Things girls who game are sick of hearing and being told.

I'm a girl and I game, I enjoy it and it helps me unwind especially when I'm feeling stressed or annoyed at someone I can just shoot an enemy in a game and I feel better, I wouldn't do that in real life though (haha). Whenever I play a game online, go shopping or tell someone I play video games I had so many annoying things said to me, things I'm sick to death of hearing and being told, here are just a few of them:

1. You're an n00b player because you're a girl - because my gender obviously means I'm crap at a game.

2. You do realise this is an online game right? - oh really? Of course, I didn't realise the game I'm wanting to buy and wanted for a while was an online game, how stupid of me!

3. Your boyfriend is a lucky guy! - this game is for me, not my boyfriend, I want to play it!

4. I bet you're just a man pretending to be a girl so more guys play online with you - no, I'm a girl and I couldn't care less about playing online with other guys, leave me alone.

5. It's so nice that you join in with your boyfriend when he plays a game, I bet you find it hard to know which buttons to press - really? I'm playing with my boyfriend because I enjoy gaming with him and of course, I know how to use a controller.

6. Girl gamers are fake and don't know how to game - this infuriates me to no end, When it comes to gaming gender shouldn't matter we are all gamers, you don't see me saying boy gamers suck do you?

7. Get back in the kitchen - I probably will be going back in the kitchen to get myself some smacks and to cook for myself, which by the sounds of it you're incapable of doing for yourself.

8. You don't own a PC, You're not really a gamer - I'm sorry but not just PC gamers are gamers, some people have a certain preference. I can't fit a PC in my room so I mostly play my PS4.

9. I'm going to find you and rape you - this is one of the worst things someone has said to me online whilst gaming, I blocked them of course but it's a ridiculous thing to say or even think just because someone killed you in a game.

10. Boy gamers are better than girl gamers - I'm sure some guys are better at games than some girls but don't be a twat and make out that men are superior at gaming compared to women.

If you're playing with a girl online, try being respectful and talking to them nicely, because at the end of the day we are all part of a gaming family! Why not tell me what kinds of things you're sick of hearing and being told because you're a gamer!

Husk Table Ware by OLPRO*

* I was sent these products to review and have given my honest thoughts on them, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

Olpro is a leading UK camping and outdoor equipment manufacturer who is launching a new range of eco-friendly, microwaveable tableware which is created from rice husk, they have created this September. I was lucky enough to receive two husk break time beakers, other products from the range include mugs, tumblers, plates, cutlery, bowls and sets of round or rectangular storage, they also come with kitchen accessories. These products will be available to buy in complete sets as well as individual items, the prices range from £2.99 for a tumbler to £34.999 for a set of storage boxes, the complete set is £58.99, these beakers I received are currently on sale for £4.19 (was £5.99).

The great thing about these products is that they are created from discarded rice following the rice harvest, this makes the husk products very environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are very affordable and can be used safely in the microwave, unlike any melamine tableware.

Rice Husk is an agricultural waste, annually our worlds rice production is about 500 million tons, of this, the ratio of rice husk to rice is about 1:4 which is equivalent to about 125 million tons of rice husks produced a year (that's a lot!). this makes it a perfect alternative to plastic products as plastic can take up to thousands of years to bio-grade in a natural environment, this produces poisonous toxins and particles will also be released into the ground over time. But by switching to a product like Husks, it can be turned into natural compost in about 90+ days. What does this mean? Using Husks can revive waste, instead of deposing of the 125 million tons husks as agricultural wastes the husks are revived into an entirely new product, giving it a new lease off life on earth as a natural material dining ware. Reduced pollution; burning the agricultural waste can be toxic and releases substances such as sulfur dioxide, silicon dioxide, and inhalable particles into the air we breathe and this contributes to the global warming effect. It's Reusable, A lot of the time once a person has used a plastic container it's thrown away and they end up in landfills. These materials take between hundreds and thousands of years to bio-degrade as I said before, whereas OLPRO Husk products are durable and can be reused for many many years. The material contains 80% Husks and 20% starch, which means it is easily biodegradable when it ends up in landfills after completing its life-cycle. By using products like this it helps to conserve our natural racecourses such as oil, metal, wood, and water. Hopefully, this will create a new demand, meaning products made from agricultural waste create new demands for more biodegradable products which in turn help our economy. These beakers hold in heat very well and I love how simplistic they are, as you can see I mixed and matched mine in the last picture. The hand grip comes off so you can clean it separately, why not check out OLPRO's products HERE.

Christmas presents for gamer boyfriends.

Men can be difficult to buy for, especially if they play video games and you don't, luckily for me James and I game together and I know what he likes but for those of you who are a little baffled Don't worry! As of now my boyfriends favourite game is Destiny, he also loves the Tomb Raider games, COD and adores Star wars, he is an avid PS4 gamer but use to play his PC more than anything. I decided to put together a collection of presents that your gamer boyfriend may like!

The 20th Anniversary PS4 controller:
This is a present that even I want, it is top of my boyfriends wish list and perfect for playstation lovers, especially those who owned the first PS1.

