Megaquarium | Steam Review

Publisher: Twice Circled
Developer: Twice Circled
Steam Review

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed playing simulators, my favourite being theme hospital so when I saw Megaquarium I knew I had to give it a go and lucky enough I was able to play it on my Mac, yes I'm a Mac gamer riddle me all you want it's not much different to playing on PC. Initially, there was an issue with Megaquarium (which got sorted fairly fast) the colour of the game was an odd yellow and green, I emailed the developer about it and he kept me up to date with when the update to fix the issue I was having would go live which was very kind and shows he cared about the players. Starting up the game takes a while, not sure if it's just for Mac users but the game loads up all the content which is included in the game the longest I have waited for it to start up was about 12 minutes which is kind of frustrating as I wanted to dive in straight away and play but .... said he is working on making loading times quicker on his twitter so he is aware of the loading times!

Top 5 Female Hero and Villain's in Video Games.

I'm always seeing posts about male villains and heroes and I think it's about time the ladies get some love, some may think this post is unfair because it's all about the ladies but come on, let's give them the limelight they deserve. Growing up the gaming world was full of male protagonists but over the years things changed, we saw an increase in badass women kicking butt and showing what they are made and it often was met with annoyance but most people ended up falling in love with the character. The main female protagonist people can name is Lara Croft, she has been kicking butt since 1996 and since then her character has evolved a lot, other the timeline they have gone further back in her story and she has become younger, which I'm not complaining about, whenever me and my sisters played the Tomb Raider I remember thinking how cool it would be to be her minus the creepy butler who we locked in the freezer (soz mate). So now when I come across a female Villain or hero I tend to get excited.