A look back on my year | 2017

2017 didn't kick off to the best start for me, I was pretty ill, that is something I don't want to go into as it was a horrific time for me over the Christmas period of 2016. I wanted to make this year a good one but things slowly got a bit worse. I'm not going to say names or anything on here because I'm done with the shit they put me through and like to think that they have grown up and learnt their lesson now. I spent a lot of 2017 being paranoid about my blog, wanting to shut it down especially after the abuse I was sent, I had disgusting comments written on my posts about my health and suffering with HG. I was called a liar and a bully because another person saw fit to make up lies about me.

Tech Tuesday | Xupo Bluetooth Tracker.*

*This product was sent to me for free, all opinions are my own for more info please check out my contact & disclaimer.
We are lucky to live in a time where technology can be an aid to help us find things that are either lost or stolen, keys are one of such things that people lose constantly and considering how needed they are I'm not surprised that so many cool little devices have been made in order to help people find them. The *Xupo is one of these gadgets which I was lucky enough to be sent out to review, it can help to find more than just your keys and is only small so looks like a typical size charm, I've used this little device in my bag and on my keys and I'm really pleased with how well it works and would be happy to recommend it to friends and family.

Favourite games I played in 2017

This year I haven't played as many games as I have wanted to, I think having vertigo played a huge part in this as I wasn't able to look at a screen without feeling like I was going to throw up. I still suffer from it but right now it's under control and not making my NCS as bad as it usually does. On twitter I asked if I should do a post on my favourite games I've played this year, obviously it's going to be a mix of old and new games as I'm not the kind of person to just stick with playing the latest releases. What I did realise this year was how much of a mix of genres I enjoy playing, I feel like I've started to be more confident in what I play and what games I discuss on here.

My blog has been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2018!

Hey everyone, the other day voting went live for the Uk Blog Awards and my blog has been nominated for the categories Digital & Technology and Lifestyle, this is only the first round but I'm still so excited to see the outcome not just for me but for the wonderful people who are also in it! I did a post before about why not winning an award isn't the end of the world and I still stand by that even though I would love to have a chance to even be shortlisted in the UK blog awards. This year I have had a lot of doubt in myself when it came to my blog but I shook that doubt off and got out my content out for all to read, reviewing games has been a hard prospect at times because you get a lot of people stating your opinon is wrong becaus they don't agree but ive always tried my best to ignore these remarks and stick at it, I actually changed my content over a year ago and decided I wanted my blog to reflect me and my interests more than anything and it's grown more than I thought it would.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp | Review.

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development
Mobile Game

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of animal crossing pocket camp and the day finally arrived, I was a bit sad that Australia got it before us but I didn't give in and make another account from the location instead I decided to wait. I discovered animal crossing back when I owned my first Nintendo ds I purchased Animal Crossing Wild World then I got animal crossing New Leaf for Nintendo 3ds and eventually my parents got us Animal Crossing City Folk for the Wii. People would tell me how much of a pointless game it was and why I shouldn't play it but honestly, I found it to be one of the most relaxing and cute games I had played besides Harvest Moon. This version of Animal Crossing is a free mobile game that has all the same kind of elements as the other games but a lot more stripped back, you will be pleased to find a lot of the old faces from previous games who you meet along the way whilst levelling up.

Christmas 2017 Tech & Gaming Gift Guide.

This year I wanted to do something different as I usually make a wishlist for myself but I decided why not step out of my gift wish zone and write a gift guide for those who have tech and gaming loved ones to buy for this Christmas. I'm not the biggest tech savvy person but I can recommend a fair few things when it comes to this subject and I don't usually see many gift guides that include tech or gaming its usual beauty which there is nothing wrong with because they help me a lot when it comes to buying gifts especially for myself .

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Gaming | My hobby isn't pointless.

Why is it ok for other people to have their hobbies accepted but when I tell some people that gaming is a huge hobby of mine they tell me it's pointless? I find it really shitty that I'm not able to say I like gaming just because another person doesn't like it, I don't like a lot of hobbies, my friends, like but I'm not going to put them down for it and tell them there is no point doing it, I get a lot out of gaming, for instance, it helps me become inspired and creative especially when it comes to my writing. Now I'm usually the first person to say you can't hate on someone for experiencing negative feelings but in this instance, it's a lot different, a hobby could help someone come out of their shell and can most definitely open doors for people and who wouldn't want a job doing one of their favourite hobbies?

Tech Tuesday | Usb Makers Venice power bank review.*

*This product was sent to me for free, all opinions are my own for more info please check out my contact & disclaimer

Do you ever find yourself struggling because your phone is about to go flat and you need to charge it ASAP but there are no plug sockets or USB sockets anywhere to be found, or your phone is constantly draining? I'm the same, I make sure my phone is charged up before I go out as it is a lifeline for me what with my fainting condition. I was given the opportunity to try out *USB Makers customised Venice power banks for my phone, I got to choose between a few quotes and I felt as if "Throw kindness around like confetti" fit me best. As a blogger I use my phone for a lot, It's one of those things that can't be helped especially when I need to socialise and reply to emails, I have the worst laptop in the world so my phone has been y back up option especially when my laptop is acting up I tend to write my blog posts from my phone and yes that is harder than you would think it should be.

