Wonder Woman 84 | Movie Review

Wednesday 6 January 2021

I haven't been to the cinema in a long time not that I'm complaining at all but now restrictions have started to list and cornwall is in tier 1 I thought long and hard about whether or not I wanted to go cinema. Before I even mentioned this I had a look on my local cinemas site and saw what safety precautions they had in place and decided to tag along with some family members to watch Wonder Woman 84. We booked seats before hand and every day up until I was seeing the movie I checked to see how many other seats had been booked and there weren't that many surprisingly. This gave me peace of mind as I've become more anxious and paranoid than I usually am about others around me but all in all we were safe, at a good distance from everyone and yes we did have to wear masks unless eating and drinking.

Now we get to the movie, I have waited for so long for the release of this and as a huge fan of the 80s it was a given that I was destined to watch it, I had an inkling what it was about from the trailer and the cast which I will speak about sparsely further on. WW84 is very much a sequel to the first Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot, it follows on from Diana's story when we saw her mourning the loss of Steve this time we are 70 years in the future and modern technology has come a long way. Steve is still a very big part of Diana's life which is evident from her home, she has part of him around her which i guess brings comfort to her. Dealing with the loss of Steve is still something she clearly struggles with but always looks to the skies where she feels she can see him which is beautiful in a heartbreaking way.

She is currently working as an anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution, she has a good insight into her job and makes the most of her time on earth by working yet spends the rest of her time alone doing all she can to fill in the time gaps as each day passes whilst she still stays youthful thanks to being a demigoddess. She is clearly still on the lookout for any trouble but and does all she can to tackle it, yet Wonder Woman 84 has a very different feel to it mostly due to the year It's set in but also because of the lack of action and fighting, from the trailer I was under the impression there would be a lot more than they was but it focused more so on character development which gave the audience a better understand of why this movie isn't about villains more so what is expected of us in life and the pressures that some with it. 

After a robbery takes place in the opening scenes of WW84 which Diana stops in its track, what ever was found at the scene was taken to the Smithsonian Institution where both Diana and one of the main protagonists, Barbara work. A lot of the stuff taken from the scene was of high value but one artifact found looked like it could be a fake due to the material it was made out of, Diana appears and reads out what the Latin inscription says out loud and foolishly without thinking makes a wish that she had more time. But Diana wasn't the only one to use this stone, a guy asks for a coffee and Barbara who is struggling to fit in wishes to be more like Diana, unbeknown to her that Diana was Wonder Woman and she would be getting much more than what she bargained for. Whilst this is all happening a guy named Maxwell Lord jumps to the chance to get the dreamstone and use it to benefit himself and make his company successful, he seems to have been looking into this stone for a long time now and being as desperate as he was he knew it was worth a try especially when he is going into ruin. 

Once done, Diana soon finds out that Barbara and her were wrong and that the dreamstone was actually real and in the wrong hands could spell disaster, the wish Diana made came true but let me tell you now it did her dirty when it came to giving her more time, the stone brought Steve back but in order to bring him back they put him in someone else's body and only Diana could see Steve as this person and she knows that she needs to contact Barbara but after she has slept with Steve and had some fun. I wouldn't say it's a slow burner, in fact, the movie opens us up to character progression and helps us understand the background of the main protagonists and their motives and this is why there is lack of action unlike the first movie.

It's clear WW84 isn't about good defeating evil, it sheds light on becoming someone you've always wanted to be but at a cost. Maxwell faces the prospect of ruin and due to this it pushes him to do something out of sheer desperation, he found himself jumping into his business without an actual plan and just wanted to make a name for himself and prove he wasn't a loser. Then we have Barbara, she is the "nerdy" girl trying to fit in with society but struggling because no one takes notice of her, this is the reality for a lot of people and sometimes leads them down a bad road just because they want to fit in, she holds on to any kind of interaction or attention given to her because it makes her feel valued. Diana also struggles fitting in this new world, she distances herself from humans and you can see that she is trying to be content with life as best as she can but struggling, the hilarious thing is how well Steve slots back into WW and how his humour brings Diana back to life and she lights up around him. Chris Pine has always had the ability to act silly and serious at the same time and it shows in his work, the chemistry between him and Gal Gadot (Diana) has always been noticeable and that's why they make the perfect DC couple in my eyes.

As much as I love Diana a lot of screen time was about her and Steve's love story, don't get me wrong it's wonderful seeing them rekindle and be able to spend time together but I would have liked to of seen more of what Kristen Wiig had to offer especially when she turns into Cheetah. It was a completely different scenario with Pedro Pascal who also played his role flawlessly, he really stepped into Maxwell Lord's shoes and gave a performance and gave off some seriously seedy vibes which made his character all the more enjoyable to watch, both Maxwell and Barbara were fun together, they were the total opposite but both wanted to change themselves in one way or another and met my expectations.

For a 2 hour 35 min movie it was packed full of uncertainty, feeling lost, wanting to feel loved and facing up to the truth, I don't want to go into too much detail as it will ruin the movie for those who haven't seen it, WW84 left me with a lot of questions towards the end but the messages I took from it were with great power comes great responsibility and that sometimes letting go is the best option. WW84 isn't perfect yet at the same time I enjoyed it enough to watch it a second time within a week (no, I didn't go to the cinema twice to see it), there is something about Wonder Woman that's always turned me into a big kid and made my eyes light up and that's when you know a franchise is doing something right even if there are discrepancies that you can't help but notice. I will be watching WW84 again very soon due to the sheer fact I love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, I hope more people in the UK will be able to see the movie soon, I have a lot of friends who have been waiting patiently to see it!


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