Monday 17 December 2018

Remastered Games & Accessibility Settings.

We have got to the stage where more and more games are being remastered and the demand for them is growing, I've touched on the subject before on why I think that not all older games need to be remastered and I still stand by that statement eve…
Wednesday 12 December 2018

Two Point Hospital | Steam Review

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Two Point Studios
Steam Review

Whilst I was ill these past few weeks I decided to distract myself with an easy to follow game that didn't need much concentration and seeing as I had got Two Point Hospital not long before…
Tuesday 4 December 2018

Tim Burton Movies Lead me on my journey to Self Acceptance.

I'm going to be as open an honest in this post because after all, I need to be honest with myself, growing up I always felt like the odd one out and being ginger never really helped things nor did have big ears which I eventually grew into, I w…
Monday 3 December 2018

Video Game Violence and Safety | Here's What I Think.

There was a post I came across on This Morning's facebook page and I couldn't keep my mouth shut because the way they worded it rubbed me up the wrong way. It was a discussion about a particular game and how a child behaves when they are ask…

The Burly Men at Sea | PS4 Review.

Publisher: Brain&Brain/ Plug in Digital Developer: Brain&Brain PS4 Review
This year I've been enjoying the PS Plus games, it's helped me discover games I would have never played before and Burly Men at Sea was one of them, a few of my f…
Sunday 2 December 2018

Sexism and Gaming.

Sexism is very much alive in the gaming world, anyone who says it's not clearly can't see the big picture. I personally believe that the way women are portrayed in games also has an effect how some people see girls who play video games, obvi…