Online gaming makes me anxious.

At times I can be a very shy person especially when I don't know the person who is talking to me. This happens face to face, over the phone and even online, I get very anxious and overwhelmed, so much so that I need to take myself away from that situation. I've refused to go anywhere because of this exact reason, I don't feel comfortable enough around lots of people either, in fact, I tend to feel panicked and like I'm backed into a corner so I need to find a way out to get some air. My anxiety isn't as bad as some people get it but it's been a huge part of my life for a long time now, gaming has been a great outlet for my depression but not so much for my anxiety. I've made lots of friends through it but I've also been trolled a lot and had some disgusting things said to me. 

FC30 Pro Wireless Controller | First Impressions

Whilst I was away James got a new controller to use, he wanted one which he could use wirelessly on a number of different products so he chose the FC30 Pro Game Controller which has built-in Bluetooth. When he sent me a picture of it, it looked tiny but when I got home and got a chance to hold it, it actually fits really well in both of my hands and the analogue sticks are easy to use whilst holding the controller. What I liked most about it was the design, is that it's not like the other controllers I own, I really like the gold interface of it and the red lines around the interface, I think it looks pretty. The main device James wanted this controller for was the RaspberryPi, the controllers that came with it weren't all that great but he seems to be really pleased with this the FC30. 

The FC30 Pro Game Controller is compatible with IOS, Mac, OS, Windows and Android, Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, as I said before it has built in Bluetooth which you can use to connect to your device or use the USB cable the comes with it. As well as having a lovely gold interface this controller has a D-Pad, four face buttons, four shoulder buttons (L1/2 R1/2) and dual analogue sticks. You won't need to use batteries inside the controller as it's rechargeable and the battery can last up to 18 hours, you can also charge it using the micro USB cable which can be used to update the firmware for the controller, you get a free a keyring with it which is a little random.

My top 6 picks from E3 2017.

Saturday night James and I sat down to watch the live E3 footage via IGN, I watch E3 nearly every year and I'm forever getting pumped over the newest releases and new trailers and this time was no exception, EA kicked things off with their latest releases and to be honest it's twisted my arm to get a game I wasn't too keen on when the first one came out and that game was Star Wars Battlefront, my reason for not being too keen was that it was just online playing only there was no campaign story and playing through them is something I've always enjoyed doing. They announced that Star Wars Battlefront 2 would have a story campaign, which I can definitely see myself playing. I didn't realise that it had been 2 years since I got James the first one and what we found is you need a really good internet connection to do anything because James couldn't connect properly at all in order to play Battlefront 1 even though the internet where he was wasn't that bad. Battlefront 2 will also feature Characters and locations from the prequel and sequel Star Wars movies which are what makes it all the more exciting to play, it will be set to be released in November of this year, I think the first one was actually released in November of 2015 available on all platforms.

My thoughts on Heavy Rain.

A few years ago now a friend of mine let me borrow Heavy Rain, he told me I would love it and that it was one of those games you had to play. He wasn't wrong, most of his game recommendation had always been on point so I never doubted him when he would tell me I should play a certain one. I was a bit dubious about playing heavy rain as it's an integration game and as I said before you don't feel that there is as much freedom when it comes to games like this but the story made it all the worthwhile. The name is a huge giveaway to what the game entails, it sounds depressing and in a way, it is but that's what makes it all the more enjoyable. The main character in this game Ethan Mars is first seen celebrating his son Jasons birthday with his wife and Shaun, but the day after Jason's birthday he goes missing inside the Mall, Ethan is frantically searching for him calling out his name when he eventually finds him standing outside in the middle of the street in front of an oncoming car, Ethan runs towards Jason to try and push him out of the way so that he would take the impact of the car but it's too late and Jason is stuck and killed instantly. Ethan wasn't in the best shape after the crash and was put into a coma for 6 months because of it, once he woke he couldn't help but blame himself for the death of Jason, he and his wife end up divorcing and Ethan moves into a small (crappy looking) house. One day whilst he is out with his son Shaun at the park, Ethan suffers a blackout which he had been suffering ever since he woke from his coma, he has no control over them and they have started to become worse. When Ethan wakes up from his blackout at the park he discovers that Shaun has gone missing and the dread sets in all over again, just like it did with Jason. I thought when I first learnt about Ethan's flashbacks that perhaps they were trying to make it so we felt like he may have killed Shaun and not remembered because of his blackout, but that was a short-lived thought of mine.

My top 4 mobile games.

One game that use to be on my phone was Pokemon go, I stopped playing it as I just wasn't interested anymore. It's great that people still do play it but I just completely lost interest and wold rather play Pokemon on the game boy.  I'm not one of those people who downloads hundreds of games either, I don't like taking up all.the space on my phone with games that I'm maybe going to play or only play now and then I would rather have games added that I know I will continue to play. One of those games is the newest addition called Stellar Fox, it is a 2D box game which was hand drawn, I think that makes it all the more fun to play and even more beautiful to me. When you start the game you're greeted by some cut screens explaining the storyline, past the clouds and in space lives a family of Stellar foxes who live in the fox constellation and in this little family is a little baby Stellar Fox who gets swept away by a strong current and fell down to earth far from its family so it's going to be our job to get Stellar Fox back to where it needs to be. The way you do this is by guiding stellar fox through the air by drawing lines to go into little portals, to help little baby Stellar Fox get back to its family, there are over 100 unique levels to play through before you reach the foxes family and you can even create your own unique levels to share with others who play the game.