Who watched The Game Awards 2016?

The Game Awards have come and gone, I never had a chance to watch them although I was planning on watching it, I fell asleep instead. I did however, catch up on it all this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see That Dragon Cancer has won the award for games for impact, I've not played this game yet but I have watched the gameplay for it. It's an emotional roller coaster of a game that puts people in the shoes of those going through cancer and having a family member with cancer. The reason I'm so glad it won an award is because it's so different to other games, seeing how heartbreaking and exhausting it is for a family to deal with cancer and making people more aware of what it can be like might help others understand the lasting effects it has. I watched some of the live footage from last night this morning and decided to make a list of who won what award In case anyone missed it last night: