Swimseal ear drops | Review*

The following product (*SwimSeal) I will be reviewing was sent to me to review. My ears can be troublesome for me, mostly because the hearing in my left early is slowly disappearing and I have a bone growth inside of it, I did have it removed when I was 13 but it grew back over time. Every 3-4 months I have to get it cleaned because if I don't I can end up with ear infections, I have to try and keep it dry especially when washing my hair because the water that gets trapped is hard to get our due to the bone growth being in the way. I know a lot of people might find that gross but I have what's called a surfers ear, it's typically found in people who surf, they develop growths inside their ear where it is left wet and cold and usually the best plan of action is either having them removed with a chance of them coming back like mine did or getting your ear manually cleaned by a nurse.

Children & Video Games.

Last year (October to be exact) I did a poll on twitter asking my follows "Should parents refrain from letting their kids play over 18 games if they're under 18" now before people go on to me about how 18 is an adult and they can do as they please, I chose that age as I have followers from all around the world who live in countries with different laws when it comes to age. I had lots of different responses to this topic which I was hoping for, The overall amount of people in the poll said that parents should refrain from this, for me it's one of those questions that have more than one right answer, I'm not a parent but growing up my parents didn't mind us playing violent games, but to an extent and by that I mean games such as crash bandicoot, Spyro, street fighter, Pokemon stadium and tomb raider (which were the main games we played), my parents didn't mind as the games didn't have any effect on us and we weren't that impressionable so things like that wouldn't make us want to fight other people.

Throwback Thursday | Tomb Raider

James and I have been going through his collection of games, he has a big and mixed collection which are old and new, one of my friends had the great idea that now and then I can do a throwback Thursday a bit like the posts I do on Instagram except with games from James's collection so I decided I may as well give it a shot. I'm going to go with one of James's favourite games for the first throwback Thursday and one of the games I was too scared to play too much because of how bad I was. Tomb Raider was one of the main games I remember my older sister Stefi playing, she used to help me a lot if I played it because I was useless at it and spent most of my time locking the butler (Winston Smith) in the freezer and running around the house and grounds to try the obstacle course.

What Genre Games do I like?

Let's talk about different types of video games and which kind are my favourite to play, there are a huge variety of games when it comes to this, I'm not that great of a player and tend to stick to games that I know I can play without getting too frustrated but now and then I do like to push myself and see if I can try a game that I wouldn't normally play. I just want you all to keep in mind that not everyone will like the same genre but that doesn't make them any less of a player than you.

First up PvP Games

PvP stands for player vs player, it's where you and another player will fight against each other and kill each other online, games where you play against a computer controlled opponent won't be known as PvP, this will be  known as PVE (play vs equipment) I prefer to play PvP as I'm playing against real people and it feels a lot more competitive for me. One of my favourite games for this would have to be Destiny, I have been playing it since day one and I couldn't not play it seeing as it came with my PS4. within destiny there is a lot that you can do, I have exhausted a lot of the game and it can be repetitive but I do enjoy playing Crucible, my favourite game from the crucible options would have to be control, I love having to fight over players to capture a zone.