Beets Blu heart rate monitor*

* This product was sent to me to review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.
I was lucky enough to be asked to review one of the *Beets Blu products, I chose their heart rate monitor as I suffer from heart problems and thought it would be perfect for a review. Beets Blu was founded in 2012 by a group of specialists specifically in the field of mobile apps, fitness technologies, and electronics. They decided to focus on Bluetooth technology and from that came the pager tag, smart scale and the heart rate monitor which all work wirelessly via Bluetooth.

What is a heart rate monitor for? The name is a big give away really, whether you are training or just want to keep an eye on your heart, the heart rate monitor will keep a track of it, it's great for the older generation too and the apps are easy enough for them to use! The thing I like most about this product is that you don't need to plug it into anything, it connects via Bluetooth on my iPhone5s and is compatible with the iPhone 4s and up and a number of different android phones. Not only that but there are over 25 different apps that it's compatible with, which you can find more info about on their website which I have listed at the end of this post.

Good-night snoring ring review*

* I was sent these products to review and have given my honest thoughts on them, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

I'm a girl and a snore, it's not unheard of even though some people find it hard to believe. My snoring can get pretty annoying and I'm surprised I don't get pushed out of bed because of it! I've recently received these snore bands, to try out and review. They are made by a company called *Good Night, You use them by placing the ring on your little finger, this ring comes in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large and are fully adjustable.You may be wondering how on earth can a ring stop me from snoring? This ring works by using acupressure, I've always been a bit skeptic of these things but A lot of people have told me acupressure can really work which helped me in thinking that this ring just might stop my snoring. If you're like me and don't want to take drugs to help aid your sleeping, this is a great and natural alternative, Here is what the goodnight snoring says about the ring:

An interview with Kelly//MYFAIRPIXEL.

As a person who has always supported artists and smaller businesses I wanted to do an interview with a blogger, artist and a wonderful girl who always brightens up my day with her art, tweets and blog posts, Her name is Kelly she lives in the South West of England, her artwork has a witchy artist and illustrator style to it (she explains more about what her style of art is below). I have been speaking to Kelly on twitter a while now and her artwork is beautiful and unique.

An interview with Kelly//MYFAIRPIXEL

Have you always loved art?
Yes, for as long as I can remember! I was that kid that was always drawing and telling everyone I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, haha. Even when my parents and teachers were trying to persuade me to aim for a more “academic” career I still had to keep my art classes for my own happiness. I’m glad I stuck by that because now I’m fortunate enough to be able to sell my artwork and be commissioned by wonderful people!

Honey can lighten hair?

Today's post is about a natural hair lightener made from everyday kitchen ingredients, I originally wanted to buy some colourb4 for my hair but I couldn't stand the smell another time, so I decided to try a gradual natural way to lighten my hair. The main ingredient for this is honey, I'm not a big fan of honey as a few years ago I made a honey oak face mask and the smell lingered for a long time, I've slowly got over my hate for the smell and decided to do a hair mask with it (I hope I don't go off it again!). I looked everywhere online for a natural way to lighten my hair when I came across this Snapguide post, I changed up the way I did mine a bit, so here is what you need:

Jewellery Box UK*

* I was sent these products to review and have given my honest thoughts on them, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

I was lucky enough to be sent some pretty and dainty products from jewellery box the other day. I love jewellery, I collect a lot of it and I wear nearly of it, so being given the opportunity to review jewellery box products makes me so grateful! *Jewellery Box Uk is a shop who sell gold and silver jewellery, they stock rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even nose rings amongst other products. The kind of jewellery I prefer is very simplistic, I'm not the kind of girl who likes to go over the top so each product I received was perfect for me. The first thing I saw was this pretty bird on a branch necklace It looks bigger in the picture than it is, it's actually small and hangs very prettily around my neck. This necklace is available for £12.20 on their site. I first thought this necklace was a bracelet until I turned it around and saw it would have to be a very large bracelet! I love that their prices are reasonable and affordable for everyone and they have products to fit everyone's style.

Am I a mother?

I got this ring for my mum for Mothers Day

For a lot of women, Mother's Day is rough, stressful and depressing. I don't mean because they never got a card or a present from their child I mean because they don't have that child around. For me Mother's Day is awful, I always end up crying or feeling down, I torture myself with what if's and why! Here in the Uk, we celebrate Mother's Day in March, other countries celebrate it in May. Mother's Day is always on a Sunday and called Mothering Sunday.

Why do we celebrate it? As far as I know, Mothering Sunday is a Christian holiday but it can be traced back to Ancient Greek times. It is a holiday which honours mothers, some might even say it's for women who care, look after and have brought up their child. I beg to differ, I say that even if you have lost a child in pregnancy, still birth, if a surrogate gave birth to your child, If your child has passed away at any age, adopted a child that still makes you a mother. Those people who say otherwise irritate me, I'm a very compassionate person and when I see people tell women they're not a mother because they lost their baby it really grinds my gears. I can't keep my mouth shut and end up having arguments with these narrow-minded idiots, they don't usually listen so I'm not sure why I even bother sometimes. But why should I? letting others upset people who have gone through such a hard time is not something I can hold back on.