Am I too Old to Game? I Don't Think So Somehow!

Friday 2 August 2019

A remark was said to me the other day online, one I can't seem to shake off me so instead I decided to write about it (sometimes it's best to get how you feel down in writing). I'm 30 years old soon to be 31, I have been playing video games since I was about 6 so they have been a huge part of mine and my sisters lives and bring us lot's of enjoyment but recently I was told I'm too old to play video games and need to think about responsibilities in my life and concentrate on them. For me this was a really ignorant and rude thing to say, I could easily say to them that they're too old to watch reality shows so maybe they should stop but they're not, so why do they think it's ok to say this kind of thing to me?

I pretty much know the answer to this and I'm sick of people thinking that video games are only for children, a lot of games have an age limit for one. Most parents I know don't care for the age limit on a game (they know if their child is mature enough to play it) and will let their kid play it anyways but it was given an age limit for a reason. Another reason is, it's a hobby there is no age limit on when you should stop gaming, so many people game in different ways, it's ok for people to play Candy Crush but not ok for me to play a PS4 game because you think it's for kids? Do you have any idea how ridiculous that actually sounds!

There have also been times when people tell me it's wrong if I play video games online with kids, I personally have older friends who I play online with but if I get put on the same server as someone who is much younger than me that can't be helped. I shouldn't have to leave a game because other people have minds that go to the worst-case scenario, can I? I get that we need to be careful online but I don't interact with random strangers in voice chat whilst playing games anyways and those who do probably just want to enjoy the game and give their teammates a heads up on what's happening.

I'm seeing gatekeeping in gaming lately, yes in the past I have been that way but that was a good few years ago when I was much younger and a lot more ignorant to what other people enjoyed. The gaming debates online cause nothing but arguments because everyone thinks they have a say in what people should and shouldn't enjoy. Whenever I would bring up liking Destiny I would have people tell me the game is trash and I wasted my money, but why does it matter? I enjoy it and don't think it was a waste of money. We are all entitled to an opinion but if that opinion is something you're trying to make out is factual that's where I end the conversation.

I can't see myself slowing down anytime soon if I'm honest with you, if I have things to get done or I'm feeling poorly gaming always gets pushed to the back of the line so I can concentrate on my life but it will always remain as something in the center of my life and if people have an issue with that then that's their problem, not mine isn't it! Furthermore, there are a lot of gamers out there a lot older than me who are still rocking it and making brilliant content or just enjoying themselves playing video games. People need to start concentrating on themselves and what they're doing instead of keeping an eye on me and worrying about me playing games at my age, it's doing no one harm.

Shirley is an 82-year-old gamer, I watch her videos on youtube and she just shows how even at an older age that hobbies and things we enjoy shouldn't have to stop when we reach a certain age. What I have mostly found is that it's much more acceptable for older guys to play games than older females, I'm not sure why there is this kind of mindset because we are all gamers at the end of the day. What I love about Shirley is she doesn't care what others think she is just doing what she enjoys and that is what we need to remember, other peoples opinions shouldn't matter, do what you love doing and f*ck the haters (unless you're doing something highly illegal). What it comes down to is letting people be themselves, I know it's hard for others to accept this but that's just the way it is, I happily listen to what other peoples hobbies are but I would often find that others would be taken back that I'm a 30-year-old gamer. Their hobbies don't stop when they reach a certain age to why should mine? 

What are your thoughts on this?


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