Narcosis | First Impressions PS4 Review

Publisher: Honor Code Inc
Developer: Honor Code Inc
PS4 Review
Platforms: Steam, Oculus, Humble Store, Xbox One and PS4

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

I'm a chicken when it comes to horror games so usually I try to avoid them but Narcosis was an exception, when I discovered this game I kind of knew what I was getting into due to seeing the trailer and how scary it looked but it didn't put me off like horror usually does, in fact, I was more intrigued than anything due to the setting, when we think about horror a lot of the time it takes place in a forest where a killer is out to kill anyone in their way but Narcosis has an edge, it's completely set underwater in the dark which to me makes it that much more terrifying. Whenever I watch a movie or show that has a lot of water in I find myself holding my breath but throughout the gameplay for Narcosis that wasn't the case, I guess it helped that they were in diving suits and I could walk around and collect oxygen when I was low which often becomes an issue in the game.

Anamorphine | PS4 Review

Publisher: Artifact 5 Inc.
Developer: Artifact 5 Inc.
PS4 Review
Platforms: PS4 (PSVR TBA), Microsoft Windows

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

I just want to put a disclaimer at the start of this and explain a few things about the game before I get properly into the review, a lot of games have issue when they are released, issues that are usually fixed as soon as the developers can sort them but in order to patch Anamorphine the developers had to wait for the approval from Sony, I was able to get halfway through this game without any bugs such as the main one that took a few days for them to get fixed, they kept me updated and listened when I reported the issue. Now on to my review, Anamorphine isn't a typical video game, although you must explore and find fragments the game is more of a visual story, the game is designed to make you look around and take in the surroundings from the view of the character Tyler who moves into a new apartment with his partner Elena.

Flipping Death | PS4 Review


Publisher: Zoink
Developer: Zoink
PS4 Review
Price: £15.99
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone if you want to know more about my disclaimer please see my contact and disclaimer at the top of my blog.

When it comes to death in games it's often a very serious subject one which hits you at your core, especially when it comes to interactive games, I have found myself emotionally gripped and too upset to play on as dramatic as that sound but to come across a light-hearted platformer game which shows a humorous side to death in a video game really lifts my spirits, I wasn't sure what was in store for me when I first started Flipping Death as I hadn't seen much about it before but the artwork drew me in, Penny has such a fun and outgoing personality I was ecstatic that I got to play as her throughout the game, she is very chilled back and makes the most of her situation even though she is in a very confusing one right now. When the game starts we see Penny speaking to an old lady making light of death at a funeral parlour, she seems the kind of girl to see the good in any situation and her boss wasn't too pleased with this, she ends up getting fired which she isn't too bummed out about in fact she can't wait to see what kind of job she would get next so long as it allowed her to still wear her devil horns.

Want to Review Games? This is How I did it.

When I first changed what I wanted to write about on my blog I knew I wanted it to be about gaming and tech, I also wanted to keep the lifestyle aspect because my blog is very personal to me and to be able to speak honestly about my life and everything that I love was something I refused to stop doing, but I was so unsure what to do with gaming or what I wanted to speak about so I chose to speak about the things I was passionate about in terms of raising awareness such as disabilities and sexism with reviews of games I have played in the mix, one day a friend said why don't you apply for game codes to review on your blog because gaming can become a very expensive hobby and your reviews are great. I was clueless about how to approach doing this and carried on writing about games I already owned so I would at least have a fair amount of reviews to show to PRs when I approached them about writing about an up and coming game but when it came to emailing games PRs I would often get ignored, I understand why I would get ignored, to be honest, and a lot of it has to do with the vast amount of people who apply to review games, so I would never bare a grudge against them for this. I  still carried on pitching and emailing until one day a PR emailed me back and told me to sign up to a site called Gamespress, which has all the latest news and press releases for games, it's a fantastic site for those who want to start up a gaming news website and also provides details of PRs for certain games.

Throwback Thursday | Spyro The Dragon

I haven't done one of these in a while and thought that it was about time I did another, due to Spyro remastered coming out in September I thought what a great idea it would be to talk all about Spyro! Like a lot of people my age, Spyro was a game I played as a kid, in fact, I played it more than I played Crash Bandicoot because I loved that little purple dragon, my sisters and I at the time were sharing a PS1 and would all huddle in front of one and take it in turns to play, we were great at sharing and used to help one another when we got stuck on a game, I was 10 when Spyro came out (I'm almost 30), what I loved most about Spyro was how such a cute little dragon could take on such big bosses and be the only one to save his kind who have been turned into to crystal, along the way he has to chase after thieves who have stolen dragon eggs which can be tricky at times due to those thieves being so fast on their feet!

Spyro transported me into a world full of dragons and I was able to control one, which as you can imagine gave me hours of fun especially being able to watch my sisters play it too. I was lucky enough to have parents who understood the enjoyment I and my sisters got from playing video games even if others thought it was something only boys should play on. We did have set times we were allowed to play on it for but we made the most of every second of it and Spyro would be the main game I would choose. Spyro was one of those games we could all enjoy no matter how good we were at games, I would say my most favourite part about the game was chasing the egg catcher although at times I would get frustrated with him because he was so bloody fast!