Games That Give Me Them Cottagecore Feels.

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Hello I'm back again, I have been loving cottagecore lately and wanted to put together a post based all around it or based on games that give me them feels. The cottagecore theme has blown up these past few years, it gives off such a carefree lifestyle with all the beauty thrown in, add them feels to video games and you have the perfect mix, it centers around rural life which is something I have always loved. There are games I never included in this such as Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Cosy Grove etc, but they're obvious picks and I wanted to include games I haven't before!

As someone who already lives a slower life in the countryside I guess you could say I'm not far off that aesthetic, there is one game that sticks out in the various ones I have chosen that reminds me of Cornwall life and that is Untitled Goose, it looks simplistic on the outside but once you explore and cause havoc as a goose you soon realise that the laid back life is a good one and adding a little bit of chaos to the mix whilst being a naughty goose can fill your day with a little more laughter. Untitled Goose is a puzzle/stealth game that came out in 2019, whilst living your best life on an idyllic farm you honk, steal and annoy as many people as you want, each section of the map is a new opportunity to annoy others. It's not a very long game but it's one that should be on everyone's to be played list, its available on: Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Steam and Xbox.

Cheeky chooks is another game about farm life this time it centers around chickens and keeping them happy and healthy, the chunky yet adorable graphics appealed to me right away, it's a free to play game available on apple and android that allows you to level up and go up to 3 different tier's whilst keeping away any danger your chicks may face and learning their likes and dislikes. There are missions to complete that help with levelling up and growing your farm in order to have happier chicks, the basis for the game is interesting to me, having free roaming chickens that live a happier life equals, it's a good tool to teach others how caring for a living creature leads to empathy and kindness, I will be reviewing this at some point for you all.

Alchemist Simulator - Within this game you take on the role as a novice student of Alchemy and take over the studio from a relative who is famous in his craft but can your character every compete? That's where your character comes in, you take on the challenge to become the most famous alchemist in history. You can spend hours conjuring spells and brewing potions, along the way you have a mentor that helps you learn any alchemy you're not familiar with just yet. The vibe it gives off is a magical cottagecore feel, games like these definitely draw me in, available on Steam and Switch.

Cattails become a cat.. well there is nothing I would love more than to become a cat but I guess doing it in a video game will have to do right? You can befriend, or battle other cats to inhabit areas of your own and make your own colony, become a predator, catch your meals in order to survive. This game reminds me of Stardew Valley it's like a cat version, you can even marry other cats and have children of your own. It's open world adventure where you can customise your cat, collect accessories and even take your kittens on adventures with you, the game is currently available on Switch and Steam. 

I couldn't do this post without mentioning the Harvest Moon franchise, it's one that a lot of people play and spend hours upon hours immersing themselves in, I have played through a lot of Light of Hope and loved the vibes it gives off, it's a lot like your typical farming game but with magic and adventure involved, these kind of games are perfect for cottagecore categories because the rural and free feels you get within the game play, as far as I'm aware there are 14 spin off versions of Harvest Moon to get your hand on and play and the franchise has been going since 1996.

Let me know some of your fav games that give off cottagecore vibes! If you enjoyed this post why not check out my post centered around Animal Video Games HERE.


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