot of differences in the new NES which is what has stirred things up, some people think you should be able to use the original cartridges in it but let's face it, it's a tiny console there is no way the original ones are going to fit in the mini. All 30 of the games are stored on an internal memory card inside the mini and you won't be able to download to it. As I mentioned before the gamepad is different as is the controller port so you won't be able to use the old style gamepads with the mini either. The new port on the mini is essentially the same one as a Wii u controller has, you can use the Wii controller on the Mini NES so it would basically be like playing the Wii on an old skool console.