My favourite pictures

I decided to do a post of my favourite pictures I have took over the years/months (they aren't professional or anything) and share them with you. They were all took in Cornwall, enjoy!


Not feeling well

Today i feel terrible, i have had so much stress and it's been getting on top of me and making my NCS worse. I fainted this morning and i feel worse then ever. I think i could do with a hug. I guess it will pass soon... hopefully if not i am going to cry! I feel like laying in bed and watching my Jurassic park trilogy blu ray set. But until then i will write this post! 

So the other day when i went to a car boot sale i got a dress for £2, i think it's either a H&M dress or Primark one (looks more like an H&M dress) and i am in love with it, it makes me look slim and i can wear it with tights, legging or trousers, which i like because i always wear dresses with trousers. So this is what it looked like on me:

The hat i'm wearing is hand made by my Boyfriends mum (her and her daughter make handmade stuff and sell it) you can buy it from here: Oldcaldonia
The Owl necklace is from amazon, i got it for 48p!! 

The jacket i'm holding is from Asda i got it for £25, i don't think you can buy it anymore but this is what it looks like on:

Today i decided to wear something that wasn't too warm or too cool, because i don't fancy fainting again, so i am wearing this vintage red and white spotted dress from a vintage shop and my new look waterfall blazer:

My little sister ordered a dress from ASOS the other day, it was £20 but she got it in the sale for £9, it's a really pretty purple skater dress with a low hem:
My sister Jane is very slim and she eats like a pig but doesn't put on weight, so i would rather people not make any nasty comments or tell her to eat because she does! With a slim body like her's she could be a runway model!
 The Doc Martens and jacket she is wearing in the picture are both mine, i think she is most happy she can fit into my shoes!


Stefi & I

(My mum, Stefi and I)

Ever since I can remember me and my sister Stefi have been close. We were born a year apart and have never lost our closeness even throughout boyfriends and arguments she has always been there for me. She has helped me through break ups and days where I have been low. I have tried my best to help her and I like to think that I do try my best to cheer her up. Even though she lives in Ipswich and I live in Cornwall, we are always on the phone to each other or Skype, always making sure that the other is alright.

   (Stefi with brow hair, we was always together)
(Me bald baby, Stefi on the right)

My mum use to dress her and me in the same outfit's and people would ask if we were twins, we would laugh at them and explain stefi was a year older than me. Ever since the age of 9/10 Stefi has had epilepsy and it was always horrid seeing her suffer from a fit, the first time she suffered from one she was having a bath and my mum could hear a lot of banging and Stefi making noise, my mum sent me upstairs to check on her and when I did, I saw her fitting in the bath. I tried my very best to pull her out of the bath whilst she was fitting and in the process I ended up hitting her head and she stopped moving, I was worried and calling for my mum's help and ever since I have felt really guilty because I wasn't able to pull her out without hurting her head. Sometimes I would be in school and a teacher would come up to me and tell me Stefi had been taken to the hospital again because she had another fit, I would be worried throughout the whole day (in primary school) and they would get one of my other sister's to come to take me home.

     (Stefi on the left me on the right)

It's hard living so far away from Stef, but whenever I need her she tells me to just ring. I am always sending her packages to make her smile and she is always so very grateful for them, in fact I have just put together a package for her, filled with makeup, skin care products, slippers and much much more (I hope she likes it) she sends me stuff to try and stuff she thinks I like, which is pretty cool because most of the stuff I have never even heard of.

I think the reason that we are so close is not just because of our age but because we was able to not let anything get between us and sort our problems out instead of holding grudges. I think if I didn't have Stefi there for me I wouldn't be able to cope with a lot of things, same goes with not having my mum there for me. Stefi and I always had a great childhood together, we would make games out of almost anything and had brilliant imaginations. We would pretend that fairies lived at the bottom of the garden and that we were little princesses. A lot of times we would re-plant the seeds to weeds and they would grow back, my step dad never understand how they would come back!

We would make little houses for bugs inside the lawnmower and when Steve (step dad) would empty it both Stefi and I would get upset. When it rained our mum told us that each droplet was a little ballerina dancing and we use to pretend that we could see them. We would go out rain or shine and drive our mum made with dirty clothes and if we broke something it would be hidden down the side of the shed, I don't think my mum found most of the stuff down there until we moved house (oops). Also I do love all of my sister's I want them to know that!

