American Mcgee's Alice is Returning!

Friday 4 October 2019


My sister was the one who introduced me to American Mcgee's Alice, I fell in love with the game straight away and was so glad my sister knew I would like this kind of game. The game was a dark take on the Alice in Wonderland story and takes Alice to a place in her mind where she could escape the trauma of surviving a fire that wiped out her family whilst she went on to live, because of this the tone of the story of Alice takes on a whole new story and takes Alice back to a twisted Wonderland. What I liked about this was that they kept in theme with the original characters but were able to turn them into something that would give any small child nightmares.

I always felt that this game was very underrated along with the sequel to it, I never really saw much about the game until I was introduced to it but once I got into the swing of the games I fell in love. The battle mechanics and puzzles make for fun gameplay where you're unsure what will happen next and being unsure is what pressed me to play on further. I don't want to add that this game has a lot of glitches which you will get frustrated with at times but the more you press on the more worth it the game is.

There have been a number of different versions of Alice but none as dark as this game, not even Tim Burtons version can be compared to the happenings of the video games, this is what gives the game a unique style and takes you further into the mysterious world of Alice. The games are a number of years old now but the surroundings within the game hold up pretty world and cast the light on how dark the developers wanted to make this version of Alice. unfortunately, these games aren't as well known as I hoped they would be and most people haven't got a clue what I'm badgering on about when I speak about them.

For me, these games take a look into the mental state of a young girl who has endured a lot of trauma, seeing her deal with the deaths of her parents by taking her mind elsewhere is interesting, the creatures which she faces seem like they represent the dark and twisted feelings she is having and she fights back in order to get through this state. It's one of the most underrated games I have come across, I wouldn't want it to get lost in anyone's memory so that's why I'm choosing to write about it now. This isn't the kind of game you would let a child play though, as it takes on a heavy topic and the language used is very risky at times I would suggest a more mature audience play. American Mcgee Alice games ran on id tech 3 which was also used for Quake 3, this engine was introduced over 19 years ago now, weird to think that American Mcgee's Alice is actually that old and still holds up really well! 

Back in 2013, there was a Kickstarter to turn American Mcgee Alice into a movie, this is something I would have loved to have seen but unfortunately I'm not too sure what happened with that but it's clear that it was never made so we couldn't delve into the deep dark mind of Alice all over again. What we do know is there will be a 3rd Alice game from this series and it's about time since Alice: Madness Returns was released back in 2011 and that is a huge gap between games, this means that the graphics may be even darker than before but is it worth them releasing it on PS4 or would it be a better option to wait for the PS5 to come out?

From what I have been reading on the American Mcgee's blog the new Alice will be called Alice: Asylum which may be a hint that she is in one and it takes place within one, my mind goes straight to Sucker Punch if that's the case (this isn't a bad thing) I doubt it would be the same as the games are very unique anyways. For those who haven't seen it, a  young girl named Babydoll is taken to one and she uses her imagination in order to survive her trauma and stay inside one, there are different theories over what actually takes place which I wrote about HERE but it's a must watch and available on Netflix right now! 

American Mcgee have set up a Patreon with some very reasonable tiers but the great thing about them having one is to show just how much interest people have in there is a new Alice game, the artwork alone makes it worth wanting a finished product and I'm hoping there will be whether that's on PS4 or the PS5. What I do know about the latest game is that there will be two Alice's, one is the real one and the other is the bad one who keeps framing Alice for her wrongdoings, the bad Alice will be called shadow Alice who disappears as kick as she appears, Alice will face her in a mirror room which sounds like it will turn into a cool fight.

American Mcgee also have a Youtube channel where they explain more about what's going on in terms of development and I've been trying to hold off watching as I don't want to know too much as I want to find out for myself. They do have several videos that break down certain parts of the game and even one about the ETA for Alice asylum but it's clear that they need to do a license agreement with EA and it's not something that can happen quickly. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we do get this game, it looks so promising! 


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