I have surfers ear but I don't surf.

The name they give this growth is surfers ear, it's normally surfers who get it but I somehow developed it. It happens when Irritation from cold wind and water exposure causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to develop lumps of new bony growth which constrict the ear canal. Most people who develop it are in their 30's or 40's although people can still get it at any age it's just seen more in older people. I don't think I've ever spoke about this on here before but I've decided what the hell I might as well! When I was 12 I discovered I had a growth in my ear, I was freaked out and scared as to what kind of growth it was. I had a MRI scan of my head to see how big it was and if I had more than one. At 13 I was booked in to have it removed, I was told it's just a bone growth and they will be able to remove it. After I woke up it was a great feeling I could hear things louder and it felt awesome, but a few years down the line I discover it had grown back. It turned out they didn't remove it all they left the stem attached to the inside of my ear and the end grew back, it's in a mushroom shape so they just took the big end off. Since then I've had earaches, bleeding ears, trouble with balance and a horrible time trying to clean it out. In some cases (not mine) the growth grows back when the ear is exposed to cold water and wind, but it can be prevented if you keep your ears protected from these elements.

My ear still looks perfectly normal

Over a year ago I went back to the hospital to see about getting it removed, they told me it wasn't possible as they could damage my ear removing it in the position it's in. They also said that the first operation I had should never have gone ahead because of where the growth is and that's why they most likely only took the end off. I basically have to live with this bone growth in my ear for the rest of my life, it's a pain in the bum! I have it cleaned at the hospital every 3/6 months and it's so so painful. I'm very self-conscious of my ear even though the growth is on the inside I always get worried that people can see it or see ear wax. Keeping it clean myself is painful and can cause it to bleed that's why I have to go to the hospital to get it done, I have to make sure I cover my ears in the winter as I'm prone to getting infections in my left ear (growth ear) to make matters worse I have a hearing problem in that ear both because of the growth and because of another issue. I don't know anyone else who suffers from this, nor do I understand how an earth I got it but I thought I would share it on my blog maybe to see if anyone else who doesn't surf has surfers ear, who knows! 

Elle May x

Eco friendly Cat Litter.

Choosing the right cat litter is always important, you can't just choose any old cat litter you like. Cats, like us humans can have allergies and get infections, some litter can cause allergic reacts and infections around their private areas. Odour control is one main thing people look for when buying litter, no one likes their house smelling of cat poop so a good litter that masks that it needed. buying litter with a strong odour can lead to a cat not wanting to use it, so you will have to compromise when it comes to how strong you want the litter to be. Dust can be a big issue, it can irritate both the cat and it's owners, it's messy and annoying. Some people tend to look for a litter that has good clumping power, good clumping means less work, so when scooping the litter out it doesn't take as long, but there have been a number of arguments over how safe clumping litter is as it can swell up, if a kitten or cat eats it then it could be very dangerous. I have put together a list of safe litters that your cats can use:

May 15th Hyperemesis Gravidarum awareness day.

As a lot of people know I suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarumin two pregnancies, most of you kind of know what it is thanks to the news reports of Kate Middleton suffering with it, but not everyone understands it or even believes that this kind of illness in pregnancy is real. May 15th is hyperemesis gravidarum day, so I wanted to take this opportunity to write a post about that it is and how it effects pregnant women such as myself. What is Hyperemesis-Gravidarum? Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a name given to women who experience excessive vomiting during pregnancy. It usually starts between 4 weeks to 7 weeks and is said to ease off around the 14 week mark. Unfortunately for a lot of women this isn't the case and they suffer with it throughout their whole pregnancy. HG makes it very hard to keep anything down, seriously anything! I couldn't even keep water down and was being sick every 10 minutes, it was exhausting.

Why is it different from normal morning sickness? The answer to this is very simple, with normal morning sickness you don't excessively puke every 10 minutes, nor do you become so dehydrated that you need to be put on an IV for fluids. I found out I was suffering from HG was when I took a trip to the ER after not eating or drinking for days, My ketones were very high and I had a fever, the doctors and nurses had a hard time trying to locate my veins as I was so dehydrated. HG makes it hard to even move from your bed, communicate with others in fact it makes it hard to carry on with everyday life in general. I was very depressed and lonely in the weeks I suffered with it, Crying was pointless because it took so much energy out of me.

Life is strange PS4.

Recently I purchased the game life is strange from the PlayStation Store online, I purchased all the episodes so I could play them one after another, the game was half price so I thought at the price of around £7 it's not going to hurt giving it a go. I was a bit sceptical and not sure if I would like it, it focuses on an 18 year old girl called Max (Maxine) who is a photography student, who goes to a private school and discovers that she has the ability to reverse time, change her actions and she can also see into the future. It took me a little while to get used to going back in time and changing what she said and did, as the game play went on I was very aware of the choices I was making and kept thinking about what kind of outcome my actions would have. What I've also noticed is I tend to look at around at everything in a room and comb over every inch of it to make sure I haven't missed anything, it's made me more aware that if I miss something that could even have bad consequences and I really would prefer avoiding that, maybe on my second play through I won't worry as much about the consequences.