Destiny 2 | Review

Destiny 2, bungie, ps4

Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Activision
Sequel to Destiny
PS4 Review

I know before I've even got into this post people will be sitting there rolling their eyes at this post because they didn't like the first Destiny, but let's just remember this is a whole new game with most of the old concepts still added to it. I get a lot of people said it should have just been another DLC after playing the beta which people hated on straight away. It wasn't packed full of much and Bungie didn't give much away with that Beta but we already knew a lot of what would be added to the game from a couple of live stream conferences that have taken place over this year. The three years since Destiny's original release have flown by, in that time there have been some ups and a lot of downs for the game, most of the people I knew stopped playing it due to there not being enough story and they found it very repetitive so they got bored easily. I was a little worried about the new storyline for Destiny 2, I wasn't sure it would live up to the hype but I actually love the new story. It's packed full of more character and more of an insight to the older characters in the first Destiny, such as the Speaker and Cayde. I personally feel more connected to the game, Destiny was the first game I got with my PS4 so I played it a lot, a sequel so early on in Destiny's life always felt a little premature to me as I was hoping for there to be much more to Destiny 1.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm | Episode 1

Life is strange before the storm, square enix, gaming

Publisher: Square Enix 
Developer: Deck Nine
Sequel to Life is Strange
PS4 Review

I had a lot to say about the first Life is Strange in a post I did last year, these posts won't be as long as that one and I will be making the posts for Life is Strange: Before the Storm into a three-part series. For my birthday I decided I would use my PSN cards to buy the new Life is Strange, I'm terrible for waiting for things and end up getting them before I'm meant to. I promised myself I would wait until after Christmas to get this game but I have in far too fast. I was so worried about the release of this game but the worry faded away once I saw the official trailer and gameplay for it, for those wondering if you need to play them in the order they came out in me, honestly wouldn't worry, they will make sense whichever way around you play them. Before the storm tells us the story of what happened before the first game anyways. Before the Storm has brand new creators that worked on this game, originally DontNod worked on the first Life is Stange but the new team working on Before the Storm are Deck Nine. As soon as I started Before the Storm I could tell the subtle differences in the game, this isn't a bad thing. To be honest, they have done a brilliant job with the game from what I've seen so far and I have fallen in love with graphics and storyline already. Before the storm only has 3 Episodes but in the screenshot, I took for the episodes you can clearly see that things will start to get heated, especially the last episode.

My top 4 TV Shows

I haven't spoken about my favourite tv shows in a long time now so I've put together what I currently love. A few months ago now I was looking online for a new show to start watching well new to me and I came across The strain, at first I was a bit unsure about it but after watching the trailer and then the first episode I got hooked pretty fast and I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before. The strain is first started back in 2014 so I'm pretty late to watch it, it's based on the Novel trilogy under the same name which I would like to read seeing as I loved the Tv show. The show itself is about vampires, sounds cheesy as there are some bad tv shows out there about vampires but this isn't one of them, it has a very interesting concept and they're not your typical looking vampires. This is a thriller a good one at that, I did find myself jumping at the first season a lot but as time has gone on I've got used to the vampires and when they might jump out, the kid vampires actually look rather funny! One of the main characters in this show, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather who is the head of the center for disease control in New York CIty is called to investigate a viral outbreak, people are clueless over what this virus could be and Dr. Goodweather was the best person to find out. It turns out that the outbreak is an ancient one and a strain of vampirism, which basically means people who have the strain turn into vampires. The virus spreads and vampires start to take over New York at a rapid rate, Dr. Goodweather manages to find a group of people to help him to wage war against the vampires. Honestly, this isn't a cheesy type of show it has so much going for it, I'm currently on the latest season of the show and wish for it to never end!

ICO | A Hidden Gem.

I recently started to play ICO after coming across it a few months ago, I had no idea there was any connection with ICO and Shadow of Colossus until I looked at what other consoles ICO was available on. ICO is a hidden gem to me, it was originally developed for PS1 but was eventually released on PS2 instead. Ico is a Sony exclusive game and was released back in 2001, ten years later ICO and Shadow of Colossus collection were released on PS3, with this released the game's graphics were also improved, the characters were a lot clearer to see as well as the detail of the castle. I really enjoyed the storyline for Ico, at the start of the game you come to meet a young boy called Ico who was born with horns, he has come of age to be sacrificed by his village who would practice ritual a lot. Ico is taken away on a horse to a remote castle where he is put inside of a tomb, he manages to escape the tomb but in order to escape properly, he must find a way out of the castle, as he is exploring he comes across a young girl trapped inside a birdcage. Ico helps get her out of it and we come to learn that the girl's name is Yorda.