Dead Island 2 | Wherefore Art Thou?

Sunday 9 June 2019


Back when I got my Xbox 360 there was a number of games I was recommended and Dead Island was one of them, now bear in mind I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to horror games so I thought I would hate it but went ahead and bought it to try out as it was so cheap at the time. At the time of getting the game I think it was about 2012/13 and I had just properly got back into gaming (I was gaming before but not as much) I hopped onto the Dead Island expecting to be awful at it and realising it was actually pretty easy to jump right in and play by myself or with others, which is how I enjoyed playing it the most. 

Within the game you get to choose from 4 main characters that are referred to as the surviours, each have very different personalities and have to survive being surrounded by zombies, there are different kinds of zombies you come across some easy to deal with and others take a lot to take down which is what the World War Z game reminded me of (not a bad thing). The 4 survivours are awoken by a tannoy telling them to evacuate and they're unaware what they were going to face, I mean could you imagine waking up to find nearly everyone had turned into zombies? I would probably shit myself! A lifeguard named Sinamoi helps them and the 4 survivours end up finding that they're immune to the virus which is the key to helping them get through this ordeal.

The 4 survivours soon pick up others along the way and make their way into the city of Moresby to find help and supplies and try to get to safety, they bump into other survivours who aren't all that friendly and put their lives in danger. I would often choose to play as Purna, she stood out to be as an independent feisty woman, she used to be a police officer but lost her job when she shot a child molester who had a lot of connections. Purna went on to become a bodyguard for different places around the world which weren't the safest but I think her fighting spirit makes her the perfect surviour for Dead Island.

The other three characters you could choose from were Logan, Sam and Xian and all have a troubling past much like Purna, the way they come together in Dead Island showed that they're able to help others and work as a team. In terms of a storyline to the game it's very simple and most of the time you find yourself just fighting to get off the island, most of the game concentrates on upgrading weapons and completing quests. Fighting was hit and miss as well, I would be terrible at trying to hit a zombie and would find myself running away from them and trying to hide instead of getting an accurate shot but that doesn't mean the game isn't fun and has a good amount of playability.

The 4 characters have 3 different skill trees that can be unlocked and upgraded and they each benefit you in different ways, these are Fury, Combat, and survival, it's important you upgrade these and use them to your advantage as they will help you with things such as critical hits, making med kits more effective and even enabling heavy damage. I would often have moments of brain farts where I would forget to upgrade the skill tree but when I did I took full advantage of killing enemies which also included humans.

I have to admit I encountered a lot of glitches playing this game, I was often stuck inside huts and halfway through walls and ended up being killed due to this, it made the game frustrating to play to say the least. Even though it felt broken at times and like it needed more I loved it, it was more enjoyable to play with other people than on your own though because we can both look out for each other and laugh at the ridiculous glitches.

When I was told there was going to be a Dead Island 2 I was so excited and shared this excitement with another friend of mine who is no longer here, I kind of wished she had got the chance to play it but unfortunately that wasn't the case but there has been a lot of reassurance that Dead Island 2 is coming. I can't be mad about the wait because developers work tirelessly to produce games and it's unfair to demand things now just because we want them but it would be nice to have a definite date for once. A trailer was shown back in 2014 for the new Dead Island 2 game which looked very promising:

The description for the trailer says: "The one and only Dead Island is heading to the Golden State, and we're bringing the zombie apocalypse to a whole new level! Experience the true new-generation zombie co-op vacation with Dead Island 2, and enjoy exclusive content on the PlayStation 4 in Spring 2015." Which makes me think that it was near to being ready and perhaps they decided to make a lot of changes to it in case it was either similar to another game or they wanted to give us a more polished game unlike Dead Island 1. Either way, it makes me think Techland and Deepsilver will surprise us by releasing it soon or wait out until the next-gen, what do you think? 


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