The Importance of Staying Connected | GiffGaff Gaming Night.

Monday 21 October 2019

* This post was in collaboration with GiffGaff & Big Potato Games *

Over the years I have found it hard to stay in contact with others, not because I flake out on them but because of distance and making time for one another. I moved to Cornwall 10 years ago and over the years my friendships have ended and it was hard to accept that, I'm one of those people who don't tend to give up easily but if it's a one way friendship and I can't mend it (weird losing friends just because I moved to Cornwall) I usually will let things lie and try to move on. With the friends I do have left I try to check in on them as much as I can I also take into consideration how annoying it can be to be pestered by people to talk all the time, especially with anxiety. But what I have also realised is that when I do eventually get time to connect with a friend it's important, we all need a release and someone to tell us like it is, well I do anyway I don't like it when people sugar coat things for me.

Luckily for me, I have a number of friends who have the same interests as me so it makes it easy to stay in contact, one of the main interests in gaming. Thanks to being able to play online games I can instantly connect with my friends through the power of voice chat and party chats and because gaming is such a big part of my life it's nice to be able to make a connection with friends and games and make more friends through games even if they're in different countries. I used to spend hours in the day connecting with friends via Skype now thanks to the power of apps I can use other ways to stay in touch that are free too.

It's not just long-distant friends I try to stay in contact with its also ones near me, this is why a gaming night was the perfect idea to connect with one another and make the most of a catch up, thanks to the goody box I got sent we were spoiled for choice. The first box of goodies contained an Amazon Echo which I had been in two minds over getting but now we have one I use it all the time, mostly to play music, games, fart noises and meow's, probably not what others would use it for but we all need an element of fun in our lives right? We decided from the start that the winner would not only get the trophy included with the goody box but also the potato plushie, although my cat ended up loving it. It also included a tote bag, some preloaded sims, a GoPro, an Anker Power Bank, trophy, Just Eat voucher and some cool stickers. it was the first of two boxes to arrive for our gaming night, the second contained three different games and a potato plushie from Big Potato Games and once the second box arrived we was ready to arrange our gaming night!

Having a night where I can connect and enjoy the company of others was much needed, I have been so very stressed lately that I didn't know how to unwind and luckily this box came just in time, thanks to the selection of games inside the second box I was left in hysterics and know that these games will be played for years to come whether that's at Christmas or just to spend some time with others. Having that connection with people to help relieve stress can be just what the doctor ordered sometimes. The box included a GoPro as well, I was massively excited for this as I wanted something to document the surroundings in Cornwall and of course, it would have come in handy for filming bits of the gaming night. unfortunately me being me forgot to use it even though I had got it ready to film, you can blame my wonderful memory for this! There were only 3 able of us to enjoy my gaming night as everyone else was really busy or didn't seem too interested which is weird because we were ordering a Chinese takeaway courtesy of the £50 gift voucher GiffGaff sent us for just eat.

Whilst waiting for our takeaway to arrive we decided to play Obama Llama 2, I had never heard of any of the games sent to us before but out of the 3 we were sent this one seemed to be the most fun as it involved miming and describing rhymes said on the cards, I was terrible at guessing and knew there wasn't a chance in hell that I was going to win and I was spot on about that! We played it a little differently to how it was meant to be played as there was 3 of us but it all worked out pretty well, I also loved that it had an element of the good old card game pairs as it helped make you feel like you accomplished more when playing. My boyfriend James won this and me and our friend wasn't too pleased because he always wins at games no matter what we play, yes I'm bitter about it!

The box came with this handy Anker power bank that will come in useful when I'm running low on battery power!

Before we moved on to the next game our Chinese arrived and we ordered way too much even though we were splitting it 3 ways, we decided to save the rest for the next day because I love cold Chinese food. Whilst eating we carried on listening to music thanks to our Amazon Echo and made Alexa make hilarious fart noises because we are big kids at heart even though we are all in our 30's, we also watched some Mr. Beast Hack videos on YouTube as my partner oddly enjoys them. Once we finished eating we moved on to the next game called Bucket of Doom, this game is a bit like Cards Against Humanity but a lot more crazy as you use the cards to describe how you escape different scenarios, it's no surprise who won this game either.... James did, so as you guessed it he was the overall winner who won't the trophy and plushie.

Thanks to GiffGaff and Big Potato Games I have found a new love for card games, before I was more interested in board games but I will definitely be getting more games from Big Potato games, they will make wonderful fun gifts for Christmas presents too and now I have a variety of games to play over Christmas and for years to come with family and friends. Thank you so much for sending me these boxes of goodies. After spending my days closed off from people it's been lovely connecting with a friend, it was much needed to say the least! I personally need that interaction now and then and a good balance of time on my own, this is why it's so important to be to stay connected with others.


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