Fresh Rose Face Mask.

A few weeks back I applied to get my free sample of one of Fresh's face masks, it is a decent size and has surprisingly a nice amount of product in. Fresh are a cruelty-free brand, you can buy a 100ml pot for £60 which is a bit pricey for me yet it I love it and would love to try more of it! This is a gel asked face mask with rose petals inside, the gel is made to cool your skin and hydrate it, this face mask is great for those with sensitive skin as it's such a gentle face mask. It is also perfect for people who want the appearance of their skin to look better, mine is very red and sometimes can look sore but since using this the redness has gone down a lot.

What is cat acne?

I just want to start this off by saying that this post was original written on my cat blog which has now been deleted as I had no time to blog on both, but the posts which I had on their I will be reposting on this blog, this post is just one of them. I had no idea cat acne actually existed, I didn't even know cats could get acne like us humans that was until Penni developed it. We noticed these tiny black marks on the bottom on her chin so we rubbed our finger along them to discover bumps, one of them had burst which has caused a nasty red mark under her chin. My parents decided we should take the vets as the red mark looked angry and they didn't want to take any chances, me and my stepdad had to basically wrestle Penni into her cat box, she hates getting inside of it and hates being took away from the house because she thinks we are going to leave her in a cattery again (no chance of that ever happening, it turned her into a nervous mess last time). Before we finally got her into the cat box Penni had peed all over me so I smelt delightful, I couldn't change as we were in a rush and catching Penni took a while.