Nintendo Switch Lite | Here's What I think.

Saturday 3 August 2019

We need to talk about the Nintendo switch lite, the hate that surrounds it already is ridiculous, it annoys me how people will hate on something instead of giving it a chance yet and this has only just been released. There is a lot of talk of how it's pointless when the Switch is already pointless but there are a good few things people aren't taking into consideration so I'm here to speak about them.

First up is the price, James and I had to put our money together in order to get our switch, he could have probably bought it himself but we agreed to go halves on it so that we would share it. We managed to get it on offer and I bought Harvest Moon collector's edition from Amazon for a good price (unfortunately came damaged) anyways, I have friends who are on a budget and can't afford how much the original switch is, some want one for themselves and others want one for the kids so the price isn't bad at all.

Next up is some people including me find the Switch heavy after a period of time. You're probably sitting there thinking shut up Elle you weakling you're talking rubbish but it's true, if I play something for long periods of time I have to have a break because my hands and wrists get sore so the Switch Lite will be a big help not just for me but for those who have joint issues and find it hard to game for long periods of time. Small children love playing the switch and considering it can get heavy for a 30-year-old woman like me, think how heavy it can get for kids after a little while.

Next is it's much smaller and thinner, being able to slide on the inside of your blazer or use up less room inside of your bag is always an upside, also take into account those who are always on the move and may not need to use a dock because they're hardly ever near a TV, a solely handheld device may be the better option for them. I was concerned how much smaller the screen would be but to be honest I have a 3DS with a smaller one and can cope pretty well with that. A big point to make is that Nintendo didn't just come up with this idea out of the blue they have been watching how people play their switch and came up with a practical and cheaper alternative for those who prefer to just use handheld, yes I'm away the original has handheld option but bear in mind the price once again.

I would like to see something more accessible from Nintendo like I've said before but the fact that its lighter is a big thumbs up from me, its main features are:

  • Built-in joy-cons
  • 5.5inch  screen
  • 720p display
  • lightweight
  • improved battery life
  • comes in 3 different colours
  • cheaper ($199)

I have said this before and I don't mind saying it again, gaming is a privilege and is something that a lot of people miss out due to the price and accessibility, having the option to buy a cheaper version of a console is a smart move especially because games alone for the Switch are so expensive, they're the one console whose physical games are taking forever to come down in price. I'm someone who would rather buy a physical version of the game but it's been much cheaper to buy digital games on the Nintendo store. Sacrifices needed to be made in order to make a cheaper switch so you can't exactly expect a cheaper one with the same features as the first can you? So before you judge just think, this may not be right for me but it will be for other people.

I for one am looking forward to what demographic the Nintendo Switch Lite ends up appealing to and how well it ends up selling, I have a feeling that it will be one of the top-selling tech items this Christmas what with parents being able to get hold of one for a cheaper price and the different colours being appealing. It makes a lot of sense to have a lite version of the Switch to me, if you're not on board with it that's fine but that could just mean it's not meant to appeal to you. Let people be excited, it's not like it will make any difference to your gaming experience.


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