Life is Strange Before the Storm | Episode 2 | Brave New World


Publisher: Square Enix 
Developer: Deck Nine
Sequel to Life is Strange
PS4 Review

Recap of episode 1 (Awake): We find out about Chloe's rebellious behaviour and how her friendship with Rachel Amber started. We can see Chloe does care for others but she is a very angry girl due to her father's death. Max isn't in the picture right now and Chloe is pretty pissed off with her, it's sad to see how bad their friendship got due to max moving away but knowing it gets better is something I love. Rachels anger has caused a fire, a fire she didn't think would spread, there is an important lesson to learn from this and that is: don't make choices when you're angry, it can lead to something far worse, read the previous post HERE.

Pink Stork | Sickness Tea.

I just want to start this post off by saying I'm NOT pregnant and would like it if people refrained from assuming I am from this blog post. A few months now I got in contact with a brand called *Pink Stork after talking about when I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and how there isn't enough help for women who suffer from it, after talking about this they asked if I would like to collaborate with them on a post about them and their products even though I'm not pregnant. I was more than happy to oblige seeing as I want more focus on HG. Pink Storkis a company started by Amy, she is a mother of 4 who suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum much like me, because of how badly she suffered she started up Pink Stork solutions to help other women who suffer from HG, morning sickness. She got a team together to try to find a better and healthier way to help HG and morning sickness and since then it has grown and helped many women.

Beyond Two Souls | PS3

Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Game: Beyond: Two Souls
PS3 Review

I decided to start playing my PS3 a bit more as it doesn't get as much love as the PS4 anymore and James recently got me Beyond Two Souls for PS3. I've watched streams of it a few times now so I wanted to give it a go for myself, I'm aware it's on PS4 now along with Heavy Rain but I liked the idea of getting it for PS3 first so I could eventually compare it to the PS4 quality. I've said it before interactive games aren't really my jam but the ones like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are the kind I don't like as they are very restricting whereas Beyond Two Souls lets me explore a lot more. I always made sure that when I watched streams I didn't get too far to the end as I wanted to experience that for myself one day and I'm really glad that I did. Beyond Two Souls is about a young girl named Jodie Holmes, she has a gift which scientists are helping her explore to find out how she can control it without anyone getting hurt, the game takes place over a number of years from when Jodie is a little girl until early adulthood. We come to learn that Jodie's gift is actually an entity that attached itself to Jodie ever since she was born, she has named this entity Aiden and he can perform tasks for her in order to help her throughout the game, at first I found the controls a little annoying to control but over time I got used to controlling Aiden. Ellen Page plays Jodie, she played her so well and gave all the right emotions to play with my heartstrings, they even made her character look very lifelike, as well as Ellen being in it William Defoe is also a main character, he is a scientist named Nathan who has taken care Jodie since she was 8 years of age.

Boxhead Craft | Have a Pixel head this Halloween

minecraft, gaming, pixel art

Minecraft, Terraria and Roblox are some of the most popular games out right now, they are games most parents are happy to let their kids play because not only can they be creative but they can also let their imagination run wild, I've spoken about Minecraft a few times now and how I think it's one of those games that are safe enough for parents to let their kids play. I'm a 29 year old woman who loves to play it myself, I would spend a lot of time making castles, houses and pixel art but I first started on the Xbox 360 and went on to get it for PS3, the great thing was I could Transfer my PS3 saves to my PS4 and carry on a newer console from where I left off on PS3. Since Minecraft has blown up again I have seen a lot of merchandise for it around, given it's gone up in price over the years and parents are being driven mad for all the cool merchandise from the Creepers to the Minecraft mystery keyring bags.

The Lovely Bones | Movie Review.

Author: Alice Sebold
Published: 2002
Movie adaptation: 2009
Director: Peter Jackson 

"My name was Salmon, like the fish. First name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973."

A young girl named Susie Salmon goes missing, her parents think she is just running late but later on, realise this isn't the case, the book itself is a strange one, one a lot of people wouldn't be comfortable reading it so I'm going to talk about the movie and some of the changes they made in it compared to the book. Susie was a bright young lady with her whole life ahead of her, she loved taking pictures and fell for a boy in her school called Ray, being the soft should she is she was too polite to ignore her neighbour Mr Harvey, a very strange man that usually kept himself to himself. One day after school whilst leaving an after-school club Susie starts walking through the cornfield, the same cornfield she has walked through every day since starting school to get to school, surely nothing bad could happen whilst making her way home? Wrong Mr Harvey has been watching Susie for a while now, unbeknown to a lot of people he was a predator, a paedophile who had killed many girls before. Mr Harvey had been planning how he would go about taking Susie for a while now and I'm sure if Susie had noticed his glare on her she would have brought it up with someone.


Hello October! Autumn is finally here, my favourite time of year, to be honest, this year so far has been a great year for my blog started off slow in January when I was getting over how ill I was but it's slowly progressed into my blog gaining much more traffic and views. I honestly thought no one would like my blog due to me changing what sort of things I blog about but I've been so surprised with all the support and love from you all so thank you. This is my last instalment in my top 3 games of 2017, It came around so fast I almost forgot that I was supposed to write this but let's get down to business shall we? For October I have chosen Middle-earth: Shadow of War, if you know me well you know how much I love The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings, I'm the type of person who will choose them movies over Star Wars (shock horror). Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an action role-playing video game which was developed by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros. You may remember that back in 2014 Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was released (another good game), well this is the sequel to it. As the player you play as Talion who is the ranger of Gondor and continues from the Shadow of Mordor, Talion is infused with the spirit of the Elf Lord Celebrimbor and has forged a new Ring of Power. This ring is believed to be able to be controlled and help anyone who wears it become a powerful king rather than a Dark Lord. Talion is far from interested in power but he believes in Celebrimbor and helps him face Sauron. As well as a story campaign the game also comes with Multiplayer features which is called the Social Conquest Mode, it sounds rather fun even though I'm not a huge multiplayer fan. There are two mode settings which are friendly and ranked, friendly allows you to invade someone's fortress without the risk of losing your army but ranked although it lets you invade you have the risk of losing a number of your Orc followers forever. The one thing that does stand out is that this game will have a day and night cycle which will play a role in gameplay and enemy behaviour, I like it when games have this kind of feature as it makes me feel much more immersed within it. Middle-earth: Shadow of War is set to be released on October 10 of this year, only 5 days away! It will be available on Microsoft Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