So I just want to say, I love you Stefi and thank you for being there for me, you're such a beautiful loving person and I couldn't ever imagine living my life without you in it, Drew is a lucky man to have you!

(Beautiful baby Stefi)

I love you!

The Clementine

When I was in Fowey on Saturday I came across the store The Clementine. They're based in Cornwall in the South West England, they have a shop in Truro as well as Fowey and they stock home ware, jewellery  art, gifts and many more beautiful things. I went into the shop and the interior of it was so beautiful.I love how a lot of the furniture in there is shabby chic and it felt vintage with a modern twist, the colour scheme went well with everything because it's so neutral which makes you pay more attention on the products, also the big window let's is a fair amount of light which opens up the shop. Their products were very unique  in fact i would say they are more unique than a lot of the other shops in Fowey as most of them stock similar stuff. 

The woman in the store who I spoke to was friendly and polite she had a smile on her face which is always nice to see when you walk into a shop. I love their name, it makes it feel fresh and makes me think of the summer. The font they use for the name is simple and not over the top as well, which I personally think is what made the shop stand out to me, as well as their window display, it wasn't too over crowded and made me want to see what else they stocked. .

This is a quote by Jennie (the founder) taken from their site in their about us section, which I think is such a lovely way of looking at things:
In the beginning there was thought, imagination limited only by itself.In the beginning there was colour - to bring life, to enrich and excite.In the beginning there was knowledge to learn how to make all things possible.In the beginning there was design - beautiful shape and form grown from the seed...In the beginning there was love and support to stand tall in the world.And then there was The Clementine.
         ~ Jennie 

Here are a selection of their products:

The one thing I really do love about The Clementine is that their prices are fair, I would most probably play up to £30 for one of the cushions, they look like they are good quality and the designs are really pretty. the woman who was working at the shop when I went in and asked if I could blog about it gave me, my mum and sister some beautiful hanging hearts.

If you're interested in seeing more of their products they have an online store, so you don't have to go into store: The Clementine. I hope you all will, it's a beautiful store, and if you're ever in Cornwall, in Fowey or Truro pop into their store! I know I will be ordering a few more things, mostly home ware stuff once I got my own place sorted.


Saturday walk about

Today i went for a walk around Fowey and St austell antique market, i really enjoyed myself and ended up buying stuff!

When we was walking around we came across the shop Pink Lemons (in Fowey), their shop is full of clothes, nik naks and shoes. I found some really beautiful slippers that were £15 each down to £10 each, so i got me and my sister stefi a pair. I got the green ones she has the white ones.

Then i went to the shop seasalt (Fowey) and saw they had wellies on sale for £15 and i couldn't resist getting these:
After we left Fowey we went to cornish market world (i hate going there normally) we went to the antique section and i found this section where a man was selling silver rings for £2 each so i brought this pretty ring for my little finger:
and i also brought some more hair dye:

I have a blog post about a shop in Fowey coming up soon, i asked them if i could write a blog about their store and they said it would be fine, we exchanged details and the lovely woman in the store gave me, my mum and my sister a free gift each. I will show you what it was in the next blog!


So happy!

I'm being such a lazy moo today, I'm not feeling well because my NCS is playing up and I'm super dizzy. But anyways I was just laying on my bed and I heard the letterbox, my sister came upstairs and said I have a package, she thought it was my valentines present (it wasn't). So I open it and realise it's my bag from Ji Ji Kiki! It is beautiful! Emma put a lovely note inside and sent me 2 extra things, a beautiful necklace, and a cat ring. She really didn't have to but I really appreciate it. I think this had much me feel much better and has got me back out of bed! Even if I do feel really dizzy :( I'm really annoyed with my postman because he squished the bow on the bag grrr. The standard delivery was really fast as well and everything was nicely wrapped. Here are some pics:

I haven't tried the necklace on yet, but I can't wait to wear it. I'm sorry about the rubbish pictures my camera seems to be having a hissy fit these days. But I want to say a big thank you to Emma from Ji Ji Kiki. I can't wait to order some more stuff from your site. I really want to hurry up and get better so I can go out with my new bag and wear the necklace and ring.