Pink Stork | Sickness Tea.

I just want to start this post off by saying I'm NOT pregnant and would like it if people refrained from assuming I am from this blog post. A few months now I got in contact with a brand called *Pink Stork after talking about when I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and how there isn't enough help for women who suffer from it, after talking about this they asked if I would like to collaborate with them on a post about them and their products even though I'm not pregnant. I was more than happy to oblige seeing as I want more focus on HG. Pink Storkis a company started by Amy, she is a mother of 4 who suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum much like me, because of how badly she suffered she started up Pink Stork solutions to help other women who suffer from HG, morning sickness. She got a team together to try to find a better and healthier way to help HG and morning sickness and since then it has grown and helped many women.

Beyond Two Souls | PS3

Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Game: Beyond: Two Souls
PS3 Review

I decided to start playing my PS3 a bit more as it doesn't get as much love as the PS4 anymore and James recently got me Beyond Two Souls for PS3. I've watched streams of it a few times now so I wanted to give it a go for myself, I'm aware it's on PS4 now along with Heavy Rain but I liked the idea of getting it for PS3 first so I could eventually compare it to the PS4 quality. I've said it before interactive games aren't really my jam but the ones like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are the kind I don't like as they are very restricting whereas Beyond Two Souls lets me explore a lot more. I always made sure that when I watched streams I didn't get too far to the end as I wanted to experience that for myself one day and I'm really glad that I did. Beyond Two Souls is about a young girl named Jodie Holmes, she has a gift which scientists are helping her explore to find out how she can control it without anyone getting hurt, the game takes place over a number of years from when Jodie is a little girl until early adulthood. We come to learn that Jodie's gift is actually an entity that attached itself to Jodie ever since she was born, she has named this entity Aiden and he can perform tasks for her in order to help her throughout the game, at first I found the controls a little annoying to control but over time I got used to controlling Aiden. Ellen Page plays Jodie, she played her so well and gave all the right emotions to play with my heartstrings, they even made her character look very lifelike, as well as Ellen being in it William Defoe is also a main character, he is a scientist named Nathan who has taken care Jodie since she was 8 years of age.

Boxhead Craft | Have a Pixel head this Halloween

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Minecraft, Terraria and Roblox are some of the most popular games out right now, they are games most parents are happy to let their kids play because not only can they be creative but they can also let their imagination run wild, I've spoken about Minecraft a few times now and how I think it's one of those games that are safe enough for parents to let their kids play. I'm a 29 year old woman who loves to play it myself, I would spend a lot of time making castles, houses and pixel art but I first started on the Xbox 360 and went on to get it for PS3, the great thing was I could Transfer my PS3 saves to my PS4 and carry on a newer console from where I left off on PS3. Since Minecraft has blown up again I have seen a lot of merchandise for it around, given it's gone up in price over the years and parents are being driven mad for all the cool merchandise from the Creepers to the Minecraft mystery keyring bags.

The Lovely Bones | Movie Review.

Author: Alice Sebold
Published: 2002
Movie adaptation: 2009
Director: Peter Jackson 

"My name was Salmon, like the fish. First name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973."

A young girl named Susie Salmon goes missing, her parents think she is just running late but later on, realise this isn't the case, the book itself is a strange one, one a lot of people wouldn't be comfortable reading it so I'm going to talk about the movie and some of the changes they made in it compared to the book. Susie was a bright young lady with her whole life ahead of her, she loved taking pictures and fell for a boy in her school called Ray, being the soft should she is she was too polite to ignore her neighbour Mr Harvey, a very strange man that usually kept himself to himself. One day after school whilst leaving an after-school club Susie starts walking through the cornfield, the same cornfield she has walked through every day since starting school to get to school, surely nothing bad could happen whilst making her way home? Wrong Mr Harvey has been watching Susie for a while now, unbeknown to a lot of people he was a predator, a paedophile who had killed many girls before. Mr Harvey had been planning how he would go about taking Susie for a while now and I'm sure if Susie had noticed his glare on her she would have brought it up with someone.


Hello October! Autumn is finally here, my favourite time of year, to be honest, this year so far has been a great year for my blog started off slow in January when I was getting over how ill I was but it's slowly progressed into my blog gaining much more traffic and views. I honestly thought no one would like my blog due to me changing what sort of things I blog about but I've been so surprised with all the support and love from you all so thank you. This is my last instalment in my top 3 games of 2017, It came around so fast I almost forgot that I was supposed to write this but let's get down to business shall we? For October I have chosen Middle-earth: Shadow of War, if you know me well you know how much I love The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings, I'm the type of person who will choose them movies over Star Wars (shock horror). Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an action role-playing video game which was developed by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros. You may remember that back in 2014 Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was released (another good game), well this is the sequel to it. As the player you play as Talion who is the ranger of Gondor and continues from the Shadow of Mordor, Talion is infused with the spirit of the Elf Lord Celebrimbor and has forged a new Ring of Power. This ring is believed to be able to be controlled and help anyone who wears it become a powerful king rather than a Dark Lord. Talion is far from interested in power but he believes in Celebrimbor and helps him face Sauron. As well as a story campaign the game also comes with Multiplayer features which is called the Social Conquest Mode, it sounds rather fun even though I'm not a huge multiplayer fan. There are two mode settings which are friendly and ranked, friendly allows you to invade someone's fortress without the risk of losing your army but ranked although it lets you invade you have the risk of losing a number of your Orc followers forever. The one thing that does stand out is that this game will have a day and night cycle which will play a role in gameplay and enemy behaviour, I like it when games have this kind of feature as it makes me feel much more immersed within it. Middle-earth: Shadow of War is set to be released on October 10 of this year, only 5 days away! It will be available on Microsoft Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

Sades SA-928 Headset First Impressions Review*

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*This was not a full review, this post is just my first impressions. These products are sponsored, all opinions are my own for more info please read my contact and disclaimer.

  • Loudspeaker diameter: 40mm (NdFeB)
  • Frequency range: 20 ~ 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 112 ±3dB at 1 kHz
  • Impedance: 24 Ohm at 1 kHz 
  • Max input power: 30 mW
  • Mic sensitivity: - 40dB +/- 3dB
  • Mic frequency range: 50 ~ 10 kHz
  • Mic impedance: no greater than 2.2k Ohm at 1kHz 
  • Headset cable length: 1.0 m
  • Weight (including cables): 585g