Sades SA-928 Headset First Impressions Review*

gaming, pc, headset, ps3, ps4, xbox 360

*This was not a full review, this post is just my first impressions. These products are sponsored, all opinions are my own for more info please read my contact and disclaimer.

  • Loudspeaker diameter: 40mm (NdFeB)
  • Frequency range: 20 ~ 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 112 ±3dB at 1 kHz
  • Impedance: 24 Ohm at 1 kHz 
  • Max input power: 30 mW
  • Mic sensitivity: - 40dB +/- 3dB
  • Mic frequency range: 50 ~ 10 kHz
  • Mic impedance: no greater than 2.2k Ohm at 1kHz 
  • Headset cable length: 1.0 m
  • Weight (including cables): 585g

Destiny 2 | Review

Destiny 2, bungie, ps4

Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Activision
Sequel to Destiny
PS4 Review

I know before I've even got into this post people will be sitting there rolling their eyes at this post because they didn't like the first Destiny, but let's just remember this is a whole new game with most of the old concepts still added to it. I get a lot of people said it should have just been another DLC after playing the beta which people hated on straight away. It wasn't packed full of much and Bungie didn't give much away with that Beta but we already knew a lot of what would be added to the game from a couple of live stream conferences that have taken place over this year. The three years since Destiny's original release have flown by, in that time there have been some ups and a lot of downs for the game, most of the people I knew stopped playing it due to there not being enough story and they found it very repetitive so they got bored easily. I was a little worried about the new storyline for Destiny 2, I wasn't sure it would live up to the hype but I actually love the new story. It's packed full of more character and more of an insight to the older characters in the first Destiny, such as the Speaker and Cayde. I personally feel more connected to the game, Destiny was the first game I got with my PS4 so I played it a lot, a sequel so early on in Destiny's life always felt a little premature to me as I was hoping for there to be much more to Destiny 1.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm | Episode 1

Life is strange before the storm, square enix, gaming

Publisher: Square Enix 
Developer: Deck Nine
Sequel to Life is Strange
PS4 Review

I had a lot to say about the first Life is Strange in a post I did last year, these posts won't be as long as that one and I will be making the posts for Life is Strange: Before the Storm into a three-part series. For my birthday I decided I would use my PSN cards to buy the new Life is Strange, I'm terrible for waiting for things and end up getting them before I'm meant to. I promised myself I would wait until after Christmas to get this game but I have in far too fast. I was so worried about the release of this game but the worry faded away once I saw the official trailer and gameplay for it, for those wondering if you need to play them in the order they came out in me, honestly wouldn't worry, they will make sense whichever way around you play them. Before the storm tells us the story of what happened before the first game anyways. Before the Storm has brand new creators that worked on this game, originally DontNod worked on the first Life is Stange but the new team working on Before the Storm are Deck Nine. As soon as I started Before the Storm I could tell the subtle differences in the game, this isn't a bad thing. To be honest, they have done a brilliant job with the game from what I've seen so far and I have fallen in love with graphics and storyline already. Before the storm only has 3 Episodes but in the screenshot, I took for the episodes you can clearly see that things will start to get heated, especially the last episode.

My top 4 TV Shows

I haven't spoken about my favourite tv shows in a long time now so I've put together what I currently love. A few months ago now I was looking online for a new show to start watching well new to me and I came across The strain, at first I was a bit unsure about it but after watching the trailer and then the first episode I got hooked pretty fast and I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before. The strain is first started back in 2014 so I'm pretty late to watch it, it's based on the Novel trilogy under the same name which I would like to read seeing as I loved the Tv show. The show itself is about vampires, sounds cheesy as there are some bad tv shows out there about vampires but this isn't one of them, it has a very interesting concept and they're not your typical looking vampires. This is a thriller a good one at that, I did find myself jumping at the first season a lot but as time has gone on I've got used to the vampires and when they might jump out, the kid vampires actually look rather funny! One of the main characters in this show, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather who is the head of the center for disease control in New York CIty is called to investigate a viral outbreak, people are clueless over what this virus could be and Dr. Goodweather was the best person to find out. It turns out that the outbreak is an ancient one and a strain of vampirism, which basically means people who have the strain turn into vampires. The virus spreads and vampires start to take over New York at a rapid rate, Dr. Goodweather manages to find a group of people to help him to wage war against the vampires. Honestly, this isn't a cheesy type of show it has so much going for it, I'm currently on the latest season of the show and wish for it to never end!

ICO | A Hidden Gem.

