S+ by Resmed review.*

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review and have given my honest thoughts on them, all opinions are mine and mine alone. This device is NOT a cure for insomnia if your sleeping problems persist please see your GP.

This sleek looking device is to help you sleep I was sent it to try our and review, it detects noise, light and temperature levels around you, this will then help the device work out the perfect sleeping environment for you. Once you're eventually ready to sleep the device syncs up to your pre-sleep breathing and will play soothing sounds to help you fall asleep. When it's time to wake up the S+ will lull you from a deep sleep to a light sleep until it's ready for you to wake up. you will be able to set it to a time window that suits you so you're not late for the coming day. *Resmed have taken a lot into consideration when it comes to this device, one thing I do a lot is stress, seeing as stress plays a big part in bedtime and can affect your sleep the S+ is designed tode-clutterlutter your thoughts and mind with Its mind clear function. You will even be able to add your to-do list via text or voice (through the app) so the device can sweat the small stuff so you don't have to.

Astro A30s: Gaming Headset.

I've had this headset a while now, I got them as an anniversary present this year from James and have loved using them. I was originally using the earphones you get free with the ps4 but they broke so I ended up using my iPhone earphones as a mic for a bit (they work really well). I told James I really needed a new one so could I have a new headset as an anniversary gift. We settled on the Astro A30s as they're affordable and can be used on both PC and PS4, they arrived very fast and in the coolest box I've seen, I actually put them away in it so they don't get damaged.

Samsung Gear VR: First Impression.

The Samsung Gear VR was released in November 2015, it's a mobile virtual reality headset which was developed by Samsung Electronics in collaborating with Oculus. I was so Happy that I got a chance to Try out the Samsung Gear VR , I've wanted to try it out for a while now and was pretty impressed with it for the price tag, It's a very affordable VR compared to others, it retails at around £80 but you can get it cheaper if you shop around. I'm not completely sure if It's easy to put the phone inside the VR as someone else put it in before I tried the VR out. But what I can say is the phone stays in place, it doesn't move around and is very snug when connected to the glasses. The head strap can be tightened or made loose to fit what ever size your head is, I had to tighten it due to having a small head, The strap wasn't uncomfortable and the inside of the VR is nicely padded so it doesn't dig into your face, It felt lovely and cushioned. The glasses have no light gaps, they blocked everything that surrounds you out so you're only concentrating on the screen inside the glasses, making the experience feel more real. The VR works with: