It's the Saints Life for Me | Saints Row: The Third Remastered.

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Back in 2011 when twitch was a cesspit full of nasty people who took the time out of the day to send abuse to me and others I used to play Saints Row 3, it was the first Saints Row I had played so I knew I was going to be awful at it but I asked my little sister if I could borrow their copy and would run around in-game making havoc wherever I went. Now bear in mind Saints Row is no stranger to violence and its vulgar humour and it appealed to me mostly because of this and because you could beat people up with a giant purple dildo, I found this hilarious and still do. I decided to pre-order the game via Simply Games who usually send out games early so we get them a day early and the price was pretty decent for only £29.85 and I was pretty sure I wanted it on PS3 rather than Switch as I originally played the game on PS3. This game now has new publishers, Deep Silver but was originally published by THQ and is once again proving to be a great success especially since so many players who played the game before have jumped back into the purple and bright world of Saints Row. 

Now back when I found out SR3 was being remastered I knew I had to get it as I play my PS4 more than my PS3 and wanted it for the PS4, what surprised me about myself when the game arrived was how much I have improved in video games from when I first played SR3 which kind of proved to me that if I practice playing games I can improve which I didn't think was possible in all honesty. For those who have never played Saints Row 3 the game is an action game from a third-person perspective in a pretty cool and purple open world, you won't need to play the other games in order to enjoy SRT3 but it helps to know the back story. It's a different setting but the same protagonist, your main goal is to overtake rival gangs territories which leads to a lot of turf wars, Saints Row the Third takes place 5 years after SR2. I don't want to ruin the story for those going into this game for the first time so I apologise for keeping it vague.

I'm impressed by the visuals and the content included within the game, as someone who isn't a fan of every game being remastered I was so glad they chose to remaster SRT3, the game was rebuilt from the ground up so you can imagine just how much work went into remastering a game that was already a huge success in 2011. We have also been given three expansion packs and more than 30 add-on packs which feature weapons, cosmetic items, and vehicles which are my favourite to swap and choose from and go around Steelport smashing up as many cars as I can because why not? 

You can tell right away how well this game has been put together especially with the visuals, I spent a good amount of time walking around in-game just to take in the buildings around me because they look so much brighter and appealing than when I played on PS3. If you compare the two versions side by side (click HERE) you can see a big difference, from the lighting to the motion blur and how you can handle faster movements whilst cruising around Steelport which I sucked at on the PS3 version, I'm not very good when it comes to driving in cars at the best of times in games, to be honest, that's why I was shocked at how much smoother it felt in the remastered version of SRT3.

As I mentioned above the game includes 3 expansion packs which all add to the chaos of the game making your time immersing in the game longer and harder to come away from. Being able to input cheat codes is super fun too although this stops you being able to trophy hunt so if you're wanting to collect trophies I would wait until you finish the game to input any cheats, I got the giant purple dildo pretty early on in the game so there was no need for me to use the cheat code to try and get it from the start. 

The premises of SR is that its meant to be rude and shock you a bit, considering how old the games are now you would think people would get bored of the humour but it's far from that, the voice acting is spot on, some of the actors include Burt Reynolds who sadly passed away in 2018, Hulk Hogan, Troy Baker who you will recognise from The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite (he plays Booker DeWitt who I love!!!), Uncharted and many many more, he is a very talented guy and many many more talented actors who make SRT3 a blast to play.  

Each cast member has a different personality and they don't feel like the merge into the background, the game also is open to having a variety of people from different ethnicities which is very important especially when it comes to representation in games, so when it comes to the customisation you can choose how you want to look which took me a long time because I'm so picky. I'm constantly changing my outfits throughout the game. I'm forever building up my money in-game so it makes it easy to waste my money out different outfits I should probably concentrate on other aspects of the game but it's easy to get carried away when it comes to making your character look cool.

The choice in vehicles is hilarious at times, I have taken to flying around the city on a broomstick over driving around in a car or on a bike as seeing the city from above gives you a different perspective on the game, I also love being able to create my own mixtape with the songs included in the game, I have actually been working out to the soundtrack lately. The menu is also clear and easy to use and I'm forever checking my stats to see what I should do next even if I have missions waiting for me.

It's been super nostalgic playing through SRT3 again, it brought back a lot of memories of living back home with my little sisters and the amount of fun we would have just chilling and playing games, talking about games and sharing them and that's the beauty of gaming it can be a brilliant gateway to bringing people together even if it's with such a crude and below the belt game. I've spent hours playing SR3 remastered since it popped through my letterbox and it's been a great stress reliever, and it's just what I needed lately, I still need to play the co-op mode but I want to try and finish the campaign first.

P.S. Since writing this I had a chance to play on Co-op and I was so disappointed with how buggy it is, it makes a great game to play on Co-op but the bugs make it impossible to play through.


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