I recently started to play ICO after coming across it a few months ago, I had no idea there was any connection with ICO and Shadow of Colossus until I looked at what other consoles ICO was available on. ICO is a hidden gem to me, it was originally developed for PS1 but was eventually released on PS2 instead. Ico is a Sony exclusive game and was released back in 2001, ten years later ICO and Shadow of Colossus collection were released on PS3, with this released the game's graphics were also improved, the characters were a lot clearer to see as well as the detail of the castle. I really enjoyed the storyline for Ico, at the start of the game you come to meet a young boy called Ico who was born with horns, he has come of age to be sacrificed by his village who would practice ritual a lot. Ico is taken away on a horse to a remote castle where he is put inside of a tomb, he manages to escape the tomb but in order to escape properly, he must find a way out of the castle, as he is exploring he comes across a young girl trapped inside a birdcage. Ico helps get her out of it and we come to learn that the girl's name is Yorda.

My First Thoughts | Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice, ps4, gaming

Mental health is such a taboo subject still, it's a shame because the more people who address it the more understanding there will be. A lot of games have tried to portray MH issues many times and sometimes it can work other times they make a mess of it, I recently purchased Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, which I've been wanting to get since the realism of the trailer, a small team of people actually worked on this game which is surprising considering how life like they have made the characters you would think a huge team would have put it together. The game is what known as an independent AAA game which means it was developed and published independently but is of a high quality and as any AAA game in the gaming world, if not one of the best ones out there. Carrying on from what I was saying about MH at the start, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a game surrounding a young girl named Senua, who suffers from a condition called Psychosis, so what exactly is Psychosis? well according to NHS choices it is as followed:

"Psychosis is a mental health problem that causes people to perceive or interpret things differently from those around them. This might involve hallucinations or delusions."

Throughout the game we actually see how Senua deals with this MH condition, we know she is a very young Celtic woman from the Viking age which was very savage, the opening scene shows us her travelling in a boat and we can hear voices whispering to her, some nice and some horrid. We come to see her surrounded by land which has large spikes with corpses on around her, the sky is dark and sets a very tense scene especially with the voices we hear whispering to her. It's safe to say it's not the best environment for someone who is suffering from a serious MH condition. Unfortunately for Senua, she is an outcast in her tribe, the world to her is a very different one to the world to others in her tribe, suffering from hallucinations and hearing voices has made her a very paranoid young woman and seeing the world through her eyes is a huge eye-opener, The game portrays Psychosis in a way that I have never seen before and I personally think it is a great way to shed light on what people who suffer from Psychosis can go through at times (the game does also include a warning).

Throwback | Assassin's Creed 2007

Seeing as the new Assassin's Creed Origins is soon to be realised, James suggested I do a Throwback Thursday on the first Assassin's Creed, so I thought why the hell not? Except this won't be posted on a Thursday I'm posting it early as I want to get it up before I stay at my parents for a few days to cat sit. I might not have been the biggest fan of the first game it but it's still a really good game, The first Assassins Creed was released 10 years ago now, how fast have those years gone by? Within that time we have seen a lot of AC game releases which I will be talking about at the end of this post, for now, let's talk about the first AC, So what's it all about? AC is a franchise (a very big one at that) action adventure game from the developers at Ubisoft, the game took inspiration from the novel Alamut as well as Prince of Persia, when I first played AC I noticed how similar it actually was to Prince of Persia: The Sands of time, which is a golden oldie and a must play. I later found out that AC was actually meant to be a spin-off to the Prince of Persia game which was a big surprise to me even though I knew how similar they were. It was originally just a concept called Prince of Persia; Assassins, they decided to scrap it in the end and focus on Assassin's Creed as a whole new game, you can see the concept here:

Movie Review | The Last Airbender

The other week I sat down to watch some TV and was going through the TV guide only to see the most dreaded movie title ever "The Last Airbender" (it came out around 7 years ago now) a lot of you won't know this but I love the TV show I spent many days with a friend watching them and that was the start of my love for Aang and his journey to learn all 4 elements of air bending. The show alone is brilliant and the characters had so much life about them, they made the show what it was with the humour and how they progressed within the story. I know a lot of the time adaptions don't always live up to the expectations of the TV show or book and in this case that is what happened, the fact that they tried to fit 3 seasons of the TV show into one movie was a push to say the least, I was under the impression that it would have been made into maybe three movies but that wasn't the case. they squashed all 61 episodes into one movie which made it feel rushed and boring. They had the chance to make this movie into something great and it had all the right elements for that thanks to the TV show and it's great story lines. 

Review | Power Rangers 2017 |


I finally got round to seeing the new power rangers movie, I had pretty high hopes for this film I partly blaming on me feeding into the hype and how good the trailer looked. I feel like I've been living my childhood lately, with the release of crash and power rangers I felt so nostalgic which I'm not complaining about, being a kid in the 90s was fucking awesome! My sister's and I would watch a variety of tv shows from My Little Pony to Batman, I was the Tele addict out of my sister's so I would happily sit and watch tv for hours if I could. Like many children my sister's and I would pretend we were the Power Rangers, my sister Stefi would be the pink power ranger, much to my dismay! I would have to be the yellow rangers but I was younger and use to think the pink ranger was the strongest when they're all as strong as one another. The fact that a new Power Rangers movie would be released took me back to them days, they were some of the best days I had as a child.

My First Thoughts | Destiny 2 Beta

Tuesday morning I was eagerly waiting for 6pm to roll around, the destiny 2 beta servers would open at that time and I could get my game on. I was both excited and nervous as the first Destiny beta was a bit of a disaster, the servers just couldn't handle a number of players trying to play and I would either get kicked or I couldn't connect, it was so frustrating and left me in two minds about getting a PS4 (I played the beta on someone else's PS4 at the time). Then came September 2014, I couldn't help but buy into the hype so I went out and my ps4 bundle which included Destiny, it was one of the best choices I had ever made because it helped me find a lot of new people some of which are still in my life.

