Myths about acne

When I reached 15 I suffered pretty badly with acne, I don't mean a little spot here or there I mean my whole face was covered in spots, my face was so red and sore that it would hurt to touch. I was too embarrassed to go to the doctors for it and I would use my sisters make up to try and cover it, big mistake! I would just keep piling it on and for someone who knew nothing about make up I was just making matters worse. I eventually stopped picking the spots, by the time I was about 17 my flare ups had stopped and I had learned how to apply make up properly to my face as well as keeping it as clean as I could. I still to this day get terrible break outs and I'm 27 now, so I'm pretty use to having spots. People often try to give me ridiculous advice on how to get rid of spots and tell me that certain things will help, when in fact most of these things are myths, here are just a few:

1. The more you wash your face the fewer breakouts you get:
Washing your face does help remove dirt but washing it too much can irritate it and lead to dryness which can cause more breakouts. Gently wash your face, don't scrub it you will just end up with angry irritated skin if you scrub it. Try to keep it clean by washing it twice a day and keep it moisturised to avoid dryness.

2. Give your skin some sun:
I use to be told this constantly and all it ever did was mask my spots they came back twice as bad after a few days and more angry than ever. The sun if anything can cause premature ageing and skin cancer so it's best to try and get as little sun as you can, remember to always wear sun protection even if it's a foundation with sun protection in when using one for your face use one that has noncomedogeic or nonacnegenic on as it doesn't clog your pores.

3. Adults don't get acne:
Well this is a huge lie, I'm 27 and having a really bad breakout as I type this, people seem to think spots or acne are only a hormone thing teenagers get when in fact that's not the case, People can be pretty harsh when they tell you that adults don't get acne so I normally tell them to do some research and mind their own business.

4. Touching your face will spread spots:
Bacteria deep in your pores is what causes your acne or spots, so touching the surface of your skin won't spread the spots not unless you pop the spot and put your fingers back on your face without washing your hands.

5. Leave your acne alone it will go away in time:
They say if you pick or pop your spots that is the only way acne can scar, this isn't true. Leaving it can leave permanent scar which could be avoided by getting treatment and scare you need, you may be too embarrassed to go see a doctor about it like I was but please don't suffer in silence.

6. Use toothpaste on your spots, it will make them go away faster:
People say toothpaste dries out a spot which will get rid of it, I'm guilty of doing this. The reason why you shouldn't use toothpaste on your skin is because toothpaste has menthol in which can cause irritation, itching and inflammation of the skin, please don't use toothpaste, your skin doesn't deserve to be put through more pain.

I love my Fitbit!

As you all know James got me a Fitbit HR for my birthday, I was planning on purchasing one for myself eventually which I told James about and he ended up surprising me with one for my birthday. The reason I wanted a Fitbit was to monitor my heart rate, it's one of those gadgets that is nearly perfectly accurate when it comes to reading heart rate and can help me keep a log via the Fitbit app of my heart rate as well as other things. My heart rate always tends to go very high and then drop dramatically when I'm about to faint/fainting, sometimes I don't even notice this happening and can just pass out but by pressing the button on the side of the Fitbit it tells me how fast my heart is going which helps give me a warning. 

It's made me a bit more confident going out because I'm always afraid of fainting in public or not having enough time to act on my fainting, but by keeping an eye on it using the Fitbit I can pace myself and  find myself somewhere to sit rather than going into full blown panic attack and not having time to find a place to sit. Another thing the Fitbit is great for is tracking my sleep, I normally only track it when I'm feeling awful or maybe taking a nap, It shows me how long I slept for, how long it took me to fall asleep and also how long at what times in the night I was restless for. It means I know how bad my day will be the next day, bad sleeping pattern means a very bad and dizzy day for me, it's hard for me to sort out my sleeping pattern as my body doesn't listen to me, I'm constantly in a battle with myself when it comes to most things and sleeping is one of the biggest things I struggle with.

I have this problem where I don't drink enough water, In fact I got told that I should drink more water than the average person but it's a struggle. The Fitbit app has a water log tracker where I can input how much water I want to drink in a day and make it my target same goes with food, I'm aware there are other apps that can do this but I much prefer the Fitbit as it is much more simpler to use and hopefully will help me lose a bit more weight! I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, especially if you're someone who suffers with NCS, it can be a bit pricey and it from £100 - £119 but it is well worth the price.

Colour Freedom Hair dye

I didn't plan on going into Superdrug as I normally go into Boots or Wilkos for beauty products but I was going past Game and thought I may as well have a look and see if they had any Semi permanent hair dyes and pick up my hair bleach at the same time. I was pleasantly surprised to find Colour Freedom dyes on offer for £3.47 down from £6.99. I was originally going to buy my directions dye from my local piercing shop which is £5 each for 88ml where as colour freedoms dyes are 180ml for £6.99 and come in a squirt bottle.

I chose the shades Mystic purple and Pink Pizazz as I wanted purple hair that faded to pink, it's been one of my favourite colours I've had in my hair for ages and thought a change would be nice. Along with the hair dyes I also purchased their deep conditioner which you mix with the dye to make it as light or dark as you want without using too much dye, you can do this with any white conditioner but I wanted to give their one a go and see how nourished my hair felt after. I have to say, I'm slightly disappointed with these dyes. Yes they are semi permanent but I hoped they would last better than they did. The purple stained my hair horribly, it eventually went a pinky shade that I couldn't get out of my hair, but the pink dye washed out really easily and after one wash. I even washed my hair with cold water in the hopes that the colour would stay longer but it never, luckily there is a lot of dye in both bottles so I could top up the colour easily. I decided to stop using the purple dye as I didn't like how it stained my hair, but I'm currently still using the pink one because it tones my hair nicely. The conditioner is very watery and made my hair very very greasy, with one squirt of the bottle loads came pouring out and it didn't help the colour stick to my hair as well so I ended up using my normal everyday white conditioner which is a lot cheaper and works much better. I tried out the pink and purple together first in a light colour but it faded too fast so I made them darker, here are a few pictures of how both dyes looked in my hair and how they faded:

I bleached it blonde the other week and it had a few greenish colours in, I was going to use a purple toner over it but decided against it and put the pink dye over it instead, I mixed it with conditioner so it was a pastel colour then left it on my hair for a few hours, I washed it off with a normal shampoo and then my purple shampoo and ended up with all the green bits gone and an ash blonde colour, which I kept for a week or so, My hair is currently pastel pink with hints of blonde through it, I will be sticking to the pink dye until it runs as because it's perfect for switching from pink to blonde and vice versa. 

Sorry for all the selfies!