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Fallout 76 Beta | PS4 First Impressions

I ended up canceling my Pre-Order for Fallout 76 due to the Christmas coming up and the money for that game will help towards Christmas but since I enjoyed playing the Beta I mentioned it to James and I think he will be getting me the game. I'm a really nervous online game player, I get very anxious in case I come across any abuse and tend to turn my mic off, however, I felt differently once I left Vault 76 because I could see that there weren't that many players on the same server as me and only one of them was near me but chose not to interact with me which I was fine with. Whilst inside Vault 76 it felt refreshing seeing all the decorations out and knowing that so many of us had successfully lived inside the vault for so long and become a tight-knit community but at the same time it's sad that it opened and came to an end. 

Innocent souls | The Haunting of Hill House A Netflix Original.


I've slowly been sucked in by Netflix Originals this year and it's been hit and miss at times but as soon as I saw that The Haunting of Hill House had been added I was drawn in and knew instantly it was my kind of show, although it didn't actually feel like a show if I'm honest it was more like a drawn-out movie but done really well. As soon as I put the first episode on I told my friend Sarah she needed to watch it, not just because I was pooping myself but because I knew this would be her kind of thing and I was right, before I knew it she had finished all 10 episodes and was waiting for me to finish watching them so we could talk about it, whilst I was getting through them we also convinced our friend Beth to start watching then she became hooked too and had the same reaction Sarah and I did.

Solbot: Energy Rush | Mobile Review

Publisher: Freakout Games
Developer: Freakout Games
Android Review

It's been a while since I reviewed a mobile game so it's about time I wrote a review on one right? Today's pick is a game by Freakout Games called Solbot: Energy Rush, Freakout games reached out to me and asked me if I would like to give it a go and review it and I was more than happy to (The game is free in the app store I wasn't compensated in any way for it). Before I said I would give it a go I decided to check it out and make sure it was my kind of game as there is no point in reviewing something that I know I won't like. Freakout Games who are an indie games studio have developed a number of games and out of them all Solbot energy appealed to me the most, other games include; Dice Cricket, Freaky Dungeon, and Freaky Tup.

Marvel's Spider-Man | PS4 Review

Publisher: Insomniac Games
Developer: Sony
PS4 Review

Now that I have finally finished the main story of Spider-Man I felt it was time to do a review, I just want to start off by saying no I never did play the previous PS2 Spider-Man games but I used to watch one of my sisters who loves Spider-Man play it so I was interested to see how the latest game would turn out. There was a lot of hype that surrounded it and although this would put me off at times, the more I read about it the more I wanted to get the game for myself, I was lucky enough to borrow a copy of the game off of a family member who told me I needed to finish the whole story, they are pretty good at recommended James and me games and I wasn't disappointed with Spider-Man.

IT 2017 | Movie Review


Author: Stephen King
Published: 1986
Miniseries: 1990
Movie adaptation: 2017
Director: AndrĂ©s Muschietti

The first time I watched IT was back when I was a teenager, it gave me nightmares and put me off of clowns, I wouldn't dare tell people my fear of them because they would purposely try to scare me. Tim Curry played the original IT clown, he is a phenomenal actor and brought IT to life so well he gave kids and even adults nightmares, the original IT was released back in 1990 and is based on Stephen Kings novel from 1986. The latest adaption had a lot of hate thrown at it even before it was released, some people aren't fans of remakes and don't see the point and I do see why they feel this way because it's usually hit or miss much the same with sequels, there have been so many times I was proved wrong when I thought a sequel couldn't top the movie. I wanted to give the IT remake a chance, the cast alone looked like they would do it justice especially with Finn Wolfhard who played Mike in Stranger Things, his role in that show was fantastic and his acting never felt forced.

Life is Strange 2 | Episode 1 | PS4 Review (Spoilers)


Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
PS4 Review

I've been waiting for this game to come out for months and I was finally able to play the first episode after I had pre-ordered it with my birthday money, the first episode came out last month and it didn't disappoint me at all. It's still not the same without Max and Chloe but I'm so hyped to see where Daniel and Sean's journey takes us, as you know I have done a post for every single Life is Strange game so I couldn't miss out on doing the same for Life is Strange 2, could I? The game starts off introducing us to two brothers and their father and the older sons best mate, their mother has been gone a while so it's their dad's job to provide for both of his sons, from the looks of family life he has done everything in his power to make sure his boys don't miss out and works hard to make ends meet and the dad is kind of cute.for those who have played this first episode read on, but those who don't want it spoiled don't read the post!