Barbie Inspired Sims 4 CC Looks.

Thursday 28 January 2021


Seeing as my post for Sims mermaid CC was so popular I thought I would do one for a Barbie theme, why I hear you ask well for one my niece absolutely loves Barbie and I passed a few things from my Barbie collection down to her and for another Barbie has played a huge role in my life from the dolls to the movies, shows and even games. No word of a lie I will happily play Barbie video games again, I have so many barbies added to my wishlist because I refuse to let go of that part of my life, Barbie shaped my imagination and even today it's doing the same for kids all around the world. They have introduced so many different types of barbies now from different ethnicities to ones that are disabled so many many more children can feel represented by Barbie. My sister and I even had a Barbie pink bedroom which we grew to hate because it was just too bright, not only did we play with Barbie dolls we also played Barbie video games, Who else remembers playing these barbie games:
  • Barbie Riding Club
  • Barbie Sleeping Beauty
  • Barbie Fashion Show
  • Detective Barbie: The Mystery Cruise
  • Barbie Race & Ride

There are loads more, some on gameboy, PS1 and even genesis, I saw a pattern when I was looking at the games and it made me chuckle, a lot of them are riding games and when I was younger my sister and I had a camper that turned into a horse box we absolutely loved it and had 1 each, I only wanted one because I saw hers and asked for my own for my birthday! If your kids or you're in to Barbie HERE is a site to play the newer games.

I wanted to go with a mixture of looks as Barbie has such a wide range of looks from over the years and these are what I would put on my Barbie sims, Toy Story Barbie catsuit is one of the most well known outfits you will find on barbie and it's no surprise that it was made for TS4, if this had come out when I was a kid I would have been all over it, this Catsuit was made by belaloallure to download click HERE

Luna Gown is perfect for dancing around in pretending you're a princess Sim, I had dresses similar to this one for my barbie I would mostly choose blue and my sister would choose pink we were the opposite and still are when it comes to colours, the bodiest is my favourite part of the dress the frills aren't over the top and look very subtle. This was created by Sifix and you can download it HERE.

The Criss Cross Ruffle Swimsuit - We are still on the frills but I had to include the swimsuit my sister made, it's definitely something i would have put my Barbie in as a kid, this pink goes perfectly with the Barbie theme too. Anyone else remember wearing frilly swimming costumes as a kid? I think they're still all the rage these days to be honest! As I said my sister made this over on SimplyStefi to download click HERE.

Vet, Doctor, Nurse, lab tech, dentist etc Barbie would look cool in these! I always wanted a barbie that wore a doctor's coat or scrub but never had one, i came across this CC randomly and thought that the mixture of colours and patterns would work perfectly for a Barbie related Sim, this one was created by Mamabearsims click HERE to download it!!

Ok hear me out, cow print is amazing and this outfit reminds me so much of a Barbie I had when I was younger except the print was flowers and a similar colour to this Cow Print outfit, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to include it in this post, the crop top and skirt combo look cute, it was made by MsBeary to download click HERE.

This one has 2 different links for two halves of the set moonwalk pj set, I needed to include it because my sister and I had those sleepover barbies with the soft bodies that had similar pjs to these and the set instantly brought back those memories, the opposite colours represent my sister and I perfectly too, this set was made by Trillyke the Pj top can be found HERE and pj bottoms can be found HERE.

With spring approaching this dress reminded me just how mixed the weather can be and I wanted to include something for TS4 expansion pack, it can be worn for both spring and autumn and the square neck gives me vintage vibes, Barbie could pull this off easily! This was also made by Trillyke and can be found HERE.

This last one is a big reminder of my childhood and my sister getting an Avon Barbie, I don't know if anyone remembers just how lavish the dresses were but they were definitely dream Barbies! This Star Dress makes me think of them and it's something I could see on an Avon Barbie, it's so unique and gorgeous and was made by Natalia-Auditore who has done a stunning job! To check it out click HERE.

There you have it, that's just a small selection of outfits made by some wonderful CC creators that are inspired Barbie looks. Probably not what others would pick but I like them!
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