The M.A.C Makeup Sims 4 Disaster.

Tuesday 26 January 2021

IMG SRC: Leeksplays, Eyeshadow/lipstick/blush: M.A.C, Eyeliner: Base game

Sims 4 has been around for just over 6 years now, there are so many expansion packs you can get but for a Sims harder core fan it's worth forking out especially when making their content around the topic of sims. The game has had a lot of backlash for many different reasons over the years but things seem to have settled down on that front until recently. I have seen a lot of hate thrown towards The Sims these past few weeks, an image has been circulating with the discount price of the expansion packs and how much the total is saying Steam called them out when people aren't taking into consideration that this game has been around for a while, fans will pay the price whether it's on sale or not, a game like Sims needs more and more content added to entice new players and keep current ones imagination running wild so they can create more of what they love. Games like Fifa and Battle Royale sell backs and skins, they make a lot of money on it so why is it ok for them to do this but not for Sims to release new expansions and packs? Sometimes they throw free content in for players and on top of this developers deserve to be paid for their work.

M.A.C and TS4 did an in game collab and a while back and ever since its fans have been waiting to see if any real life sims makeup will come from it and that day come but it wasn't what we expected to say the least. I was shown the palette and I felt that it was beyond a disappointment, at first I thought this is what M.A.C had specially created for Sims until it was pointed out that this is an older palette M.A.C released in 2017. The original palette is called Solar Glow, it includes 9 small eyeshadows that represent the name of the palette that are neutral shades, when it came to using this palette for TS4 collab yet the only thing that remotely represents the game is the outside packaging. 

When you think of The Sims what do you think of? For me it's the blues and greens and we can't forget the red for Bella goth but M.A.C chose to re-release a very bland palette compared to a vibrant and fun game. I know it's out of the ordinary for me to do a post like this as I haven't wrote about makeup on here in years but because it centers around The Sims 4 I had to get my thoughts down in a post. First of all if you look at the advert for TS4 M.A.C pack you will see just how vibrant the colours are on The Sims face and if you look at the latest palette they say they released just for TS4 you will see that this is far from what the advert represents.

My friend Krista was lovely enough to showcase some of the looks for me for this post on one of her sims, as you can see they are VERY bold colours and looks which do NOT match up with the palette at all, it was the laziest collab I have seen from a brand in a while which makes me wonder did they do this due to covid as they didn't have time to create anything new or were they just being lazy? Well personally I think it was out of laziness, I popped on to the M.A.C website and within minutes created a palette that represented the game, I chose to use blue, green and even red, red has been worn by Bella goth for years since she first starred in the game back in 2000 till now, I had to include a shade for her.

    IMG SRC: Leeksplays, Makeup: All M.A.C

IMG SRC: Leeksplays, Makeup: All M.A.C

I'm aware that ethically people won't buy M.A.C due to testing on animals, but this post is focusing on how a company can miss the mark so much when it comes to a came they actually did an expansion/pack with a few things and fans are often left upset for example when it there was a stuff pack vote between arts and crafts, selfcare routines, fun-tech, science and technology and happy haunts there was a lot of anger when arts and crafts won due to so many fans wanting a happy haunts pack. A lot of fans were a bit confused how the arts and crafts pack even won and knitting wasn't really appealing to them for a sims game. To be honest this type of hostility happens a lot in The Sims community, I think having these votes are important to let fans have some say, when it's met with anger and abuse fans need to take a step back and remember it's just a game.

However, the upset this "new" palette has caused is understandable, I see why people feel ripped off and lied to, this collaboration could have been a new window of opportunity for both TS4 and M.A.C, Sims is one of the most well known games all around the world, it has given people countless hours of fun and having something new like working with a makeup brand keeps the same fresh and exciting especially once you see the makeup looks people have created using this free pack, they're vibrant and represent The Sims which is a far throw from the physical palette. What does the pack include for gameplay:

  • 4 new eye shadows
  • 2 eyeliners
  • 2 blushers
  • 4 lipsticks 

From the interview I read for this collab (Read HERE) they stated that with the help of The Sims team they were able to develop new looks that have never been seen in game before (obviously base game looks not CC that talented people have created). They also stated that these are bold and vibrant looks in game yet comparing it to the physical palette there was something amiss there, Understandably this will be something that both M.A.C and EA will learn from when it comes to collaborating, they need to take a look at the competition and see what they're up against, Colourpop have curated some wonderful palettes and collections, their recent Animal Crossing collab looks beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on it! How do you feel about this collab? Do you think it was as bad as I do?


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