Cinematic Games & My Mental Health.

Thursday 6 June 2019


When it comes to genres of games cinematic games are high on my list and have slowly become my go to in order to escape the outside world especially when it comes to my mental health. I can't seem to shake how I have been feeling lately it's like a dark cloud is stuck over my head and never wants to give me a break, it pushes me further and further into myself and the best way of helping it is by playing immersive cinematic video games. Not everyone is a fan of cut scenes/ a lot of dialogue and wants to jump right into a game but for me being able to learn more about the characters and their stories through these cinematic cutscenes is important for me, I see a different side to them rather than just gameplay and it sets a completely different tone in the game.

Back in the day cinematic scenes weren't that important to me but the older I got the more I started to appreciate how a story is told through them, take Heavy Rain for example, I was very late to the part with this game and once I delved in and experienced what it had to offer and how the cut scenes turned out with the different choices I made, I was blown away by it. Not only was it like I was watching my own demise but I was experiencing it first hand through these cut scenes, it started to become very clear how well the terrible topic within the game was brought across through the cutscenes and they did it in a way that pulled at my heartstrings the whole way through the game.

As a huge movie lover, playing cinematic games was a game changer for me because my two favourite things had merged together and this was something which always stands out for me in video games from now on. Motion capture is the best tool they could have used when making cinematic movies because not only does it bring the character to life but it also gives the game a realistic edge even if the cut scenes look that much more real than the in-game playable characters and their surroundings.

For me being able to capture pictures in a game is an upside and capturing the sheer detail that goes into a game through in-game screenshots brings it to life even more, one of the most memorable cinematic scenes that I could take pictures of over and over again will always be Bioshock's opening scene when you first make your way underwater to Rapture, the eerie music and beautiful underwater world that surrounds you makes you excited to see what's to come next. I can remember first putting it on with my sisters sat either side of me waiting to see what I thought of the game (it was their copy). We were in a homeless unit at that point in my life so Bioshock had been a huge escape for me along with Assassin's Creed 2.

A game I never thought I would get into was Red Dead Redemption 2, you see I was horrendous at the first game and never thought I would be able to get on with the second but as soon as I started to play that disc I knew it was a game that would tell a brilliant story via it cinematic cutscenes and so far I haven't been disappointed, although I do have a little bit more of the game to get through until I have finished it, so I will jump back into it as soon as I can! There is also a great mode within the game which makes it look like a cinematic widescreen movie, you press the touchpad and it will completely change the landscape and camera angles of the game.

As I mentioned before my mental state has been helped dramatically thanks to cinematic games and my go-to game would have to be Detroit Become Human, I'm aware I have named two of Quantic Dream's games now but the truth is as much as you dislike who they are, they have produced some beautiful cinematic games which are on my list of favourite games of all time. I think the reason why I find myself so drawn to DBH is because it's about androids and their need to escape just like what I'm trying to do with my mental health, it puts me in the shoes of someone else's problems rather than having to think about the black cloud looming over my head and as silly as that sounds having a game do that for me makes me feel that much more relieved and able to relax a little.

Death Stranding is one game in particular that I'm looking forward to losing myself in and discovering a whole new type of story to play through, the trailer alone stole my attention straight away even if I had no idea what it would be about, although I have much more of an understanding now. It's amazing the sheer amount of work that goes into a game and to be able to play something someone has poured their heart and soul into is so rewarding. If I had never found certain games I honestly don't think my mindset would be a good one nor would I have been able to escape to a cinematic fictional world that opens my eyes to a different kind of storytelling. 

If any of you have recommendations for games with great cinematic scenes let me know, I would love to see what kind appeal to you!


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