Destiny 3D printed Ghost
If your other half loves Destiny then this would be a perfect present to get them, I plan on getting myself one eventually!
My Geek box
My geek box is a monthly subscription box filled with all sorts of geeky treats you can also order products from them that they usually put in their subscription boxes, which will be great for a stocking filler! 

Logitech G502 Proteus Core mouse
This mouse is an all purpose mouse, it has 11 programmable buttons and weight and balance adjustments, perfect for PC gaming.

Man Crates
These are so cool, I want one for myself! You can choose from a number of different crates but I chose the retro gamer one for this post, it's a crate packed full of goodies and sweets and even comes with a retro-bit NES console, how cool is that?
Tetris stackable lamp:
This lamp is awesome, I like the fact that you can actually play Tetris with it. I know a few of my friends have this, I'm only slightly jealous.

Boyfriend & Girlfriend Tag.

I'm not sure where I found these questions but I decided to do a fun little blog post where both James and I answer the questions, I know people usually do these in Youtube videos but I'm not a Vlogger so here goes:

1. Where did we meet? 
Both: We met on Tinder, It's a dating app

2. Where was our first date?
Me: We was meant to go bowling but ended up going to wetherspoons, then to the cinema and back to wetherspoons to have a meal, we had 3 dates in one day. 
James: wetherspoons for a drink.

3. What was your first impression of me ? 
Me: James is a very funny and friendly guy, he has the ability to make me feel very comfortable even when I was anxious when I first met him. 
James: Quiet slightly embarrassed I guess?

4. When did you meet the family?
Me: I met them about a month into our relationship.
James: Roughly a month into the relationship.

5. Weird habit that you notice each other do? 
Me: repeating the same catch phrase all the time.
James: chewing on her nails.

6. How long have we been together? 
Both: 8 Months, nearly 9.

7. Do we have any traditions? 
Both: On Wednesday we go cinema and have a roast on Sunday's.

8. First thing you noticed about me?
Me: He has a really cute smile and lovely blue eyes, he is funny and smart which attracts me a lot.
James: She was/still is pretty and her smile caught my attention straight away.

9. What pisses her/him off?
Me: When I'm in a pissy mood because I ended up being so negative and annoying (which I can openly admit) Oh and when the food we order tastes like crap.
James: My farting? The internet being slow and me waking her up early on Sunday mornings.

10. What do we argue about the most?
Me: I think I'm the one who argues the most, I do take things the wrong way and think he is being nasty to me when he is just joking about.
James: My farting again? When she thinks I'm being mean but I'm only messing about.

11. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Me: both of us? 
 James: Elle does.

12. Do I have any weird obsessions? 
Me: James loves Sirloin steak, We eat it a lot.
James: Makeup, she has a lot of it.

13. If I'm watching TV, what am I watching?
Me: James would be watching Community, StarWars, Game of Thrones, gosh there are loads!
James: Elle would most likely watch anything with cats in it and judge rinder.

14. What is one talent that I have?
Me: He is really really good at maths.
James: cooking and crafty stuff, the headbands you make.

15. My favourite kind of music?
Me: The prodigy
James: gangster rap.

16. What can I spend hours doing?
Me: Most likely sleeping or playing video games. 
James: kindle? Bath?

17. My favourite kind of sandwich? 
Me: I think it would be a bacon sandwich but he would pick a pasty over a sandwich.
James: chicken or prawns?

18. Something she/he does that you wish she/he didn't? 
Me: He takes ages to cut his toe nails and stabs me with them.
James: farting and getting in a mood/strop so easily and quickly. 

19. What is one food that I do not like?
Me: He will eat anything except liver and stew.
James: Mushrooms and peppers.

20. Favourite food? 
Me: He loves chicken.
James: Chinese. 

If you want to do this feel free, I tag everyone!

My Christmas wish list

I logged onto Facebook this morning to see that there are only 7 more weeks until Christmas, it made me cringe mostly because it was a minions meme picture (I really don't like the minions). I started to panic because I'm not prepared at all, I've only just finished getting James's birthday presents for this month and now I have to rack my brains for what to get other people, I hate going into town when loads of people about and Christmas is the one time of year that people turn even crazier when it comes to shopping, so I will be shopping online! I have put together my Christmas wishlist now because I understand how difficult I can be when people want to buy me a present:

1. Fallout 4 // 2. Assassins Creed Syndicate

 3. Kindle Hd fire 6 case // 4. Matt Haig: Reasons to stay alive book
 5. Lee Stafford curl chopstick // 6. Magnitone facial cleanser
7. Freya Hypnotise Plunge Balcony Bra // 8. Lepel Fiore Plunge Bra

9. Samsung Galaxy S6 (a girl can dream) // 10. Sky Blue Radiant Hearts Pandora charm.
11. Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette 30ml // 12. Lacoste Touch of Pink Eau de Toilette 30ml

I have just realised that It's a pretty big wishlist, probably the biggest one I have ever made for Christmas, I hope you all had a great Halloween!