I've Fallen in Love with K-Dramas | Hi Bye, Mama Review.

Thursday 2 April 2020

*Some Spoilers Below*

After recently discovering my love for K-Dramas I have decided to put this post together for the main one I love and have become very committed to. I asked my sister what she's been watching on Netflix and she told me about a k drama called Hi Bye, Mama. I was a bit unsure over whether or not I would like it but I usually like the same kind of stuff as her seeing as we are two peas in a pod! K-Dramas take a different look at love compared to other dramas I watch and I think this is a big reason why I'm slowly becoming hooked on them. Hi Bye, Mama takes a unique look at the afterlife, it kind of gave me a sense of comfort watching it because it shows those who have passed staying around their loved ones to make sure they're ok.

The main storyline of the show centers around a young woman called Cha Yoo-Ri, she is pregnant with her first child and due to an accident she ends up dying but doctors save her unborn baby she spends her life as a ghost looking over her friends, family and child for 5 years, they're flashbacks throughout the episodes to show her life before the accident but the show mostly focuses on her as a ghost keeping an eye on her baby who is now 5 years old with a new mummy. This doesn't bother her too much instead she is more focused on her child growing up in a happy environment and soon she realises that her little one can see her which means she can see other ghosts. 

Cha Yoo-Ri is devastated that her little one can see ghosts all because she hung around her and it means shes put her daughter in trouble, I won't go into more detail about this because it's such a big part of the programme. Cha Yoo-Ri has 49 days to prove herself after being reincarnated, imagine the shock her friends and family feel after she's been gone for so long, I wouldn't be able to process it and it would take me a while to be able to believe this was real, the pressure Cha Yoo-Ri must feel with only 49 days to prove herself must have been immense even though she did a great job of hiding it.

I won't lie, I spent a good amount crying along to the show because it hit me in the feels, I would do anything to see some family and friends that are now gone and was hooked on finding out how Cha Yoo-Ri copes with life where the living can see her again. Hi Bye, Mama speaks volumes to me, I find it hard as i'm still grieving myself and imagining if my loved ones are around me. Even though the show is fantasy-themed it's able to put yourself in Yoo-Ri's shoes and feel what she may be experiencing and for a show to be able to do that it gets a big thumbs up from me, usually I sit there saying this is ridiculous but my experience watching the show was far from that, the show uses a mixture of humour, sadness, and sarcasm all in one go which are just some of the coping mechnisims me as well as other's use in everyday life to cope with stressful situations.

I love that they implemted Cha Yoo-Ri still being able to see ghosts even though she is in the land of the living, but it's made clear she shouldn't let them know as this will cause issues for her but in all honesty how is someone suppose to ignore a ghost that is constantly pestering them? The show manages to bring different people stories together and make sure it doesn't effect or push out the main story which shows a lot of character progression for Cha Yoo-Ri, she seems to be able to put on a different posona in order to tackle what ever may come her way.

The person in all this I feel sorry for is Cha Yoo-Ri daughter Seo Woo, it must be very confusing to see someone else that no one else could possibly see and then one day everyone could see them, given she is only little and still probably wouldn't understand anyways but a lot has happened around her in a very short space in time for her. She now refers to her birth mother (she knows no better) as auntie which I guess is the closest thing to mum that Cha Yoo-Ri could ever ask for at this point and it's clear she would never want to take that roll from her husbands new wife. 

Cha Yoo-Ri's husband seems like a very closed off person since she died even though he remarried, you can feel a lot of tension between both his wife and his dead wife and it comes off as very uncomfortable at times. My sister said something to me about the show and it's stuck with me ever since and I feel exactly the same way as her about it, she said she doesn't want Cha Yoo-Ri to end up back with her husband, she just wants her to be able to live again and be with her daughter and it makes more sense for this to happen. Throught the episodes as the days get less and less it's clear to see that she has made a huge inpact on a lot of her friends and families life and I need to see more, I need a lot of questions I have floating around my head answered.

Right now there are only 12 episodes of the show on Netflix, 2 episodes get released a week and they're fairly long for drama's which is what I've come to like about K-Drama's, their stories also seem to flow and they don't need to have filler scenes that look and feel out of place from some of the other shows including this one that I have watched. I highly recommend it, espically when we are all sat down binge watching shows with not much else to do right now, I give it 5/5 stars and that's from someone who stopped doing ratings! Check out the trailer below:


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