It Was All Yellow | Joker Movie

Saturday 26 October 2019

Joker writing put on a happy face on a mirror
*Some spoilers ahead*

I tried my very best to ignore all spoilers to this movie, it's been extremely hard as there are so many Memes and opinions floating around about it but I managed to not take notice so that I could take it in and make my own judgment. Joker has never been my favourite villain when it comes to DC, there is a very big reason for this and it's one that people take too far which in return ruined the Joker for me, I probably shouldn't have let that happen but people on the internet can be very uneducated and it can become scary. What I'm referring to is people wanting a relationship with the joker due to how they see his and Harley Quinn's relationship, it's always been worrisome and the glamorising of it will never sit right with me, in fact, I did a huge ranty post about it HERE. Thankfully this new movie doesn't focus on that, it's more of breaking down the story behind his mental illness and who he really is and pulls at your heartstrings from the start.

I don't know if anyone else focuses on colour when it comes to movies and how it can be used but I'm one of those people who will notice how a chosen colour palette used in a movie can change what you focus on. Joker was no exception, the title of the movie from the start was in yellow and he himself along with Bruce Wayne both wear yellow and my interpretation of this is that the movie is focusing on both these characters and making them stand out as it's about both of their backstories. The use of Yellow is an odd one as it can be used as a happy or neutral colour but instead, it highlights certain things within Joker that aren't so happy, in fact, if you want to watch a happy movie this one is far from it.

There is a certain scene in the movie with a yellow sofa when I saw this sofa it kind of gave me an inkling that something bad connecting to Jokers biggest downfall was about to happen, this scene completely took my mind to a place where this was it, Joker had officially chosen he will stay on the path of destruction rather than feeling any remorse for his actions. Yes, I felt very strongly about how awful people were towards him, but I personally would never see this as an excuse to do the awful things he did. It's better to step away from a situation than make it worse by hurting others, that's something I try to tell myself every day and I do understand it's not so simple when it comes to suffering from a severe mental illness like the Joker.

Joker writes: "The worst part of having a mental illness is .. people expect you to behave as if you don't" in his journal

It's clear from the start how let down he has been and how the system has chewed him and spat him back out without even caring if he is a risk to society or not, as the film progressed I wasn't shocked or surprised over what he has gone through in his life. Although the dullness helps you feel what kind of mood Arthur who is Joker feels any colours we do see that are bright seem to show him in more of an upbeat mood or trying to be positive, he also highlights a very important message in the movie which is "The worst part of having a mental illness is .. people expect you to behave as if you don't" for me this quote is extremely important because not only does it address how others treat you when you have a MH it also addresses knowing that people are treating you this way.

Mental Health is so important and it's hard to reach out, Arthur was doing what he could to get help for himself and even that wasn't enough because there is only so much funding that is given for this sort of thing. Once he is told that funding is being cut he knows straight away what this means for him and the meds he takes. This movie addresses what's wrong with how those suffering from a form of mental illness can be seen and how people would rather label them as freaks instead of taking the time to understand who they really are. Arthur's laugh is a great example of how uncomfortable people in the movie feel around him but he manages to use his laugh to benefit him with work which is by dressing as a clown, he is clearly a smart guy he just has gone through a rough time but is dealing with things as best as he can. I felt sorry for him the whole way through the movie, probably shouldn't but I felt that not only was he failed by the system but his mother also failed him by what she had put him through and hidden from him for years.

Joker helping his mother whilst she is in bed

Arthur is still capable of compassion and caring like any other person, he has been through a lot and does suffer yes, but when it comes to his mother he does what he can to help care for her and show her that she has him to help. His mother has struggled for a long time and Arthur tries his best to show her that he appreciates what she has done for him. Joaquin Phoenix was able to portray Arthur/The Joker in his own unique Joker style and has become one of my favourite Jokers. The dark look at Joker that removed the cheesiness of previous Jokers stood out for me, it's more of a serious film that takes you on a journey. The bleak and dark elements of the movie help you see how much of a shit show Arthur's life tends to be and considering my feelings on The Joker are that he is a manipulative Psychopath from the comics and other movies I was shocked to be swayed in the direction of pity and understanding why he went down the road he chose.

Yellow has taken on a different meaning for me thanks to The Joker, Joaquin was able to wear it to signal what he feels deep down inside, Arthur is able to bring out the anger others are feeling inside and people soon start to see Joker as a symbol for how they feel rather than hate on him for the crime he has committed which shines a light on it not being just Arthur going through a shit time, the people of Gotham want to be heard too. Is it a perfect movie? No, but it portrays Joker in a completely different light and helps us see his life from a new perspective.


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