Why I Won't Be Buying Gamer Girl.

Friday 8 May 2020


I'm usually one to wait and see how a game turns out so I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt but recently a trailer appeared on my timeline for a game called Gamer Girl which first of all has the worst name you could possibly give a game that sheds light on what female streamers can face when it comes to streaming games. Bringing gender into it like this puts a huge target on our heads because there is a stereotype that we aren't actual gamers, they see us as fakes who only try to get views because of our looks and gender when it's far from that. I've always said that when it comes to games it's not about what gender we are its that we all game, so why the need to stick a girl in front of it? I'm aware that the game focuses on a female streamer and how they face abuse and deal with it, but Gamer Girl adds to the bullshit that surrounds stereotyping in the gaming world. 

On top of that, there are some people out there that go below the belt to abuse women online, if they see cleavage they turn into a raging angry bull and blame females for taking their views away from them and this is what the trailer for gamer girl perceives. I personally think judgment like this is wrong but we are having to protect ourselves just because we are female, I don't care what other girls do with their bodies it's up to them, it's unfair for anyone to get abuse for having fun and enjoying themselves on stream and if I came across a female streamer much like the trailer for gamer girl it wouldn't bother me. What bothers me is that they purposely chose this stereotype for a female streamer because it stirs the pot and people want to have control over what women wear when on stream. They have given the player control to be mod and make the choices for a female streamer which is a terrible move.

From what I understand this game has been in development for 4 years and the lead actress co-wrote it, they said they interviewed other female streamers but from the vibe of the game, they used these experiences to live out a sick fantasy in a game where a female streamer is put in danger for literally being a female streamer and this doesn't, in my opinion, shed the right kind of light on how we as women have to deal with abuse online. Back in 2012 I faced abuse from someone who I didn't know, they knew of me because I was friends with a girl they had been sending abuse to and harassing and I became a target for them.

 I had to be more aware of my online presence than I ever was, I wanted to stream games but couldn't as this person went so far with their abuse that they contacted my now ex and even tried messaging my family to let them know *TW* that they knew where I lived (they didn't it was just a scare tactic) and was coming to rape and kill me. On top of this, they would create countless accounts to send me pictures of guns they wanted to use when they kill me. Police were made aware of this situation and yes he lives in America but it's not unheard of people traveling from another country to harm and kill others and this is what terrified me.

I've never actually brought it up before because how badly it impacted me, besides this incident, I have had countless others from trolls online trying to make my life hell and I quickly learned if you react they will do it more. So you see, this game makes me feel panicked, according to what I've read you play the moderator in her channel trying to keep her safe and make choices for her. The girl herself doesn't have her own choices which happen in real life, some people have had to deal with mods getting possessive and trying to take over and the fact that this mod can determine whether or not something violent happens to her is what set me off the most.

I understand its just a game, but if it's supposed to raise awareness, taking away her control and giving it to someone else doesn't help raise that awareness, in fact, it takes away her voice, this is something that will ruin the narrative and take away from the message the game is trying to portray. All you have to do is scroll through the replies for Gamer Girl to see how abuse and harassment have affected women online and how they don't want others to be triggered by this game, it's not about being a snowflake in this situation it's about the impact these situations have on people and now we are given the choice to control a vulnerable person and perhaps encourage them to be lead to their own demise.

I'm in no way against FMV games, I recently finished Erica and thought it was fantastic but it's a very different narrative to Gamer Girl and you play the game as Erica as herself, I believe if we were given the choice to play as the gamer girl in this game it would give us a different look on her life and situations she is facing, perhaps make those of us who have gone through abuse online a bit more at ease. From what I understand the developers have now pulled the trailer and now said much, they did touch on how the game is about raising awareness and working with other female streamers to get a better understanding of what they face online. I would prefer a game where a female speaks about her own experiences from her point of view, it's not being entitled its understanding that using someone's trauma as entertainment from another person point of view who then gets to choose what happens to this girl is ignoring how women can reach out to get help for this abuse and instead puts her in the worst position possible. 

I know this sounds like I'm moaning but women are affected daily thanks to online harassment, it's not just online it's when they're out and about too, they're then blamed due to the way they dress, act, talk etc and this kind of victim-blaming needs to stop. Gamer Girl feels a lot like it focuses on victim-blaming, we need to educate ourselves on this and for there to be a clear message that just because you're enjoying a hobby doesn't mean you should be subject to any kind of abuse, put her at the forefront of the conversation and let her have control. 


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