Animal Crossing New Horizons | A Whole New World to Explore.

Tuesday 18 June 2019


It feels longer than 7 years since Animal Crossing New Leaf has been released so when there were hints that a new AC was being released for the Switch I just knew I needed one, I didn't know how long I would have to wait and to be honest it didn't bother me because the Switch is a great little console for single use, multiplayer use and for all the family and can bring hours of fun. I have only had the Switch a short while but had this inkling that the date for AC would be released soon and I wasn't disappointed even if I have to wait until next year in order to get the game. I still happily play New Leaf to this day, it's one of the most relaxing games I have played and I love going to visit other people who play to see how they have decorated their homes and swap things with them.

For those who have never played Animal Crossing but have seen a lot of hype about it here is just a little information on what you can get up to in it, you take on the role as a human character who moves into a new village, in the case of New Horizons it will be an Island that you move to but still has exactly the same concept as previous games. There isn't any real story to the game its more about exploring, building, collecting, planting etc so it's almost like living your life through a relaxing environment in a video game (basically a sim game), what I like most is that it's set in real time although some people do change the date and calendar to speed things up (naughty!).

I would say my most enjoyable aspect about the AC games are that you can do challenges such as bug and fish catching competitions, I love running around trying to catch rare or big bugs and fish to hand over and see if I'm the winner and I'm hoping the new game will keep this. From some of the information I have seen for Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will be able to customise your surroundings and the island a lot more than you could do in previous games.

In New Horizons you will start out very simple with a tent and choose to pitch it anywhere you want on the island, yes this means the beach too! As I said before you will explore the island but you will also need to find supplies in order to grow and develop the island which will attract more people (animals) to the island and boy am I excited to meet new characters. You will be able to change the skin colour of your character, have gender-neutral hairstyles as well as convert materials you have collected on the island and make them into tools and furniture for both your interior and exterior of the island.

Being able to play online and visit other players has always been a big sell point of AC for me so having that implemented in New Horizons makes me excited, we will be able to have up to 8 players visit our islands so I'm looking forward to people coming to visit mine. I have watched the trailer a few times and the game comes across as a very charming and relaxing environment with the added bonus of being able of starting out on an island. When you first move in you won't be alone, you will be joined by Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy and you will be introduced to a new type of currency called Nook Miles, these can be used to buy premium items and you can earn them by completing various tasks. I really want to have a mermaid themed home again like I do in New Leaf, I know that it's boring to have the same kind of look but it's my aesthetic. Release date will be March 20th, 2020. 

I'm excited to see Isabella again, what are you looking forward to seeing in Animal Crossing New Horizons?


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