My first thoughts | Until Dawn

We all love a free game don't we? Especially when they are free on PlayStation plus, this month Until Dawn was free to download, I've wanted to play it for a while but never got around to downloading it. Luckily it was free and I could spend my pennies elsewhere, I knew this was a horror and was prepared to let myself be frightened, as I've got older horrors have started to scare me no matter if it's a movie or a game but I still power through it! Until Dawn started off as a PS3 game for the move, I actually really like the PS move a lot of people hate it but I find it a very underrated accessory for the PlayStation. Until Dawn was then eventually released for PS4 in 2014, it now gave you the option of using a normal PS4 controller or the PS move, I like that it has two different options, If I had the PS move for the PS4 I would more than likely use it for Until Dawn


How fast has July come around? I can't believe we are half way through 2017 and that people are already talking about Christmas! Last month was a great month for game announcements, as you know from my E3 post I have a few games which I'm looking forward to this coming year and next year so they won't be mentioned in this post. It's not long now until Destiny 2 Beta will be available for us to all play and I'm sure September will come around pretty fast for us to play the proper release of Destiny 2 so I'm eagerly awaiting the release, along with being able to download the new Life is strange 2 game which I should pre-order soon! I hope everyone is having a lovely summer, soon the kids will be breaking up for the summer holidays and I'm kind of dreading it, I know I sound like an awful person but my issue doesn't lie with the kids it's with how busy Cornwall get's in the summer, I know it relies a lot on tourists and holiday makers but it can make it very hard to get to places and most of the time it's packed (I know I sound like an old lady). But enough of that and onto the games I have picked.

Twitch | It's just cleavage, get over it!

There's a topic I've wanted to address for a while now, it's something that is getting ridiculous and needs to be addressed. Many of you are going to say I'm a butthurt girl who needs to shut up but honestly I'm sick of this shit, so what is Elle rambling on about now? I'm talking about girls who stream getting shit for having cleavage on show, I've had so many arguments about this subject with both men and women that I've decided to write about it here so I don't have to keep repeating myself.When I first started using Twitch I did notice a few girls/woman who used their assets to their advantage to get views and follows, fair enough it's their body so they're free to do as they pleased. Twitch old rules were: 

Dress...appropriately Nerds are sexy, and you're all magnificent, beautiful creatures, but let's try and keep this about the games, shall we? 

Wearing no clothing or sexually suggestive clothing - including lingerie, swimsuits, pasties, and undergarments - is prohibited, as well as any full nude torsos*, which applies to both male and female broadcasters. You may have a great six-pack, but that's better shared on the beach during a 2-on-2 volleyball game blasting "Playing with the Boys." 

* If it's unbearably hot where you are, and you happen to have your shirt off (guys) or a bikini top (girls), then just crop the webcam to your face. Problem solved. We sell t-shirts, and those are always acceptable. #Kappa

They've now changed it too:

Inappropriate Broadcaster Behavior and Attire
Nudity and conduct involving overtly sexual behavior and/or attire are prohibited.

As you can see in the new rules they're trying not to dictate too much but they're being very vague in what overly sexual attire would be and haven't given any examples of what could be overly sexual attire. Whereas the older rules were very preachy. Female streamers can easily find themselves being banned on twitch for showing a little bit of skin, the biggest issue with that I've noticed is guys sitting and streaming on twitch with no top on and they don't get any shit but a girl can be wearing a tank top with a little bit of cleavage and end up with a ban or being harassed for it. Either they cover up and they get little trolls saying get your tits out or they wear an outfit that shows them a bit and get told to cover up, it's like they can't win. Furthermore, people don't seem to know the difference between cleavage and having your tits out, there is a huge difference and I think perhaps people need to look it up.

Online gaming makes me anxious.

At times I can be a very shy person especially when I don't know the person who is talking to me. This happens face to face, over the phone and even online, I get very anxious and overwhelmed, so much so that I need to take myself away from that situation. I've refused to go anywhere because of this exact reason, I don't feel comfortable enough around lots of people either, in fact, I tend to feel panicked and like I'm backed into a corner so I need to find a way out to get some air. My anxiety isn't as bad as some people get it but it's been a huge part of my life for a long time now, gaming has been a great outlet for my depression but not so much for my anxiety. I've made lots of friends through it but I've also been trolled a lot and had some disgusting things said to me. 

FC30 Pro Wireless Controller | First Impressions

Whilst I was away James got a new controller to use, he wanted one which he could use wirelessly on a number of different products so he chose the FC30 Pro Game Controller which has built-in Bluetooth. When he sent me a picture of it, it looked tiny but when I got home and got a chance to hold it, it actually fits really well in both of my hands and the analogue sticks are easy to use whilst holding the controller. What I liked most about it was the design, is that it's not like the other controllers I own, I really like the gold interface of it and the red lines around the interface, I think it looks pretty. The main device James wanted this controller for was the RaspberryPi, the controllers that came with it weren't all that great but he seems to be really pleased with this the FC30. 

