Top 5 Nostalgic Memories From the '90s & '00s [AD]

Monday 3 June 2019

a list of memories from 1990 and 2000 which includes the Spice Girls

*This post is in collaboration with Walkers, all opinions/stories are mine and mine alone

It's no secret that I still live in the past, my childhood was the best time of my life and if I could relive it all over again I happily would, we weren't the richest family but were rich in other ways like the memories we shared and the time we got to spend with one another. We were very family orientated and even now we speak about the memories of our childhood, I was born in '88 so my childhood throughout the '90s and '00s are what I remember most. Below I have listed 5 of my top nostalgic memories from the '90s & '00s and you bet I've included the Spice Girls!

1. The Spice Girls:

Yes, I was a huge Spice Girls fan and I still love them and happily listen to them these days, I was gutted when I never got tickets for their reunion tour but I still have lots of lovely memories. In school I had a little group of friends who would sing and dance to their songs, we would make up dance routines and when I would get home me and my sister Stefi would do the same. When I was told they had split up I was so mad because my parents had just got me and 3 of my other sisters a Spice Girls membership each so it was pointless now they wasn't together. But my most cherished memory was when my mums 6 daughters (that includes me) sat around my mum and sung Mama I love you to her, I'm sure it was around Christmas or New Years time, but that's a memory that will stay with me forever thanks to the Spice Girls. I actually have a lot to be grateful for thanks to them, they're my go-to band to listen to when I'm down, they always lift my spirits.

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2. Kids Tv shows:

I loved watching TV, my sisters would call me a TV addict because I would rush to watch it at any chance I got, when I came home from school I would be really excited to sit and watch my favourite shows one of which was Mona the Vampire, it was such a fun and imaginative show that I would try and not miss a single episode. The same goes for Rugrats, I don't think anything will ever be able to compete with Rugrats because it was so unique but apparently they're making a live action movie of it now which will be very interesting to see. Some other shows I enjoyed were Dexters Laboratory, Even Stevens, Round the Twist, Goosebumps, My Parents are Aliens and many many more!

3. Barbies:

I admit it, I still have some of my Barbies which I can't bear to part with, I can't help it they're beautiful and hold so much nostalgia for me and I did want to give them to my future kid one day (if it ever happens). My sister Stefi and I would spend hours playing with Barbies, I remember for her birthday she got a Barbie camper van which turned into a horse box and a horse for her birthday and I wanted the same so asked for it for mine, when I opened it I was the happiest kid alive. I loved to be able to play with the same things as my sister and we would think about some brilliant storylines for our Barbies, if I could I would travel back to them days because they were so carefree and Barbies are ace, in fact, I was still playing with them up until I was 14 with my little sisters so the '90s and '00s were filled with fun for me.

4: Gaming with my sisters:

If you haven't noticed yet my sisters mean a lot to me and they are a big part of my life, we would play games with each other a lot and were brought up with the PlayStation so it's always been a huge part of my life. We had so many different games we would take turns playing but the main ones were Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman and Tomb Raider. I one of us was stuck the other would take over and help, my parents didn't mind us playing games so long as we got along, they weren't too violent and had fun. I can't even count how many games we ended up owning for the PS1/2 but let's just say we had enough to keep up occupied for hours.

5. Plastic kids heels:

We spent a lot of time at grandparents when I was younger and when we would go to visit they would have a lot of things for us to play with and we would often leave our toys over their house. We would get treated to them lucky bags as well as plastic heels which you could change the look of by placing clips on the front of them. my sister and I loved these shoes but my grandparents had this big drain in their garden and for some odd reason, I used to drop my clips to these heels down the drain then moan that they were lost forever! On top of that these plastic heels were the most uncomfortable things I had ever worn but I loved them and my sister loved hers too, she could walk in hers better than I could.

What are some of your favourite memories from the '90s & '00s?


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