Why is Pokemon a positive influence?

Pokemon has always had a place in my home, growing up it was one of the most popular TV shows/ games. Although I wasn't that good at the game I enjoyed watching it every Saturday morning with my sisters, my sisters and me loved both Digimon and Pokemon., but I would say Pokemon was the bigger thing in my house. In fact, my twin sisters still have their plushies, games and Pokemon cards and Pokedex's not sure how valuable they all are but they can go for a fair bit on eBay if they're in good condition. As I got older the Pokemon hype did die down, but Pokemon never disappeared from our screens or lives, it's one of those things that's hard to forget and brings hours of enjoyment on a rainy day.

You're worthy despite not being nominated for a blog award.

August is just around the corner, that means you have around a month now to get your entries in for the Bloggers Blog Awards. For those of you who aren't sure what this is, the Bloggers blog awards was created by Hayley from Tea Party Beauty, she set it up for the blogging community to celebrate bloggers. The way it works is all candidates will be chosen by bloggers or blog readers, then once the closing date has ended the people with most entries will be shortlisted then a panel of randomly picked bloggers will score, along with voting numbers to pick a winner from each category. The closing date for votes is August 14th 11.59pm (GMT) so remember there is still plenty of time for someone to nominate you. 

PS4 Game wishlist.

I haven't treated myself to a game since I bought Life is Strange, which I completed pretty quickly (I may replay it again, this time a bit slower). I have been lusting over a number of games which I can't afford right now, I feel like I have neglected my PS4 more than usual as I have been getting bored of Destiny. Not because I think it's rubbish but because less people are playing it these days and I find it more enjoyable playing with other people rather than on my own. Here is my PS4 game wishlist:

1. Overwatch:

This game is a multiplayer first person shooting game which was released in May this year, you can get it on PC, Xbox one and PS4. As soon as I saw the trailer for this game I knew that I had to get it the characters looked pretty cool as did the game play footage. This game involves two teams of six, you can choose from a number of different heros each with different abilities, there are 4 different roles your hero can have; offense, defense, tank and support, each of these roles are unique to your hero. Overwatch does have a story, it's set 60 years in the future on a fictional earth where robots with artificial intelligence are used to achieve economic equality, I do know more of the story but I don't want to say too much in case people don't want it ruined for them as it's not been out that long.