The FC30 Pro Game Controller is compatible with IOS, Mac, OS, Windows and Android, Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, as I said before it has built in Bluetooth which you can use to connect to your device or use the USB cable the comes with it. As well as having a lovely gold interface this controller has a D-Pad, four face buttons, four shoulder buttons (L1/2 R1/2) and dual analogue sticks. You won't need to use batteries inside the controller as it's rechargeable and the battery can last up to 18 hours, you can also charge it using the micro USB cable which can be used to update the firmware for the controller, you get a free a keyring with it which is a little random.

My top 6 picks from E3 2017.

Saturday night James and I sat down to watch the live E3 footage via IGN, I watch E3 nearly every year and I'm forever getting pumped over the newest releases and new trailers and this time was no exception, EA kicked things off with their latest releases and to be honest it's twisted my arm to get a game I wasn't too keen on when the first one came out and that game was Star Wars Battlefront, my reason for not being too keen was that it was just online playing only there was no campaign story and playing through them is something I've always enjoyed doing. They announced that Star Wars Battlefront 2 would have a story campaign, which I can definitely see myself playing. I didn't realise that it had been 2 years since I got James the first one and what we found is you need a really good internet connection to do anything because James couldn't connect properly at all in order to play Battlefront 1 even though the internet where he was wasn't that bad. Battlefront 2 will also feature Characters and locations from the prequel and sequel Star Wars movies which are what makes it all the more exciting to play, it will be set to be released in November of this year, I think the first one was actually released in November of 2015 available on all platforms.

My thoughts on Heavy Rain.

A few years ago now a friend of mine let me borrow Heavy Rain, he told me I would love it and that it was one of those games you had to play. He wasn't wrong, most of his game recommendation had always been on point so I never doubted him when he would tell me I should play a certain one. I was a bit dubious about playing heavy rain as it's an integration game and as I said before you don't feel that there is as much freedom when it comes to games like this but the story made it all the worthwhile. The name is a huge giveaway to what the game entails, it sounds depressing and in a way, it is but that's what makes it all the more enjoyable. The main character in this game Ethan Mars is first seen celebrating his son Jasons birthday with his wife and Shaun, but the day after Jason's birthday he goes missing inside the Mall, Ethan is frantically searching for him calling out his name when he eventually finds him standing outside in the middle of the street in front of an oncoming car, Ethan runs towards Jason to try and push him out of the way so that he would take the impact of the car but it's too late and Jason is stuck and killed instantly. Ethan wasn't in the best shape after the crash and was put into a coma for 6 months because of it, once he woke he couldn't help but blame himself for the death of Jason, he and his wife end up divorcing and Ethan moves into a small (crappy looking) house. One day whilst he is out with his son Shaun at the park, Ethan suffers a blackout which he had been suffering ever since he woke from his coma, he has no control over them and they have started to become worse. When Ethan wakes up from his blackout at the park he discovers that Shaun has gone missing and the dread sets in all over again, just like it did with Jason. I thought when I first learnt about Ethan's flashbacks that perhaps they were trying to make it so we felt like he may have killed Shaun and not remembered because of his blackout, but that was a short-lived thought of mine.

My top 4 mobile games.

One game that use to be on my phone was Pokemon go, I stopped playing it as I just wasn't interested anymore. It's great that people still do play it but I just completely lost interest and wold rather play Pokemon on the game boy.  I'm not one of those people who downloads hundreds of games either, I don't like taking up all.the space on my phone with games that I'm maybe going to play or only play now and then I would rather have games added that I know I will continue to play. One of those games is the newest addition called Stellar Fox, it is a 2D box game which was hand drawn, I think that makes it all the more fun to play and even more beautiful to me. When you start the game you're greeted by some cut screens explaining the storyline, past the clouds and in space lives a family of Stellar foxes who live in the fox constellation and in this little family is a little baby Stellar Fox who gets swept away by a strong current and fell down to earth far from its family so it's going to be our job to get Stellar Fox back to where it needs to be. The way you do this is by guiding stellar fox through the air by drawing lines to go into little portals, to help little baby Stellar Fox get back to its family, there are over 100 unique levels to play through before you reach the foxes family and you can even create your own unique levels to share with others who play the game.

Feature Friday #1

My laptop is being a little terror so I thought I would go for a different kind of post this week called Feature Friday, I love food It's one of my favourite things and I was so excited to try out my first ever *Gousto box which I received a few weeks ago now. I picked two different meals which I thought I would like the most and within a week and a half I received it. It was packaged really well and even had some ice packs in to keep all the meat cool. I chose the bunless burger and  Hoisin Chinese meatballs, I didn't end up taking a picture of the burger because it completely went from my mind but I did manage to take a picture of how my meatballs turned out, they look a lot different from the picture but they turned out really well. It was so simple and easy to choose what meals I wanted and you're able to put your subscription on hold if you're not able to afford it that month.

Destiny 2 | How different will it be to Destiny 1?

A lot of day one Destiny players including myself sat down to watch the Destiny 2 gameplay and new trailer reveal yesterday, some watched on Twitch but I watched via YouTube. It crashed a few times which I found very annoying but at least I got see all the important info about what Destiny 2 will include. For many people they found Destiny repetitive and they felt like it wasn't worth playing but for me it's grown on me more and more, yes it has been an expensive game to go out to buy but I've found a lot of friendships through Destiny and when James and I started out as friends Destiny brought us closer together, so the game itself means more to me than others do. Destiny 2 hype is real, I'm worried it won't live up to this hype but this didn't stop me from making my pre-order of it. Here is what we know so far; There won't be any new classes which were rumoured for a while but that doesn't really matter when the guardians all have new subclasses to use. The new subclasses are called Dawnblade (Warlock), Sentinel (Titan) and Arcstrider (Hunter). What I noticed about the Sentinel is how similar it is to Captain America, me and James sat watching the stream and said it at the same time but in a way that's cool, a little bit of a rip-off but I would still enjoy using that subclass none the less. You will be able to transfer the likeness of your guardian from Destiny to  Destiny 2 but you won't be able to transfer all your gear, I know that sucks because many of us worked hard to require the gear we have but I don't mind starting over again, from what they said in the reveal it sounded like we will have to level up all over again.

