About Me.

The names Elle (L), 30's I'm a lover of many things who has an obsession with K-Dramas. I moved to Cornwall 13 years ago now for a better life for myself and it's become the place I was meant to be. I write, read, make videos, craft, build lego and much more. I'm a freelance writer which started off as a hobby at first, if you're interested in working with me my email is eggymay@gmail.com I mostly write about gaming/books.

This website has a mixture of movies, TV shows, Gaming, books and my life, I try to. mix it up as much as I can and share my thoughts and feelings on it all and love to hear feedback. I was a Media student for a number of years at two different colleges and try to use what I have learnt from journalism to analysing in my posts. I'm open to discussing all aspects of the topics I cover on my blog and would happily watch and write about any suggestions you have. I will happily review games if I'm sent a review code and have done a good few over the years I have been blogging, so if you would like me to review your game please get in touch, details are on my contact page.

Professional Reader

Since starting this website I have started freelance writing and it's been a joy to do it's no longer a hobby for me in, I now have a Cornish blog I started to showcase my pictures and life around Cornwall under the name The Klys Selkie, if I happen to go silent on either it's because I'm ill, I hope you understand.

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The Klys Selkie