Tech Tuesday | Razer Kraken Headset.

Tuesday 26 May 2020

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to get around to doing this review but I finally had the time to put my thoughts down in a post. I love headsets I have a big selection of them and pick and choose whichever one I feel like using as they each have different benefits for me, I find myself using my Razer ones more than anything lately because if comfort and how cute they but most importantly how immersed in games they make me feel.

My lovely boyfriend got me my headset as an early gift for my birthday, the reason I asked for these was that I've always wanted to try a Razor headset for a while and this one seemed to be the right pick for me. I'm not the biggest fan of pink but the Rose Quartz collection from Razer appeared to me, some may they're for basic bitches (TikTok says this a lot) but how does the colour of product harm, anyone? Since I got this headset there has been a new version brought out with the ears attached and they light up. I'm not too bothered about this as I get the option of taking the ears off of mine if I ever get fed up with them which I very much doubt.

So let's get down to the facts and my thoughts shall we:

First, up the packaging the headset came in was beautiful, I still have the box as I have a thing for keeping packaging. The headset comes with an audio/ mic splitter that's the same colour as the headset and wire, the ears came separately and my partner paid £15 for them which may be a bit steep for some but seeing as they're from Razer it's understandable. The headset is pretty straight forward to use, I just connected it to my PS4 controller, pulled the mic out and turned the volume up and immersed myself in some games (Destiny 2 mostly) I use the mute button whenever I don't want people to hear me or who is talking to me in the background, its pretty simple to turn on and off.

The ear cups are so comfortable and have cooling gel-infused ear cups making sure your ears and the head doesn't overheat, I tend to have this issue with a lot of headsets and when it occurs it tends to bring on headaches or make me feel nauseous. Luckily that's not the case for my Kraken headset and I find gaming to be a very comfy experience. My online friends tell me my voice is very clear when using the headset I've also used it to make some Youtube videos and the audio would often come out clearer than my Blue Yeti mic which sometimes sounded too tinny, although this would be a case of my the room I'm in having an echo and this headset has noise cancellation.  

As you can see this isn't a Bluetooth wireless headset which I'm kind of glad about, I tend to forget to charge things so being able to just pop these into my controller doesn't really bother me, the controller is close to me and the headset wire is a decent length. The design is what draws most people in, as I said before there is a lot of judgement when it comes to choosing this headset but what some people don't realise is the same headsets in different colours also have their own matching pair of ears you can attach to them, I've also had people say why pay more for a pink pair when so and so colour is cheaper when in fact they're all the same price, not sure where they have been looking but you can easily see this on the Razer website.

The biggest downside to these is they are very chunky and may feel too heavy for some people, but this doesn't mean they're not comfortable, the padded headband sits nicely on my head and I can adjust the size, usually have to do that if I wear my hair a certain way. It's obvious these were designed for comfort which is in the top 3 things I look for in a headset if it's not comfortable I can't use it and won't use it. I use this mic on our Mac, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch and all work perfectly fine and I find that I can turn the volume up higher than on other headsets I've used, why is this a good thing? I have issues with my hearing particularly my left ear so I need to use a headset that is clear and loud enough for me.

I plan on getting the stand that goes with the headset as is comes with 3 USB ports which keep things tidy and will look good on top of a matching stand right? Seeing as this headset is the first thing I've ever got from Razer I'm not disappointed. I've had my headset since August and I've not had any issues with it, I'm dreading the day when the ear cups end up wearing down but I tend to take care of stuff I own so hopefully I won't have this issue. For those who have found their razer ear cups have worn away, there are replacements you can get on Amazon, unfortunately, they aren't by Razer but they are compatible with the Kraken headset.

One of my friends have the same headset in green and they look so cool! They come in 5 different colours and a low key wish I had chose the white pair now as I have a white keyboard (different brand) they would match with and most of the gaming stuff  I own is blue. I wouldn't say these are the most expensive headsets on the market but they can be pricey for those who want to invest in Razer, they are worth the price but I recommend waiting on a sale if you want to cut down on costs.  If you're looking for a decent headset I would say these are perfect even when you have long gaming or streaming sessions to get through.


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