The Copper IUD & Me

A while back I did a post on the Mirena coil and why I chose to have it removed, since then I came to find out that hormonal contraceptives don't work for me if anything, they make me ill and left me with awful side effects. The only choice I ended up having left was the copper coil as it's a hormone-free contraceptive, when the doctor spoke to me about it I was worried because of how wrong the Mirena went for me. For those who don't know I developed a chronic boob pain due to the Mirena but worst of all, it had started to embed itself into my uterus. I was having such bad pains from the Mirena and kept going back to the doctors to try and have it removed.

Unfortunately, they didn't let me  have it removed before 9 months as you need to give it time to settle (apparently) I knew something wasn't right because I know my own body, so when I finally went to have it removed they discovered it had moved into my uterus wall and had become stuck. I don't want this post to try and scare others because all our bodies are different and I'm sick of people using scare tactics to stop over women using contraceptives just because they didn't work for them. I just want people to know that sometimes these things do go wrong and I was lucky enough that mine hadn't gone too far into my uterus wall. Anyways back to the copper coil, I've been shitting myself about getting it done because I didn't want to go through all the pain I did last time but the gynecologist reassured me that if I have any problems I can just book an appointment to check that it was all in place and hadn't moved so that helped my anxiety a lot. 

Throwback Thursday | Theme Park World.

Theme park world (also known as Sim Theme Park) was a huge game back when it was released, I was one of the many people who played it back in 1999 which was developed by Bullfrog Productions and released by Electronic Arts, my parents were chilled out with the fact it was a safe game to play and that it was creative. Theme Park World is actually the sequel to Theme Park which was released in 1994. We originally had the Theme park games for PC but eventually got them for PS1 and PS2, my family have always been into Playstations so it was awesome that Theme park world was available for it. The thing I loved most about the game was how detailed it was, being able to make my own rides and watch my theme park grow which brought me more enjoyment than you would actually think it would.

Mintoshi Wild Strawberry & Parsley Candle*

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review and have given my honest thoughts on them, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

I was contacted by the lovely Zoe who owns Mintoshi Candles, she asked if I would like to try out one of her candles, I couldn't turn that kind of offer down! She surprised me with the candle she was sending and it took about a week to arrive from when we first spoke. The box for the candle came very packed and made it through my post without breaking (which is a miracle) as soon as I opened it I could smell the sweetest and soft smell of strawberries with notes of lemon, bergamot, and grapefruit. Zoe didn't know this but strawberries are my favourite fruit and scents, so I'm so glad that she chose to sent me the *Wild Strawberry and Parsley candle. My candle came with a wooden wick but there is a choice between that and a cotton wick and you can purchase a copper lid for your candle separately to make make it look even more pretty or to store it away which is £3.50. I've burnt mine for just over 4 hours and barely any of the wax has melted away, the wick makes a quiet swooshing noise so I can hear that it's still burning. 

May 15th 2017 | Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day.

I was recently sent a link about HG and how more units across the UK need to be available for expecting mums. The idea is for women to be able to pop into a clinic and get the medication and dehydration drips they need without staying overnight, this is a great thing because it will stop women (like me) waiting longer for the help we need and having to stay in the hospital for treatment. It's not fun or nice being around women who are pregnant and are on the same ward as you waiting to have their baby, or being stuck on a gynaecology ward that has a mixture of women with all different things wrong with them, it's scary and lonely, I felt like I had no one to talk to about what my body was going through, I was in a very dark place and became resentful of a lot of things. The wards I have been on were very busy and at times I would just be laying there with an empty bag waiting for my next lot of fluids only to find that 4 hours on I still hadn't been given one and my body was screaming for some kind of fluid but I wasn't able to sip water because it just came right back up. I know not everyone had a bad experience when it came to being hospitalized but there are some out there like me that end up talking to health professionals who chose not to listen or understand what we are going through.

Why Movies & TV shows need to stop being Ableist.

There are probably movies that you all love that you don't realise are ableist, or you probably aren't aware of the what ableist/ableism is. Ableism is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities/chronic illnesses/terminal illnesses/mental health. What ableism does is characterises these people and defines them by their disability etc.. and makes out that they're inferior to those who are able-bodied (which they bloody well aren't!!), Often when someone is being ableist towards someone with a mental disorder it is called Mentalism. By discriminating and stereotyping against those who aren't able-bodied you're being ableist. Disabled people are often seen as less valuable to society which is a terrible way of thinking and acting. In this post, I, want to touch on why movies and tv shows should use disabled people to represent the character being played and why romanticising disability and illness is wrong.

My Top 3 Games for 2017: Part 2.

