Last Day of June | A Story of Sacrifice | PS4 Review

a game about a man who goes back in time to save the woman he loves.

Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: Ovosonico
Available on: PS4, Steam, Nintendo Switch
PS4 Review

Would you do anything to go back in time and save the life of a loved one? This is a question that fits perfectly with the Last Day of June, at first it looks like a simplistic yet beautiful game that just involves a view option but as the game goes on it's a lot more than that, your actions can change everything and it would always end up leading to the death of the main characters (Carl) wife June, which is why the game is given its name. I didn't clock about this until halfway through the game as I thought it was referring to the month of June, but you never know it could also have been that month. Some may be put off by the lack of dialogue but there isn't any need for it, the actions and words on the screen tell you everything you need to know in order to get through the game.

You will be taking on the role as the main character in the game first of all and your main task is to go back in time with the help of photos (how much does that sound like Life is Strange) to stop the crash involving Carl and June from happening. the game starts off with June being given a gift by an old neighbour and from what I gathered the gift was to let Carl know she was pregnant and she wanted it to be a surprise in a romantic place, for this part of the game you get to walk around as June and decide the best place to put the present for Carl to see it, he is asleep so June is sneaking around quietly. Eventually, whilst upstairs June see's a picture of the Lake and hides chooses to have a picnic there with Carl so she can give him the gift, they set off together with no questions asked.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm | Farewell Bonus Episode


Publisher: Square Enix 
Developer: Deck Nine
Sequel to Life is Strange
PS4 Review

I was putting off writing this post for as long as I could until I couldn't hold off any longer, you see I didn't want it to all be over and I didn't enjoy Max's Farewell episode as much as I thought I would, I felt that it was far too short and lacking a little. I loved the previous episodes of before the storm they filled in some gaps but as I have said in previous posts it would have been more to have the story focus more on Chloe than Rachel although Rachel was one of the big parts of the game. The Farewell episode was a standalone bonus episode which I chose in a bundle when I bought the game for my birthday last year, it takes place when Max and Chloe are just children yet and were still pretty innocent you will finally get to play as Max again just like in the first Life is Strange which I have missed.

Max and Chloe are playing at Chloe's house where Chloe's mum has asked her to get rid of the junk in her room, and in true Chloe style, she can't bear to let thing's go no matter what junk Max brings to her to throw away. Instead, a lot of the time spent in the room is remembering the memory for each item picked up by Max, one item which isn't Chloe's was a Polaroid camera which was Chloe's dads, he said to let Max use it because he is tired of watching Max drool over it, even as a young girl Max has always loved photography. Max is really grateful as she loves polaroid camera's but something is eating away at her that she knows she needs to tell Chloe soon.

Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom | PS4 Review


Developer: Level-5
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment & Level- 5
PS4 Review

I've been waiting for a surprise late Christmas present from James for a while now he kept making out that it was delayed so I wouldn't clock on to what present he had got me. Then one day whilst he as at work a package arrived he said it was for him so I didn't question it at all when he arrived from work and opened it, called me upstairs and sitting on my desk was the king's edition of Ni No Kuni 2. I was so surprised and overwhelmed because how much it cost I cried a little, yes I know it's sad but I wanted the King Edition so bad but couldn't afford it inside it included:

  • The Ni No Kuni 2 full game
  • The season pass 
  • A steel book case
  • a vinyl record of the Ni No Kuni 2 soundtrack
  • A music box that plays the games theme tune
  • 148-page artbook
  • The Kingmakers: the making of Ni No Kuni 2 blue ray with postcards

Brace yourself, readers, this is going to be a long post! As you know the first Ni No Kuni (Wrath of the White White) is set in Ding Dong Dell so you will be pleased to know that the second game first takes place there, although it's set many years after the first one, when I put the game on I didn't want to sit and compare it to the first as it would get in the way of me trying to enjoy it but some aspects of the game it was hard not to such as the battle system, the first was turn based some may not agree with that but I personally felt it was where as the new one is live action which I felt made the game a less long winded than Wrath of the White Witch, it seems they have changed a few things in order to keep our attention. In Ni No Kuni 2 there is a protagonist by the name of Evan and he is very similar to Oliver from the first which is why I think I liked him so much, he isn't the only Protagonist in the game there is a man named Roland too who you will learn more about as I tell you more about the story.

Outlander Season 1-3 | Review

Amazon Prime

Based on the Novel Series by Diana Gabaldon
Developed by Ronald D. Moore
Oringal network Starz, now on Amazon Prime

I always found Amazon Prime boring compared to Netflix, the thought of having some things for free and then having to pay for others always annoyed me so I was put off watching it for so long, one day I couldn't find anything to watch on Netflix so I browsed Prime and came across Outlander, a show I had seen people raving about for ages but I wasn't sure if I would like it so never bothered to give it a go. Well, that day I was so bored and not feeling too well that I put it on, once the first episode had ended I was hooked, the writing and storyline had me wanting to know more and I ended up finishing the first season far too quickly. I haven't included everything that occurs in each season as I felt I would just highlight some of it from each season, so would appreciate no comments trying to correct me and tell me I missed bits out.

Outlander is about a young Nurse named Claire Randall (maiden name is Beauchamp) her husband and her visit Inverness in 1946, they love their surroundings and take in the Scotish history around them, both are English and very much in love. Whilst staying as guests the woman of this home asks Claire if she would like her to read her palm and Claire agrees, this woman tells Claire she will have two husbands at the same time which blew Claire's mind and it stuck with her for a good long time. One day Claire is taken back in time just by touching the standing stones at Craigh Na Dun because she was wearing a gemstone at the time of touching them she was able to be thrown into 18th century Scotland which was far from 1946 kind of lifestyle. When she appears on the other side she is rescued from the British Redcoats by the Scotish Highlanders who are part of Clan MacKenzie, they take her in and welcome her into their home but make her marry one of the Highlanders called Jamie Fraser. 

What "Nosedive" Black Mirror has taught me.

This isn't a post slagging off social media, especially when I spend half of my life on it anyways instead it's a post about the effect social media has on me that effects my MH and choices I make. You may think that I'm talking a load of crap but bear with me on this matter whilst I explain further, on social media it can be a struggle to get seen and I don't mean this in a craving attention kind of way I mean when it comes to getting traffic to go to your blog or even Instagram, we base our success on what other people think of us or if they like our content which is understandable because if we put out crappy content we won't get that traffic we need. After watching an episode of Black Mirror called Nosedive, it really starting to occur to me how much I care what others think of me on social media and how this changes the way I post across social media. 

The episode I'm talking about is the life of a woman named Lacie living in a world of eye implants (devices that connect to your everyday life) and mobile devices, in this world there is an app people use which shares their everyday life and people rate them on it, most of the shit they share is bullshit and fake, to be honest, Lacie has a rating of 4.2 but wants to reach 4.5 to get a discount on an apartment, you see the higher the rating there more oppitunities you get in life and in order to do this Lacie had to fake it until she made it. Lacie speaks to a consultant who gave her advice on how to raise her rating and suggests that maybe she can get a higher rating with the help of someone else who has a higher rating, Lacie gets thinking and decides to take a picture of Mr. Rags who is a that her and a girl from her childhood made together when they were little.