Christmas Lush products!

Christmas isn't my favourite time of the year, I'm a terrible Grinch when it comes to Christmas. I think it may be due to the fact that the music is so repetitive and stuff like that really gets on my nerves, don't get me wrong it can be fun and magical but i'm 26 years of age now and all I want to do is stuff my face with turkey. But one thing that really makes me excited is the Lush Christmas range!! (I'm sure i'm not the only one excited about it), I know that a lot of people have been waiting for snow fairy to make it's return, as have I, It's one of those products that you need to stock up on before it disappears each year! I've actually been waiting for them to update their site to see what they have added, they did not too long ago but I have been busy doing other stuff. I have put together a little wish list/shopping list to show you all what I really want, let me know in the comments what you will be buying from the Christmas collection.

1. Snow fairy shower gel // 2. Santa Baby lip tint

3. Christmas Penguin bubble bar // 4. Candy Mountain bubble bar
5. So white shower gel // 6. Magic wand bubble bar

I know my family members read this, so if you're stuck on what to get me for Christmas this post is the biggest hint ever! If I do get any of these before Christmas I will do a review or a haul post for you all, Have a great Halloween by the way!

I finally have a PS4!!

As most of you know I have wanted a PS4 for a while now, well ever since I played on my ex boyfriends one in fact. But alas he dumped me and I was unable to play his one anymore (even though he asked to stay friends, utter rubbish). I decided that I would purchase one after all I was heart broken and needed something to keep me busy, so I went to Truro with my parents and picked up a PS4 Destiny bundle for £379.99. Probably shouldn't of spent so much on it but who cares a girl can treat herself right?

I have been meaning to write up more blog posts but I ended up getting addicted to Destiny on the PS4 and forget all about my poor little blog, which I do apologise for! To be fair i'm sure a lot of my mates would end up doing the same thing. I highly recommend Destiny, it's a good game and easy enough to play through even for a 12 year old and It's fun to play with friends and family. I was a bit skeptical as I did play the Beta for Destiny and most of the time It wasn't unable to connect, even now I'm having connection problems with Destiny, I've been told I'm not the only one this is happening too, it oddly keeps kicking us from the game and either putting us back into orbit or making us go back to the start menu which is a tad strange. I don't have that many games for the PS4 seeing as the console itself cost so much but I do have Minecraft and The Evil Within (which terrifies me because I'm a chicken).

I have been considering selling my Xbox 360 but decided against it as I have an awesome Minecraft land and I spent so many hours building it, my little sister has been trying to convince me to sell it in order to buy her and her twin one, obviously i laughed at her and said no but bless her for trying! I have also been told by a few people that i should of got an Xbox One but to be honest it didn't really appeal to me I have always liked the Playstation over Xbox only because me and my sisters have had every Playstation from the start. Hopefully I will be back with better posts about Christmas and what kind of things I'm looking forward to and my Christmas wish list!

If any of my lovely followers have a PS4 and play Destiny add me: rawrimadinogirl