I was supposed to post this post last month but never ended up having enough time to sit down and write it as I've been concentrating on some other stuff so following in from Part 1, this is my top 3 up and coming game releases for April, May & June, I know not everyone is not going to like them but would like it if you told me what games from those three months you're most looking forward to being released, Let's start with Little nightmares, I think a few people would probably guess that would be my pick for April, why is this my pick? As soon as I saw the gameplay for this game I knew I had to have it, I love the style of it and the story, it is about a 9 year old girl named six who has been kidnapped from her home, she ends up in a place called The Maw which is a surreal underwater resort full of lots of scares and darkness. Within the game you play as Six and find yourself undertaking the journey to escape The Maw, it's due to be released on the 28th of April on PC, PS4 and Xbox one so it's not exclusive to just one platform.

Guest Post | History Lesson: Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Murder Mysteries.

Warning: this post includes spoilers for Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Paris, 1793. France is in turmoil as revolutionaries are in the process of overthrowing the monarchy and establishing a republic. For one drunken hospital doorkeeper, Philibert Aspairt, this period was also the time he lost his life. Driven by his thirst for booze, he went into the Paris catacombs to find a crate of Chartreuse, a liqueur made by Carthusian monks. During his search, his candlelight went out and he got lost in the darkness. He died metres from the exit and remained unfound for years, only to be identified by the hospital key ring on his body in 1804.

For years, famous historical periods such as the above have been explored by Ubisoft Montreal for its critically-acclaimed Assassin’s Creed series. One such aspect of Assassin’s Creed: Unity that I found engaging were its charming ‘Murder Mystery’ missions. During the game, Arno can strike upon a corpse killed under suspicious circumstances, prompting an investigation. Instead of acting out the typical Assassin’s Creed formula of stalking a target, moving through the crowd and eliminating them inside their fortified stronghold, the investigations have you scouting locations for clues, questioning witnesses and eventually making an arrest on the correct suspect. The system isn’t as complex as L.A. Noire or Phoenix Wright, but it was one of the more stimulating characteristics of Unity.

Arno Dorian Assassin's Creed Unity main character.

While exploring the catacombs, the player can indeed discover a corpse with a key ring on it, surrounded by crates of Chartreuse. While the real Philibert Aspairt may have been a victim of circumstance, his death being an accident, Ubisoft decided to adapt his misfortune into a murder. The ethics of this is up for another discussion, but the story in-game goes as follows: Aspairt racked up a large tab at a local tavern that he couldn’t repay. One night, while drunk, he wandered aimlessly into the catacombs and discovered the highly valuable crates of Chartreuse wine. He decided to steal as much of it as he could, much to the chagrin of the Carthusian monks. A nun named Sister Sorel ended up being the culprit, who murdered Aspairt to preserve the sanctity of the wine.

Giveaway | The Star Name Registry*

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free and to hold a giveaway through the said company, for more information on my disclaimer, please read the contact & disclaimer.
I love space, in school it would fascinate me at how big the universe truly was. One thing that always interested me was the fact that the sun was actually a star, stars a made up of big balls of as that take millions of years to shine down on earth and by the time we actually see them they could have burnt out and died, I love the whole idea of naming a star I know it gives a lot of people a piece of mind to see a star sparkling in the sky, when I was little my mum would tell me that it was a lost relative looking down on me (I know sounds like the Lion King) so I've always loved that notion. The idea to give someone a star named after them or something they loved has always been something I wanted to do either for myself or a loved one, I was actually given the chance to name my own star thanks to the Star name registry, at first I didn't know what to name it I thought long and hard about what my mum told me when I was younger and settled on the name Noah. This name means a lot to me, I was going to name my first child this but unfortunately, I was never able to, I always thought of the babies I don't have with me as my little stars and decided to name my star Noah, my little star in the sky. Some people may find that morbid but I find comfort it in, it makes me smile, especially when it's so close to Mother's Day, that's why I think naming a star would be a wonderful Mother's day gift. If you put an order in for one right now it will be with you or your loved one by Mother's Day, your star name will be registered within 24 hours of your order then take 1-3 working days to be delivered within the UK. My star is in the boundaries or the Ursa Minor constellation, it is also known as the Little Bear within the Northern Sky, Little Bear's tail can also be mistaken for a ladle and that's why it also has a North American name, The Little Dipper.

Guest post | My Picks for Nostalgia Instilling Gaming Music.

My earliest memory of games was at the very young age of 2 I would play Sonic on our Sega Saturn every day and without fail at the end of Green Hill Zone, I would always end up running down the stairs crying because Dr. Robotnik (or Eggman...whatever you wanna call him) scared the absolute crap out of me. Ever since then, games have always been a major part of my life with me even considering a career in gaming, utilizing my creative skills in character design or music. 

Over the years, I had periods of time where games have had to take a back seat due to various reasons but they were always something I came back to. I have surprisingly been able to find the most time now, despite being a mother, having a job and a blog to run, to play games. Whether I play them by myself or play online with my partner or friends, I just seem to manage the find the time a lot more recently despite being at my busiest! With the recent remakes and remasters being announced for release in the near future, it makes me look back at a lot of the games of my childhood (particularly preteen/early teen) that had such a big impact on me and I either would love to see re-released or simply just want to pick up and play again. I find myself sitting listening to the soundtracks of so many of these games, reliving walking through these worlds that I lost so much time to in my childhood. My daughter loves watching me play games and I can't wait for her to be old enough to enjoy some of these games, either in their original or remastered/made form. Some pieces of music bring me back to these worlds more than others and I am going to share some of these with you.

I'll warn you first I don't particularly have the most conventional taste in games (or music for that matter) so there may be some here you don't overly recognise but hey, music and games bring on different feelings for different people!