Saturday 28 November 2015

Things girls who game are sick of hearing and being told.

I'm a girl and I game, I enjoy it and it helps me unwind especially when I'm feeling stressed or annoyed at someone I can just shoot an enemy in a game and I feel better, I wouldn't do that in real life though (haha). Whenever I play a g…
Monday 16 November 2015

Christmas presents for gamer boyfriends.

Men can be difficult to buy for, especially if they play video games and you don't, luckily for me James and I game together and I know what he likes but for those of you who are a little baffled Don't worry! As of now my boyfriends favourit…
Monday 9 November 2015

Boyfriend & Girlfriend Tag.

I'm not sure where I found these questions but I decided to do a fun little blog post where both James and I answer the questions, I know people usually do these in Youtube videos but I'm not a Vlogger so here goes:

1. Where did we meet?  Both…