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About Me.

I'm a 32-year-old lifestyle blogger living in Cornwall, gaming, and movies are two of my favourite things. I started this blog to post about a mixture of things but over time it's slowly changed. My blog is a lifestyle blog, meaning I blog about my own lifestyle, I use to blog about beauty but stopped as I wanted my blog to reflect who I am as a person more. I've always been an avid gamer and movie lover from a young age so it made sense to write about things that I love in my life. I have a chronic illness called Neurocardiogenic Syncope, it affects my everyday life, on top of that I have other heart problems, it can be hard but overall I'm a happy person who very much loves cats. I'm hoping to grow my blog even more in the coming years, these 8 years of blogging have taught me a lot and I couldn't be happier with the following behind it.

This blog has a mixture of movies, TV shows, Gaming and my life, I try to. mix it up as much as I can and share my thoughts and feelings on it all and love to hear feed back. I was a Media student for a number of years at two different colleges and try to use what I have learnt from journalism to analysing in my posts. I'm open to discussing all aspects of the topics I cover on my blog and would happily watch and write about any suggestions you have. I will happily review games if I'm sent a review code and have done a good few over the years I have been blogging, so if you would like me to review your game please get in touch, details are on my contact page. 

Since starting this Blog I have started freelance writing as well as another blog focused solely around gaming called Her Gaming World. This blog has become popular and my followers love the mixture of gaming posts I write, although I don't post on it as much as this blog it has become something I'm very proud of. My main blog is where I'm most open, I try to raise awareness for a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum that occurs in pregnancy, it has affected my life massively in a negative way so I try to turn it into a positive to let others know they're not alone, you may come across several post's I've wrote on it on here. When I eventually have a family of my own things on here may slow down but I will still want to write and keep up with both my blogs when I can so if I ever go silent it will be due to have HG and a family of my own.