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Saturday 27 July 2019


When I first got my PS3 I wasn't sure where to start in terms of what genre games to play and purchase so I asked the people who would know and they were my sisters, they knew the type of game I enjoyed and recommend I try out Little Big Planet, a few people laughed and said it was a child's game but they were very wrong there is more to LBP than meets the eye. I personally didn't care what others thought of the game, I go off of my own instincts and the trailer sold me straight away especially because it looked fun and humorous.

One of my elder sisters is a huge fan of the games, she has played them god knows how many times and was happy enough to play the games with me and get me through the levels because believe it or not they could be a little bit frustrating and I found myself dying quite often, at this stage I was still getting used to the controllers and safe to say I have got a lot better at the game now. My sister and I had hours of fun playing LBP, we don't tend to play it anymore but when we did it made me feel closer to her as she lived a good few miles away from me.

The objective of LBP is to play in a two-dimensional platform world and navigate your way to the end of each platform, you will notice that Stephen Fry is actually the narrator for the game which makes you feel like you're playing through a mini-book. You play as a sackboy character that you can customise however you want, the more levels you play the more things you unlock for both your Sackboy and your pod. The first LBP was released in 2008 and was a huge success, then 3 years later we got LBP2 which had a lot more levels and you had more to do. Lastly, LBP3 came out in 2014 so roughly we had an LBP game every 3 years, There was also a canceled game that had a lot of potential but unfortunately, they scrapped the idea it was called LittleBigPlanet Hub but fortunately, there have been a number of other LBP games that came from the franchise:

  • LBP for PSP - the same name as the first game but has different levels
  • LBP for PS Vita - this is considered the fourth game in the serious and you were able to cross-play with it.
  • LBP Karting - a fun karting game that had its servers shut down by Sony Entertainment America in 2016
  • Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves
  • Run Sackboy! Run!

My favourite thing to do in the games is to create your own levels, I have a few games where you can do this already such as Project Spark and Super Mario Maker but LBP will always stand out for me, I was awful at creating levels so would tend to play levels other people had made which added to the hours of fun I would have to play.  One day I typed in Tron and discovered a bunch of levels created with Tron accessories and the original game and movie in mind, I was able to race on light cycles against players online and much more, players really took the idea of Tron and made it there own within LBP which was amazing. below is a video of an adorable Tron level that a LBP user made:

Little Big Planet opened my eyes to the creative world of gaming levels and how talented people of different ages could be and considering the negativity that surrounds video games in this day and age we need to shed light on the positives of gaming and the opportunities and talents that video games help people of all ages find. They may eventually want to work in the gaming industry because they enjoyed making a level in LBP so much or they may just find an escape into the virtual world of gaming.

Last Year Little Big Planet turned 10 years old and in the 10 years the fan base has grown and grown, 3 different games have been released and with that game new characters stories and more things to do. The music made the game that much more fun, jumping up and down and running away from enemies whilst listening to an upbeat song such as Get it Together (which is the song I enjoyed listening to the most from the game) was the highlight of my day, it helped with the fact that my sister lived miles and miles away too. I hopped back on to LBP earlier this week to see how active the servers were and I saw 151 active users online, I was under the impression that the servers had closed down but then I looked online and realised it was the servers in Japan that have all been shut down.

It's a shame that not as many people play as before, it's one of the reasons I stopped playing, people found other games to play and got hooked on them. I would love to see Little Big Planet make a come back and if it does ever happen I will be ecstatic about it!


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