Five Years of Fun and Brains | iZombie

Friday 30 August 2019

Shows have to come to an end and more often than not it's the ones I happen to love, I started watching iZombie 5 years ago now and in the 5 years, I have enjoyed watching Liv's character evolve into a much love zombie that I couldn't bear to see be killed off. Liv is played by Rose Mclver who I was first introduced to in the movie The Lovely Bones, she played the role of a young teen dealing with the loss of her sister in a very mature way, so seeing Rose as a grown woman in iZombie was something that made me look forward to watching the show even more and she didn't disappoint me one bit. In the 5 years of watching iZombie, I began to fall in love with the idea that a zombie show could be funny and serious much like the show Santa Clarita Diet except iZombie held strong in the first place because of Liv's character. The Walking Dead would bore me and get repetitive which was very unfortunate and I was worried that another zombie show would add to the list of shows that I lose interest in very quickly but I actually looked forward to watching each and every episode of iZombie.

iZombie is about a young woman named Liv who has her life flipped upside down when she gets bitten by a zombie at a party, what happened at this party was kept hush for a while and Liv herself wasn't sure how she would survive in this world as a zombie. She thought if others knew it would scare them off so she distanced herself from everyone she loved and cared about but soon found out she could use being a zombie to her advantage. Liv has to eat brains in order to stop herself going rabid and working in a morgue she was able to do this pretty easily. When she began eating these brains she found out she could access peoples memories and personalities which helped her join in on solving murder cases and gave us some of the greatest on-screen acts from Liv.

At first, I thought that Liv taking on other peoples personalities would get boring but each time she brought something new to the table and kept things fresh, Rose Mclver is able to act and change up her characters so well that this show will stick with me for a while. One of my favourites was when Liv was a salsa dancer and got Ravi to dance with her in a competition, she went all out with the costume and pushed Ravi to a whole new place where he had no choice but to help and Liv looked amazing dancing. Another was when she became a superhero, I couldn't take her seriously but she ended up kicking arse in that episode and when she tells the bad guy she was The nightmare Before Christmas that cracked me up because it was such a good reference to the movie!

To me, I can see how much Liv wants to be loved and be with someone she loves but she always puts others above herself, she is a kindred spirit who grows stronger and stronger as each season rolls around. Even when she found out who her dad really was she still cared for him which shows zombies are comparable of love and compassion. Although brains change her personality it's still Live who we love an adore and she still peaks through each of these personalities showing us that she is more than just Liv Moore in this show. 

Liv tried her best with everyone she loved in her life and at times it was her downfall, I was constantly worried that something bad would happen to her and each time she would surprise me because she is such a resilient person. The only downside to her character is that she had to endure hate from her own mother who refused to accept her now she was a zombie, she was still Liv but her but was too cruel to care for her anymore. I also hated the hideous wig they made her wear to make her hair look white, the show could have done much better than that wig and when she got to take it off and be a different personality I was relieved I didn't have to see it on screen.

When I found out that the show would be coming to an end I was devastated, I felt as if Liv could have done so much more and if they cut it short now it would feel empty and unfinished. I did get closure from the ending but it felt like it fell flat when it came to Liv and what she was capable of. I was rooting for her and Major Lilywhite from the start and wanted to see more between them especially because they were so in love from the start, their love for each other never actually died in the show it was evident to me and other fans that they belong together.

It doesn't have to be the end of iZombie, for those of you who aren't aware, iZombie was actually a comic book series before the TV show came about, it ran from 2010 to 2012, the comics aren't the same as the series obviously but we can still relive iZombie again through them. The comics are from DC Comics' Vertigo and some people have said they take place in the Arrowverse which is an interesting take on things. I for one shall be hopping on the comic hype to read more about Liv as she is one of my favourite female TV characters, it's a shame that they decided to cancel the show leaving fans like me wanting more but apparently, they went by the ratings and felt it was best. 

Did you ever watch iZombie? What were your thoughts on it?


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