Comfort with Gaming Controllers.

Saturday 10 August 2019


Comfort and gaming have to go hand in hand for me when it comes to gaming, it's hard to enjoy any game when it affects your ability to game so when it comes to controllers I get frustrated over how they make the pain in my hands worse when I have been playing for longer than 30 minutes. I have used many different consoles each with a different style controller and there was only one out of them all that stood out for me and that was the Xbox 360 controller. You see the layout of buttons on a controller is important as I either feel that my hands are too close together making it a task to hold in a comfy position even though I'm so used to using it and that's the main issue I have had with every single Playstation controller and being an avoid Playstation player this can cause an issue as I get put off playing for too long in case my hands start locking up and aching then eventually having bad pins and needles.

When I got my 360 I was worried I would have the same issue with the controller as I did with the Playstation once but I was surprised to see how much more my hands felt at ease using it because of the button layout, just by making one analog stick higher than the other made the world of difference to me and this is why I choose the Xbox controller over the Playstation. Unfortunately, it's not possible to use one on Playstation but there are very similar controllers out there that have the same layout at an Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller which I still need to purchase for myself.

Now don't get me wrong I have always loved the design of the Playstation controller but when you use something nearly every day that makes you uncomfortable it puts a downer on the thing you love. It's not just people like me that find it hard, I know a good few people with bigger hands that prefer using a 360 and Xbox One controller because they're easier to game with and more often than not the PS4 controller would cause them muscle strain which is pretty painful to suffer from!

I feel very lucky to be able to use a controller that doesn't need to be adapted and as we all know accessibility in the gaming world can be a huge issue especially when those who need a controller that is adapted can't afford it. The issue I get now and then is people making me feel really crap because I find certain controllers uncomfortable and seem to think I'm making a fuss out of nothing when this clearly isn't the case. Having a chronic illness makes being able to game hard as it is, games that involve a lot of button bashing are the worst for me as I begin to slow down and my hand movements can't keep up due to pain.

I understand if anyone disagrees with how I feel about the PS4 controller but what you have to understand is it's all subjective and a personal preference, for instance, it's not just the 360 controllers I find comfortable to use it's also the joy-con controllers when they're attached to the switch or slid into the controller cradle (although it could be bigger to make it more comfortable). The analog sticks are in the same position as the 360 and Xbox One controllers giving your hand a break from clenching it so close together. I wanted to list some cheaper PS4 alternatives controllers in the style of Xbox 360/One controllers, so here are some of the cheaper ones I found: 

The Hori Onyx PS4 controller available on Amazon for £37

Nacon asymmetric wireless controller available from Amazon for £45

EasySMX kc 8236 wireless gamepad from EastSMX for £25.48

PS4 Controller Wired Gaming Controller Double Shock Gamepad Joystick from Amazon for £21.99

They're not all the best looking controllers but when it comes to the analog stick situation they will be a lot more comfortable, for me at least! Do you have any controller recommendations that you think I will like that also work with PS4?


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