Shows I Watch to Help with my Stress and Anxiety.

Wednesday 20 May 2020

The first post I did (HERE) was a great success centered around games I play when I'm stressed, I had this one ready to post straight after but wanted to give it a week to get more posts written up for the following weeks. I have to say my mood has started to improve and I'm happier than I have been for a few weeks now, the other day I got a text and then a letter telling me I need to stay in until the 30th of June as I'm a vulnerable person. not going to lie I have been terrified over this virus and I miss my family, I needed them more than ever lately and wasn't even able to hug them and just let all my emotions out, but you know, although that's a long stretch of time I have a lot to keep me busy and my mind occupied. Below is a list of shows I watch to keep myself distracted, I tend to watch a variety of shows as I like to mix things up, I'm not one to stick to the same genre when it comes to TV shows.

My friend Sarah introduced me to New Amsterdam as she knows just how much I love Grey Anatomy but what I wasn't prepared for was the heartbreak that came with the show. Sure I knew it would have some level of sadness but didn't think anything could match the Greys anatomy feels. This show is actually based on a book called Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital by Eric Manheimer, I've not actually read the book but I've heard good things about it. Right from the get-go, you're thrown into an emotional pit, Dr. Max Goodwin has just become the medical director for a pretty old hospital set in its ways, he is there to shake things up and make things happen. Unfortunately, events that take place aren't all sunshine and roses. I've fallen in love with the show and currently, there are 2 seasons to watch!

Derry Girls this was originally in a channel 4 post I was doing but I decided to scrap it and add it to this post. Derry Girls were instantly a hit with me, I waited until most episodes were out so I could binge-watch them and I wasn't disappointed. The show is set in the1990s and shows us all the trouble a group of friends gets into. I got so many laughs out of this show and have gone back and watched it through many times, not only will it cheer you up but it will leave you in fits of laughter at times. The main thing I enjoyed about the show was how well the girls were able to act silly even if the situation they were in was ridiculous, I can just imagine how funny the outtakes ended up being. My favourite character out of the gang has to be Erin just because she reminds me so much of myself when I was that age.

The last kingdom is a big hit with me, I have enjoyed delving into the Saxon era and watching Vikings and Saxons from a different point of view especially because of the storyline. I came across this when I had just finished watching Reign for the millionth time so I decided to give it a go and if it wasn't great it was no loss to me. Toby Regbo who played Francis in Reign is in the show too but I'm not too keen on him as he is a bit of a dick in it. The show follows a lot of stories which all connect in one way or another, the show is roughly based around the books one of which I have and have read and it's pretty good. If you're looking for a show to watch in the run-up to Assassin's Creed Valhalla I highly recommend giving this one a go, I have fallen in love with the main character Uhtred, he is a strong and wise man who has been through a lot of heartbreak but still pushes on. 

Reunited Worlds is a K-Drama I started to immerse myself in once I had finished Hi Bye, Mama and they're actually really similar in terms of storyline. The show first takes place in a high school where Sung Hae-sung is attending, it's the day of his birthday and his girlfriend is sorting a surprise party out for him at his home, she needs to find. a way to keep him away long enough so tells him she left her purse at school so can he go and get it. When he gets back to the school he realises that something terrible has taken place so he rushes to get help, in the process, he is hit by a car but 12 years later he wakes up on the school roof. Unaware of how much time has passed he tries to find his family and friends, he must find out why he was resurrected! If you read my post of Hi Bye, Mama you can see why I think it's so similar and if not you can give it a read HERE

I'm sure everyone knows this show by now but I wanted to include it as the latest season has started to air, Killing Eve is one of them shows you can't stop watching due to the nature of it. The fact that Villanelle is a female assassin rather than the typical male assassin most uses appealed to me right away, she is sassy dangerous and has a lot of rage to let out even when it comes to Eve who clearly shares the same feelings for her. You will probably notice that Eve is, in fact, Cristina from Grey Anatomy, she's a brilliant actor who set does a wonderful job at portraying her role. Villanelle is played by an actress I have liked since the days of Waterloo Road and she has gone on to give her self a very well known name in the industry. Killing Eve is a dark, humorous (at times) binge-worthy show that was written brilliantly, I can't wait to see what's to come in the current season (3).

I was adamant I would hate this show but boy did James prove me wrong and we ended up watching it right up until it was cancelled last year, and that was The Last Man on Earth. I was really annoyed they cancelled it as they could have added so much more to the story and the ending made me excited for what was to come next, but yeah, that was cut short. The show is about a man who wakes up to find he is still alive after a virus has swept the world and killed other people off, he thinks he is The Last Man on Earth and decides to travel and explore as much as he can, he does some right weird and disgusting stuff but does end up coming across some people eventually (I won't give too much away about that). The reason I love the show so much is that it's so ridiculous and bad that you can't help but laugh, I'm sure the writers decided to just go with the flow and whoever has the most ridiculous idea they will build on it. So whilst we are going through a virus ourselves this show is bound to make you feel a little better and give you the laughs you need.

I actually have a thread on Twitter with more shows I watch they are great suggestions if you want to go and check them out, these ones in the post are also included in it too, check it out HERE


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